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This is one vulnerability we should all watch out for.

The TLDR is always include the attribute rel="noopener noreferrer" with all embedded links that use target="_blank".
Websites that sloppily implement the target="_blank" attribute on links are leaving visitors open to data theft and phishing attacks.
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If you use the phrase "looks great" in your tag line, and you don't have a fluid layout, then you just lost 5 points.
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Ever wonder what happened to <form target="">? I miss it.
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Vulnerability Testing
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Now that's a hacker!
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I think the first prototype and proof-of-concept phase is done, so I'm going to move it into a requirements phase. I'm going to move the data into something usable for the next iteration instead of text, so that'll speed things along.
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The first version will not be mod friendly. However, I'll definitely be adding mod support as I usually have at least a dozen loaded.
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Human English? I wanna know what Kerbal English sounds like though. :P
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The new air brakes are really fun!

Here's a quick SSTO I threw together in 20 minutes. It's a decent 1st version. None of those trivial things like parachutes or solar panels...

I didn't get reentry effects because of the brakes... so I had to make my own.
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I'm tentatively back from hiatus. Is there a good resource for currently awesomr mods?

I'll likely skip career mode for the short term. I'll have to finish fixing the career tree before I can play that again.

I'm more interested in fun mods.
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I've been pretty busy lately, so I haven't had a chance to work on my tech tree overhaul. This looks interesting tho.
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Progress - It failed. Yes, but for different reasons!

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"It failed, but it failed the way I hoped it would" :)
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I put rough categories in place. Next up is combining parts into fewer nodes.
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Where in the game files are the graphics for things like these tiles and the staging stuff indicators?
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Bradley Moore

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Playing with the tech tree a bit. I've got a lot to do. 
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+Jordan E. I realized I never got back to you, sorry. This was mostly my proof-of-concept phase. I split the stock parts out into individual tiles, and I did some drag-and-drop to help develop categories. (There's a ton of flight parts.)

The next phase involves combining parts and categories into a planned progression.

The basic idea I'm aiming for is to have several starting paths: Rocketry, flight, control, science, etc. 
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Bradley Moore

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This is still in the idea phase, but something that I'll probably explore soon.

I'm thinking it'd be nice to put a cap on the science you can earn at each R&D tier. After you reach the cap, then your science is converted to funds at some rate 10:1, 100:1, etc.

"That's great! Look Bob, he brought us a goo report from Minmus. We've run out of space here. After our expansion project is complete, then we'll have a spot to develop new science you bring us. In the meantime, you can write a report or sell it to another company."


In my hard mode careers, I'm finding science is still ridiculously easy. I don't even use the science parts very much, which is sad. By the time I get around to upgrading the R&D building to tier 2, I have enough science accumulated to just research everything that's just been unlocked. It's kinda boring to unlock all of those parts at once. It's just more money to grind for the next R&D tier.
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I did find a mod that limits the science gained from contracts, and it does alleviate the problem a bit. I'd like science to most come from doing experiments and to a lesser extent part testing contracts.

Contract Science Modifier,
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