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Welcome to the new Google+

It's with great delight that we're launching a fresh, new, beautiful version of Google+ today... Coming to a browser to you soon as we roll out over the course of the day. There's much to love about this... please read Vic's blog post!
More than 170 million people have upgraded to Google+, enjoying new ways to share in Search, Gmail, YouTube and lots of other places. It's still early days, and there's plenty left to do, but ...
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Bradley - have commented and emailed to over 40 folks from Google and no replies. Can you contact me? You would be the first.
So how much longer will the extension I use to give me a Mute button work?
Looks amazing! Love the explorer thing!
Wake me up when the "Incoming" stream comes back.
I have to admit it's something different then what we where used before
Better and better. Bravo.
absolutely stunning job! can't wait to get my hands on it!
seems nice... when these changes will be rolled out?
Are we going to need to clear cache, and cookies to get the update?
How can we get this? Looks nice.
Shame they had to adopt the cover image idea.. I preferred the separate images idea :)

Other features look interesting though. Will have to wait till it's enabled on my account before making a final judgement though. ;-)
reload the page and see if you have it
I didn't even realize there was a new version
Chris aQD
Less tidy and wastes screen estate on frames and big borders that are not needed.
Looks interesting. But I'm not sure whether to say I like it or I hate it. I'll just wait and see.
More visual = more betta! Many thanks!
when can i get it? :) u guys gotta start with the East coast getting the rollouts first :)
Someone, somewhere, needs to do an honest-to-god academic study on aversion to change in social media layouts. I find it fascinating how quickly most of us get used to an initial look-and-feel, and how many of us object any time that changes. (I'm not immune to this myself - and yet, I love to rearrange the furniture in my house, which feels analagous...)
Great stuff fellas -- I really wish I was apart of the Google+ project.. :/
The redesign looks a little weird, but that's cause I'm used to the current version. I'm sure I'll like it once I can use it!
I discussed this post with 4 people in a hangout.
whats hideous
by the way do people call u gummy worm because your fat
+Stefan Vries de I'm on Google Apps and I just got the new look. I just had to reload the page in Chrome.
when we will be able to use that?
love it! but why doesn't it work on business pages?
Just please do not turn into another facebook where things are constantly changing and getting worse, example timeline. I love the simplicity of Google+. That is why I switched.
Sam Raj
what are internal ports of computer
The new "look" is a retarded waste of screen space and hides interface elements previously exposed and so a waste of time as well (due to extra clicking).
I just heard it today from our IT guy. I would like to experience the excitement he has shown!
I haven't used this new look, but I lean toward +Tony Escobales 's view, as I have found all of Google's latest updates be a step back in usability. It's like the art department have taken over your web site; it might look pretty, but they've got no idea how the web works.
I'll be much more impressed when it's sufficiently advanced that it can be described without Flash.
+Bradley Horowitz Looking however a lot of wasted space on the right in the Home and Explore pages. Couldn't the posts reflow to fill up the whole space?
I like this new UI. Much much more visually pleasant than Facebook!
Can you please center it? It's way off balance full screen on 1080p.
The new interface is beatiful! So organized unlike another social site I can mention. Keep up the good work. XD

It's Facebook by the way. Messy.
I agree centering it would be so much better!
I like this new look as well look for ward all new features being added.
can i hide the chatbox column? too big. btw nice ui
Maybe the chat box can be programmed to slide from the right so It can be hidden when not being used. XD
You see.. you know the black bar at the top is ugly, that's why you cut it out from this video. Take it out please.
+Sheila Xie Google+ UI has always been more visually pleasant than Facebook. =P
I like it so far. Definitely a better interface than the new Facebook timeline bullhockey.
Literally just got it - after doing a refresh ...

