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An Android/iPhone switch realizes why Apple "annoyingly" puts the speaker at the bottom of the phone. Good observation.
The Speaker. The day after I switched from my iPhone 4 to the Samsung Galaxy S II, I woke up late for a meeting. I had set the alarm. I had plugged in the phone. I did everything right, and then I pla...
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So the iPhone is REALLY good at being an alarm clock. Great! I find the speaker placement at the back better for when I'm holding my phone in my hand as it kind of amplifies the sound and sends it in my direction. Also, landscape gaming on an iPhone tends to drown out the sound due to the speaker placement.
"landscape gaming" on an iPhone? Probably time to get a computer ;-)
Or, you can just buy a media dock...
+jacob bayless - yes, totally time to get a computer when you want to play Angry Birds on your phone. :/
+Denver Naicker My dock for my D1 doesn't cover anything and has worked very well as an alarm clock for me since i got it almost 2 years ago.
As an owner of an iPhone I am sorry, this article is very misleading. I cover the speaker on my iPhone all the time. Maybe not when I use it as an alarm, but the placement at the bottom of the phone is far from ideal either.
Using Motorola and samsung androids for two years now and never missed an alarm. Almost. Sometimes I erroneously press "stop alarm" instead of "snooze" in my halfsleep state :-) 
This is the same guy who used a bogus usability argument that 3.5" screens are, in fact, the right size . . . hey, look, I made Apple look right again!

It reminds me of the study about consumers who see several products as equal prior to purchase but afterwards find reasons to make their purchase choice far beyond the others. Buyer's remorselessness. :)
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