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+Vic Gundotra and I are gonna be on TV tomorrow (well... TechCrunch TV)... You can leave your questions here... or there...
Now is your chance to get your question asked directly to the two Googlers who run the Google+ project. Product VP Bradley Horowitz and Senior VP of Social Vic Gundotra will be in our TCTV studios fo...
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When is the API going to be released?
What is your plan for verifying famous people?
How does it feel to be catapulted to rockstar status, and will Googlers always be able to address the public on G+ like they do now?
What is Google doing about suspended accounts which have not been restored despite contacting right people and following the process? Day # 9 here
How will you build your Social Graph and what will the marketing applications be?
When will you add sexual orientation?
How Does Google Plus (+Vic Gundotra and others at Google) plan to make the transition to Google Plus easy for many of us since this is an advanced system that does what multiple Social Media tools like "Fwittbook" do?
Can the functionality of previewing a link within Google plus be added so that we do not repeatedly have to leave Google Plus to view those external links?
When do we get to choose our vanity urls? This serial number thing is begining to make me feel I am in jail!
How about business/brand edition with multi-user management?
+Bradley Horowitz what do you say to any naysayers that G+'s real appeal is only for the elite early adopters and that it doesn't carry enough diverse "entertainment" tools that Facebook has?
1. When will Google start marketing Google+ through its channels/search?
2. Will there ever be a verification system?
3. What are Google's plans with businesses- short & long term?
Can you to be in charge of Android? If it looked like and worked as good as Google+ it would only be that much better. It's pretty good as is, but with the Google+ polish it would be great 
Are you going to be integrating other features from products such as Google Reader into Google+?
Will the ability to see how many views (not replies) your posts receive be implemented?
How will you thwart erroneous posts and re-shares (so and so is dead, etc) when 10's of millions of users are apt to do that?
Greg M
1) Will you have a setting to disable animated gifs from playing automatically?
2) What about being able to track what feedback items that one sends to Google to cut back on duplicates
3) Ability to automatically keep all posts rolled up across all browsers rather than now forcing people who use other browsers to use Chrome and a bunch of extensions.
4) Ability to remove notifications on a per post basis rather than muting the post entirely.
What's been your biggest surprise?
Will my webOS friends be graced with an G+ app? Please say no so I can convince them to join the iCult! :-)
When are you going to allow third party apps on G+?
What feature (if there is one) did this field trial led you to rule out ?
how do you plan on spending Facebook's lunch money?
the iphone app really kicks fb's ass. 
What are your quantitative goals for G+ and is it all about size?
Will there be a one touch button to add my Blogger posts to Google+ Also, would love to beta the business version!
Brad N
really looking to hear how google apps and google voice will work with G+
Same as a few other :
When will Google+ Apps be released?
Are there any plans for integration of Blogger in G+? :-)
Come clean... what is the true goal of G+? Do you want it to grow into an 'anything and everything' open social network similar to Facebook or is it intended to be higher brow news source like the tech bloggers dream of where no one gets to post images or random status messages to their friends?
How soon until Google buys a small landmass and declares national sovereignty?
Google has tried 2 other times to create a social network people will want to use. Google wave and Google buzz. How did you change your approach with Google+?
My FB friends are asking me: "Should I join Google+? Why? How is it better than FB? What can I get that I am not getting already on FB?" These folks are NOT techies. Just everyday people. Have a good reply for me to give them? THX
D Boyd
What is the over-all ratio of public posts to limited posts at this time?
I would find this interesting since everyone sees a large number of public posts, but we have no idea exactly how much more, people are using limited posts.
Will you provide equal opportunities for all the shapes on G+?
Will it be possible the G+ comment system to be integrated into external web sites - blogs, personal/corporate sites, etc.?
Do you think Google+ has enough to make normal users switch from Facebook?
Are you going to provide more flexibility for stream filtering, such as selecting multiple circles, and remembering the previous selection.
What was the last thing added before Google+ went into the field test.
Does Google have any interest in positioning Google+ as useful for collaboration within a company or government organization? I'm thinking of social business software like Jive Software, sort of a "Google+ For Your Domain".
Mo N
Another question for +Bradley Horowitz & +Vic Gundotra , how can smaller companies leverage G++ for their customer service needs like HP & hangouts? Can we tie it in with salesforce?
Will there be integration of the Picasa (photos) and youtube in general with Google+. I share a lot of pictures and videos and at this time all that i can do is to copy the url. However, if there is a integrated mechanism that would be useful.
1. Are you considering private Hangouts? (I'd like to be able to talk to only those who I want to, not any random follower who has access to the link.
2. G+ for businesses! When? (And how come folks organisations like Mashable, Ford, Breaking News - and other media orgs - are not being suspended while everyone else is being warned off?)
3. Will you be considering public groups of some kind? (Like a Circle based on an affliliation or interest, that one can invite people to join, where they can see who the other members are and interact with thm only in that Circle.)
Will you continue to insist that people with longstanding, recognized, internet handles that represent their online persona, use their unrecognized real names instead? How can you possibly scale that, and if it is against TOS, why do you allow +***** and +***** ? (Jesus and the Almighty God).