I still don't understand why they aren't somehow incorporating iGoogle into the rest of what they do though

I have a number of news feeds and widget set up - and access the page frequently .... but from the black navigation band appearing on other Google apps there is no simple access to iGoogle .... if you press on search it takes you to the generic search page
damn, I had just gotten used to the new, unified look of Google's pages. I hope it doesn't deviate too far from the rest of the pages I use. (GMAIL, Calendar, DOCs, YouTube...)
+Bradley Horowitz by saying "over the course of the day," do you mean that the new Google+ interface will roll out to everyone within about a 24HR period? Or is this a roll out in the next "few" days.
Nicely stated Marc. As an educated and trained journalist myself I find no affiliation with my brethren. Well written fiction is worth its weight in gold, but pseudo fluff/hype under the guise of news brings so little value to the world it is a constant wonder as to what deserves to be written. History is markedly poxed by such blatant disregard.
Oh well, can't win 'em all. Miss the old version.
I hope the google+ app for tablets would look like this. XD That would be awesome.
Ok, I like it for the most part. Is the stream supposed to be fixed-width, though? It's so narrow, and there's so much white space to the right of it.

I also hate the chat bar. Hate, hate, hate the chat bar. Is it hideable? Because there's no intuitively obvious way to hide it.

Switching streams is now much more difficult than it was. That seems like a step backwards, especially for those of us that have a large number of circles. I click on the 'more' button, and my page is filled with a very long list of circles/searches (are we still calling those sparks?). A fixed width for the drop down would be greatly appreciated, too. I have a couple of searches that are quite long, and the drop down menu fills my screen (both in the X and Y directions). That doesn't seem like something that would have been intended.
I only have one issue with the new layout, the interface doesn't stretch out to the sides, and so I have a big bar of whiteness in between posts and the chat list :( Other than that, it looks great
im still stuck with the old design and i keep on refreshing. do i need to press something in order for it to work?
I LOVE the new theme, but just got a windows phone and I'm bummed I don't have any good way to get to Google+ or Google Voice from it. I know an app for Google+ is in the works, but I still haven't heard about one for google voice or all the other google services I know and love... Come on guys, give me my google!
the chat box... i hated that back in FB... didn't expect to see it here too... pushes active conversation box too much to the middle of the screen... :(
mine hasn't updated yet :(
The squished stream on the left side and the extremely wide unused white-space on the right is baffling, almost like nobody at Google had a widescreen monitor to test the interface on.

The de-emphasized color and size of the comment box and comments discourages discussion the same way Facebook does, making it seem less appropriate to post a long, thoughtful comment. One of the advantages of G+ seemed to be the focus on discussion rather than simply commenting. In the old UI, comments seemed almost as prominent as the original post, lending them credibility and attention. The new look seems to encourage the kind of glib remarks often seen on other social networks. It's also very hard to read.

I like the overall idea, and I desperately hope that this change signals a re-addressing of the mobile app which is horrible, but you guys made some decidedly odd choices.
Especially all that whitespace over there -->
Chan Li
OMG! What is it ???? What a surprise ,however , i am not sure i like it or not
It hurts me, being one of the early invitees to Google+, not having the update here yet - please make is happen :)
How long for the roll out to all members?
Not digging the new layout at all. :(
m liking the way it is improving in terms of user interface...awesome....good work all @ google. thumbs up..
Thank you Googlers for great work, you are stars that shine internet sky * * * * * * * * * *
I'm not sure about the overall "beauty" of it, but I'm enjoying customisation :)

I wish the top Google bar would allow us to do the same.

By the way, any news on integration of the Google+ mobile messenger and the desktop client. It's still pretty useless unless launching Hangouts
New layout is horrible - why mess with it?? Just to give the employees something to do is not a reason.

Fine as it was and I will be leaving because it is NOT user friendly.

Have you people ever heard of the saying ... if it ain't broke, DON'T muck with it.

Too much mucking on this site ...
Oh... Goolge, please center it........
It's a step in the right direction. I love it, but needs some more tweaks.
+Bradley Horowitz I do like some of the design elements but the "Trending / Invite Friends" and Hangouts needs to be narrowed or combined in some way. The space allotted the Stream is too small. When most people come to G+, they want to see their Stream first, everything else is navigation and should be secondary to the experience
It does seem slower than the old site, even in Chrome.

