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Ouch. This article does not make me feel safe with my mobile apps.
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I fully expect developers and app producers to log as much information as they can get away with. If you look at the flip side, how else do you gather useful, marketable information about people? Mobile apps have become the most reliable, profitable informal surveys the world has ever known, and entire industries are starting to wake to this fact.

Security will improve only as there is a need, and not before. The same goes for privacy limitations -- the "need" there will be informed by awareness.

Of course, I don't agree with any of the practices. But none of it should be surprising.
totally true. None of Flurry's tracking cross-application is surprising. the lack of ability to turn on HTTPS in apps is distressing.
Yes, I agree, and it is very important to raise awareness of these privacy issues because that is the only way they will get fixed.
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