Additionally, do you really think it's fair to block ALL google services from someone who is helping you field test this product, just because they want to use their longstanding internet handle?
Are you going to make possible public posts to be streamed only to specific circles instead to everyone's stream?
Did the idea for Hangout come from last years Google's Zeitgeist and the stellar trajectory of 'chat roulette' as a top EU search term?
You guys are doing a great job thank you for all the hard work. When I first started using the Google search engine it was amazing the changes Google went through over the years. When Gmail was in beta I thought of all the ways you have changed our lives in the way we communicate. You made the other guys do something different to be better and they could not keep up with you. To this day all the services Google offers work well and does it better than anyone else out there.

Currently there are discussions between people even with some Google top level executives debating if the this took to long and now the competition is out there and will G+ be as good as that. I say look back to what has been accomplished and hold you head high with the wonder that Google and all the dev teams that have delivered what they said they would and I say THANK YOU for every bit of hard work you will be putting in to push the boundaries of what you will be doing with social interaction. Rise and rise again. (by the way can I have a job?) ;)
D Boyd
Do you think that Facebook may experience legal issues regarding it's current actions around Google+ transitions, such as users trying to download friend information and later with the possibility of game makers like Zynga moving over and users not able to keep game assets etc.?
Thank you Google for letting us own our data! :)
Do you plan on adding a feature that will allow relevant posts (and/or spark content) to be placed in a "you might like" circle of sorts? Using keywords, +1's, and past interactions as means to determine what is in the circle. One of the biggest problems is sorting through the massive amounts of data. While circles help pinpoint things, they still leave a gap in content that could be missed.
Will you help us to get rid of Skype by rolling out screen sharing in the G+ Hangouts? :-)
By everything that is holy; please allow us to move/migrate data from a @gmail account to a apps account later.

Do not expect your most trusted userbase to restart from scratch once apps accounts are available on G+.

Looking for a timeline on Google+ integration with Google Apps -- Cloud Sherpas customers are asking for it!
Wow! Techcrunch TV - The Fox news of tech journalism.
Are you guys going to open an office in Vancouver? You know, we Canadians are famous for our outstanding customer service... ;)
Besides a social network competing with facebook, What was the purpose of creating G+? Also will there be a way for G+ users to ask questions or issue complains or submit ideas about how the site could improvement without feeling like their voices are getting lost because of the amount of users?
1. Why doesn't G+ allow for a feed search? The Search kings don't allow for a feed search? Um...yea....

2. When will the G+ TOS get changed to NOT include the following: "11.1 You retain copyright and any other rights you already hold in Content which you submit, post or display on or through, the Services. By submitting, posting or displaying the content you give Google a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute any Content which you submit, post or display on or through, the Services. This license is for the sole purpose of enabling Google to display, distribute and promote the Services and may be revoked for certain Services as defined in the Additional Terms of those Services. " - the fact that Google is more or less saying that they can appropriate, and then modify and display any content I post is troubling at the VERY least. if you're trying to unseat Facebook, then this is an obstacle that will block your progress, not assist it.
FB is still the prettiest girl at the dance but G+ is more thinking man's crumpet. Will you keep it this way or will you make this a race to the bottom and program for plankton?
Hi Vic and Brad, What was the motivation behind letting users download their Google data? Sure, transparency is one reason, did you have any ideas on how people might use it? Thanks.
+Bradley Horowitz Love G+ so far. Agree with all the questions about Google apps accounts. What I'd really like is to be able to connect all my email addresses to one G+ account like I do in other places so people can more easily find me and I can more easily find and invite my contacts, including the multiple Google apps email addresses I have. Is that in the plans?