I'm experiencing slowdowns in typing, scrolling and page loading... is it just me?
It will take some getting used to.......I am not to impressed with the changes in the Profile layout......other than that it just appears they shifted things about a bit
don't know whether this is a real far I'm strugging
I like most of the changes, just not the stream being shoved to the left. I have acres of white space sitting on the right. And that is on a small monitor. How bad is it going to look when I get home and use my 55" flat screen? It just looks horribly out of balance.
When I first opened my stream today it was just shocking. I dig it so far... I'm sure folks will let you know if something isn't awesome :), +Bradley Horowitz.
Hover on the apps seems touch-unfriendly.
-1 It looks just like Facebook now. Cluttered, Complicated, and Crowded.
I'm not hearing much love about it at all---I haven't seen it yet as my G+ still looks the same, but from what I'm reading, no one likes it.
+Carissa Sutherland locked up the whole machine :-) rebooting now.

I hope it was just a one off crash

{edit] cleared browser cache and it's much smoother
Not happy about the new layout. Too many boxes, weird use of white space and nothing intuitive about it.
I really like the new look and feel. Very nice, and well organized. A keeper.
It is much easier to navigate and see where I want to go, appreciate clean layout
I can see the nav bar opening the door to deeper Calendar, Docs, Reader, Play integration, with the + version showing an appropriate social overview for each i.e. public subscription lists/bundles by circle for Reader, downloaded/shared app lists for Play etc. Hopefully the reverse becomes true too, particularly with Reader where there should be some way to consume G+ content.
Crashes - looks like fb.

imitation is the best form of flattery - does that mean fb is better???
Dan O
I don't like it either... too much empty white space... can't re-size the columns... and what's this clumsy "Works at" in front of my Introduction? Is this supposed to be LinkedIn now?
I've had it for all of 15 seconds... so far I'm still liking G+ ... I appreciate the cleanliness of the layout... things continue to be unobtrusive, and yet easily accessible. I also like how the menu on the left can be easily rearranged (found this out by accident).
Love it. Much more visually pleasing, easier to use, more intuitive. Good job!!
Ok, I'm now in love with the Explore option... I just added 4 new pages to follow just by using that option... It could have very easily been a dozen or so...
Yet you still can't disable comments on your public photos and need to 24/7 babysit them for inappropriate comments.
That's fine, few more years and Google+ might get features that are essential for such service.
+Tyler Brown I think they focus on iPad and Android touch-screen audience rather than 1920x1200 folk :/
People will always say that they don't like changes to "their" social networks. Users get possessive about the network they use and always have gripes. The Goolge + change is an improvement. Be happy that they added chat and managed to kept the simple clean design.
Thanks for the users-apathetic Facebook-style screw-you change. Much appreciated.
It feels almost like it was built for touch screen devices. That's not really a bad thing, but it's noticeable.
Love the changes. I would also love it if you pimped out the Android app a little. Using it on a tablet has got to be the most uninspiring experience ever.
The grey on white text for comments is a serious usability problem. I have to highlight each comment I want to read with my mouse because the contrast is so low that I can't read them otherwise.
How do I view photos from all of the people in my circles similar to how you use to in the old version of Google+? I desperately miss that feature in the new version.
I think it is near perfect..
Gary Ng
Love the new UI
Yeah, more contrast, please! Otherwise, so far I am liking it... although I wish I could make my stream wider. I don't have a big monitor, and I might not like having all this stuff on the left and right all the time.
It does look simpler.. But there is still a lot of white space!!!
I use three buttons on Google+: Circles, my Following circle, and my Incoming circle (since you took away the default one). All three are now buried behind uncustomizeable drop-downs. Thank you for assuming what I want easy access to.
a lot of empty space on my 24" monitor.
I'm all for change, and tryin new stuff, but this scares me just a little bit because the folks I am trying to coax into using g+ are just barely getting used to navigating it. A dramatic change could easily scare them off...I really like g+, but one of the draw backs is keeping my 'mainstream' friends interested in it enough to compete with fb/twitter. I love meeting new folks in the g+ world, but i also want my closer peoples to participate in the medium as well. Hopefully this helps more than it hurts...
+Jake Weisz "It's still early days, and there’s plenty left to do". Rome wasn't really built in one day and neither was google+.
Looks great! My prediction about the web turning toward tablet UI is coming true...
Face it - they won't change it back - you're stuck with it. They need a better HPE group to gauge impacts.
The old layout was much, much more stylish. This puffy #newgoogleplus looks childish.
may be they should bring back the old blue +1 button :(
The update is much worse. Now it looks like some frame-filled website from the 90's.
+Harish G Yeah it's not as noticeable. Kind of just fades into the background. And for individual comments ou don't even know it's there until you hover over the comment.
Hey, +Bradley Horowitz

