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orangexception, the refreshing exception
orangexception, the refreshing exception

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This is one vulnerability we should all watch out for.

The TLDR is always include the attribute rel="noopener noreferrer" with all embedded links that use target="_blank".

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The new air brakes are really fun!

Here's a quick SSTO I threw together in 20 minutes. It's a decent 1st version. None of those trivial things like parachutes or solar panels...

I didn't get reentry effects because of the brakes... so I had to make my own.
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I'm tentatively back from hiatus. Is there a good resource for currently awesomr mods?

I'll likely skip career mode for the short term. I'll have to finish fixing the career tree before I can play that again.

I'm more interested in fun mods.

If you use the phrase "looks great" in your tag line, and you don't have a fluid layout, then you just lost 5 points.

I've been pretty busy lately, so I haven't had a chance to work on my tech tree overhaul. This looks interesting tho.

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Vulnerability Testing

Progress - It failed. Yes, but for different reasons!


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I put rough categories in place. Next up is combining parts into fewer nodes.

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I think the first prototype and proof-of-concept phase is done, so I'm going to move it into a requirements phase. I'm going to move the data into something usable for the next iteration instead of text, so that'll speed things along.

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Playing with the tech tree a bit. I've got a lot to do. 
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