Right now it's too hard to find and connect to people and I keep getting the same recommendations under "find and invite" that aren't relevant. Thanks!
When are you going to integrate Google docs and Google music with Google+ so that the docs can be shared directly from G+, and a group can listen music simultaneously like they watch YouTube in Hangout?
Undoubtedly G+ is nowhere near a final product, but will we be able to get a teaser of sorts of upcoming features Google is working on and an estimate as to when we'll see them? Perhaps Google Calendar integration sometime soon?
Actually Hasan, you have options for gender and "looking for", so where is the "interested in" or sexual orientation? I don't want straight girls hitting on me. Hello???
+Bradley Horowitz Great iPhone native app! A key feature suggestion. Can you guys make being able to view circle-based streams much easier than currently? I know I can get to the individual circle-streams via "Circles" in the app --- but it is currently a four click process. Given that circles and streams are such a central feature of Google+, this really really needs to be emphasized in the iPhone app. Maybe a drop down menu from the "Streams" screen? Kudos to the team on Google+. Keep up the good work.
We could use better control of Circles and suggested invites over hand held, if there's any room left on your list. The app is a bit simple for that... though i like the android integration ideas. I got a richer experience using Opera Mobile set on user agent: Desktop... everything worked except the fancy scripting on the suggested invites page and other Circles pages, i think you've got some memory leaks to plug and on Android it kills the cache. Thanks guys and i am totally thrilled with how well you've been managing in this short time. Bravo.
Can Google force TechCrunch to change it's logo? That's a joke. The comment, not the logo. Wait, I'm so confused.
How is it different from asking what is your racial orientiation? Really? Are you that stupid? I am NOT racist, but I am homosexual, so why isn't there an option for that?
will be possible that someone can filter my posts in order to see only information about technology and avoid the information about karate?(an example :))
Well then why do you need a tag for gender or "looking for a relationship"? You might as well get rid of all the tags.
G+ has been blocked in China, how will you solve this problem?
Will we get more granular control over our stream? I'm seeing mine dominated by prolific posters and even by users I've uncircled.
this thread just went thataway <==
Well, technically gender is not always male and female. There are transgender people too. It seems like you should get rid of "gender" and "looking for a relationship" if you are not going to include sexual orientation.
Are there any plans to roll out Hangout for Android/iDevices? Could be a great FaceTime competitor.
Obviously very early and a ton of feature request's im sure have come your way like hangout on tablets etc... but from a functionality stand point we need to get these notifications under control. If you are a power user like my self and own several android/chrome devices getting the same notifications over and over across every device hours apart is killing us. I am sure this much you are of aware of and working on is there any indication as to when we may get some relief?
How does Google+ plan to enable more immediate notice of Hangout invitations? A desktop client would really help, and Talk is an obvious solution, but maybe you guys have something else in mind. Skype's big advantage is the client...
Why will Google+ not allow users to use nicknames but fake names and brands will be allowed?

When will feed/discussion search will be available?
When will Google+ embrace real time sockets based activity streams where we can instantly see comments, i.e. the comments are real time like in chat? We are well on our way into an HTML5 universe, and there are vendors like Kaazing that provide deep sockets support. We are entering the age of rich apps in the browser, this is where Google can lead the way and really leapfrog Facebook. I can think of many other features that can become reality thanks to sockets. And we would all love some Google+ APIs so that the community can contribute to enriching the social networking experience (if possible without Farmville)
When will google+ come to blackberry and WP7? Or if not, will at least the Huddle component? Right now its a bit useless as I really only have 1 friend on G+ and some of my other tech-savy friends have BBs.
My questions:
1. iPad app?

1. +1 button on web should save URL as chrome bookmark & direct posting option to G+.
2. +1 on posts should show up in +1 tab.
3. Direct posting from google reader & you tube.
4. Sharing from other Google properties when available should always be through shortened URL.
5. G+ and Gmail chat windows are not synched for messages.
Couple of questions:
- Why is that GWT not used in developing Google+?
- Are you planning to open Google+ API to GWTs developers?
- Why not put "Disable reshare" before clicking share button?
- Could you put "Stop Notification" on a certain post only?
- Are you also planning for bookmarkable post?

Circles for organizing my music. No playlist any more
Will it be possible in the future to customize, organize, and add notes to the +1 tab?
I have a few wishlist items, but one that's at the top of the list is in regards to integrating music/radio into G+. Like many fellow G+ users, I'm very musical. I have various playlists that I listen to-- particularly in my studio during the workweek. At times, when I'm updating my G+, I might want to include a relevant song, (that's either playing in the background or comes to mind); it would be great to share the song as part of the post. Something like and/or other online music/cloud services would be very cool to use in G+ when creating a post. TY!
Now that the sun will be setting on Labs, how is Google planning on integrating deeper with the rest of its products, such as Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Reader, Music, Photos, and YouTube?
I should be able to report a comments deemed to be a spam like one above ^
Hello +Vic Gundotra and +Bradley Horowitz!

First off, Google+ has been awesome so far for me. I was lucky enough to get an invite to join on the 1st of July and have had a first-hand experience of the spectacular growth of the network. So... congratulations guys and keep up the good work! :)

There are already some great comments and questions in here so I'll just add a few questions I've had on my mind for a while:

1. YouTube integration: As far as I know, the only integration G+ has with YouTube now consists of parsing video links. I want to be able to share the videos I like, comment or favorite on YouTube directly to my G+ feed exactly as it is done for Facebook & Twitter at the moment. Also, the circles feature in G+ can be integrated with YouTube by adding something along the lines of a 'YouTube Subscriptions' circle which would auto stream content to your feed from all your subscribed channels.

2. How will G+ affect the support for other Google social networking services like Orkut and Buzz? Are there any plans of integrating and/or migrating their networks to G+? Also, do you guys plan to phase out support to those services in the near future in order to focus on G+?
I second the question regarding API. When will it be released?
How about integrating some background music while watching photographs from posts?
I'll second that question to stress it's important. APIs. When?
Please allow Google App users to use Google+. I know some organizations have special privacy and usability concerns, especially the large ones, but a lot of us are just individuals, families and small orgs, that just want to use G+ as a regular individual user. Make Google+ available to turn on or off by the Admin, this way Admins can make the decision that is best for their own orgs. And the whole, it is "coming soon," "few weeks" and "later this year" is starting to get really, really old, stop the excuses.
Googlers continue to use the words 'iterate' and 'listening', however they have released nothing of note except a couple of privacy tweaks. When will you actually listen to user feedback and roll out requested features?
General question: what is your "roadmap" vision? Specific Request: Please block Farmville from the system - :)
Will we be able to mute certain circle feeds. I have a "Sir Postalots" circle and would like to have that be one that I manually check rather than have that take up 90% of my visible stream since they post so often.
With Google +, it became apparent that many users needed a means of archivnig posts that they liked. Evernote was often mentioned as the best way to conduct this, while Google Docs never came up -- any plans to address this seeming lack of functionality in Docs, or perhaps even buy Evernote?
+1 is my way to "archive" the content, but i'll like a way to tag/label the +1'd content.
Circles are essentially private groups, or in other words groups are public circles. Are you looking to integrate google groups with google+ in a similar way to circles?
Will G+ handle events? If so, how/will they be integrated with calendar?
How do you visualize this from the enterprise perspective? Any APIs on the drawing board?
I see a lot of potential in Sparks for developers to use the user's interest graph. But right now there are not many incentives for users. How will you attract users to use Sparks?
can you disclose how many gigabytes of data were already generated by Google+ users? Excluding photos and relational data, just the text. Just out of curiosity.
In addition to the previously discussed request to add Google Music to Hangouts (ala Turntable FM) - would you consider adding the ability to share a Google Music playlist to circles such that the playlist and (ideally) an embedded player would show up in the user's G+ stream? The ability to "Pop-out" the embedded player into its own windows (like Chat) would be great.
will it be possible to introduce a 'mute circle' & 'set as default circle' option please? this way you can get better control over what you see in your stream without having to block people or manually selecting one stream at a time...
Are there any plans to build labels or tags into G+? Will people be able to assign their profiles and posts to labels? Are there any plans to provide a bookmarking or starring functionality into G+?
How can you get the google chat to work with people in your Google+ circles. It seems to only work with those who are in your Gmail contacts with a gmail account. Will other Google products, such as Google Calendar and Gmail, continue to be fragmented from Google+, or will they eventually be centralized?
- Hangout on mobile?
- Ability to verify celebrity accounts
- Muting a stream
I can tell you guys have some sort of Quality Assurance organization over there. It's quite obvious. Just look at other examples: Facebook - No QA department. Apple - Has a large QA department with QA Engineers that are involved from the very start when the Product Owners are designing the project. So my questions: How large is your QA department? What kind of standards and process have your teams implemented with QA to ensure quality in the software and the overall experience. What kind of automation has your QA department built (automation language? nightly runs? performance/load testing?).

I hope you consider these questions as these topics could very well make or break a company. Unlike most of the posts on here, I'm not worried about insignificant feature requests. Lets get to the important stuff! Don't neglecting this vital area!
1st Thx. Top Job!

1). Tagging in iOS - Can we have auto-complete as on the web?
2). Sharing posts from iOS - could you add a share button?
I have a question about the pseudonym issue. As someone else already stated there is a lot of confusion if pseudonyms are allowed or not, so with this I would like to know if you allow pseudonyms or not?

My arguments: Pseudonyms are not fake names. Pseudonymous users aren't spamming or impersonating as someone else, they are themselves and to be honest, this is my real life name, but I have another pseudonym that I mainly use, so instead I use this one in fear that all my efforts I put into G+ until now will be gone because I'm forced to use my real life name. I'm pretty much a digital native and more people out there know me under my pseudonym instead of my real life name. As you state in your policy, you should choose that name that you are "commonly known by in your daily life and you are findable by your family and friends".

This post in your Google Policy Blog about "The freedom to be who you want to be" ( ) and that you support three kinds of use and here on your help site about names and profiles you state, that it works "best" in identified state, but not that you HAVE to use it.

Please give us an answer because I find more and more friends of mine leaving G+ because of this issue, them being forced using their real life name. I really like your newest product but how can you be social if there is no one you know around you can be social with? Don't do the same mistake as Facebook did.

Thank you.
I'm sure it's a challenge, but I would love to see links shared in the mobile app parse links just like you see on the desktop, rather than just spit out a URL.
Any plans to launch verified Google+ accounts similar to Google Profiles/Buzz? Not only in case of celebrities ;)
Keep up awesome work!!!
How will you ensure security/safety of gmail if a G+ account gets hacked?
By limiting the age to 18+, wouldn't that cut out a major percent of potential users?
will we be able to see our friends posts outside their immediate stream, so if vic comments on a post that i have not seen, will i be able to go and view Vic's activity, oh and please make the link to gmail open in the same window, rather than a new window each time i go from g+ to gmail and back. - thanks!!!
When will the Google+ app for iOS be available for iPad and iPod Touches? I'm very sad that it is iPhone only! :(
Is Google Plus going to be opened to outside developers in some way? A major piece of Facebook is the 'apps.' Are you going to compete by trying to do it better, or differentiate yourself by their absence?
Why is Google not closing company profiles like they said they would? There are several high profile company profiles still in operation even after thousands of reports...
if there any API release for a developer when it will be ?
also consider having the feeds from the apps in another tab than stream so that the app don't take my stream
like games and other stuff
Man, that was an disappointing interview. Did you even read the user questions? If you want attention try something else than asking for questions. I want my 25 minutes of time back :P
I feel sorry for you. Andrew Keen made for an awkward interview. Plus he didn't bring up any user questions. I would've loved to have heard about your Quality Assurance practices like I asked in my question way up there. I want to see how the Google+ team compares to Facebook and Apple, the two extreme ends of QA organizations.
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