It's a really cheap shot, but have you guys considered Gmail-style background themes? Not for you to share with others, but just a theme that runs across multiple Google products if you want it
By the way, these columns would be a lot nicer if we could choose the width ourselves
Honestly, new G+ looks great. But, at work and at home, I leave my Gmail page 'open'. It's more convenient for staying up with e-mail and chat.

If receiving a new email could be apart of the notification system, I'd definitely make this my new preferred Google page.

Off subject, what do you all think of being able to put Documents, Calendar and other Google services in the left navigation?

From a UX perspective, I'd prefer to have one page that I could access all the Google services I use. Just a thought thou.
polishing the turd. bring back sharing on Google Reader would be much better.
Does this mean the API will open up so that even more companies will be able to connect their products?
I dont like it very much. But I still visit now and then.
This is horrid. Stop trying to look like facebook. At least give us a damned option of using the old layout.
I just see too much space between the news feed and the chat, It looks odd on hi res
You are so right, John. Sigh.
I like it so far but I agree that there seems to be a quite a lot of wasted space if you're using a widescreen monitor since it's not center justified..
The new G+ Layout is a bit strange but i'm sure ill get used to it and probably like it.
I like the new sidbebars and buttons for Circles the top. But I agree that the middle area looks too spaced out. The trending, you may know, and you may like area at the top center should be moved somewhere else.
I really like it. Reminds me of JolicloudMe Beta for some reason, maybe it's all that white space---> Is it good or bad?
I wonder why the icons (home, photos, circles) to the left don't match the icons in the Android app. Will the app be updated to follow the desktop site, or will the site eventually have the same icon as the app
go back to the original setup that was the best!
this one is just confusing
First impressions are that it's hectic, but the display of information makes way more sense than previously.
Too soon to pass judgement. Didn't even know this was going to happen. Kinda FBish though. Time will tell.
I like it, but I think there's too much white space.
Can I have a version that works with a 1920 screen (or wider screens even?). It seems to have installed the 1024 pixel wide version on my Mac. Weird. I guess it will be fixed soon.
Where to hide the chat panel? Let us know when it is fixed, thanks.
They HAVE to make a way to minimize the contact list on the right.It is annoying me and it isn't necessary to have up all the time. I hate to say it...but it reminds me (unpleasantly) of AOL.
My google chrome sometimes freeze a bit then load the content....
Can you add a Feedback button, lots of people are leaving great comments that could help you guys.
Yugan V
Love it so far. I still wish the size of each post much shorter.
Now that you've made it pretty, when are you going to roll out vanity URL's?! I'm tired of using a Tumblr redirect page for mine. ;-) And no, the ancient Google profile links that automatically redirect don't count. :-P
Really doesn't scale well on a wide screen, but otherwise much nicer.
I found one annoying thing, if you want to click any of the footer links you have about 3 seconds to do so before Google+ loads more feeds in your window and the footer is pushed far far away.
+Bradley Horowitz -- (a) the feedback button is missing from all but one's homepage, which makes giving feedback with screenshots really hard. (b) please, please, please get rid of the marketing crap using up the entire right half of the central pane. The only useful content on this page is the 35% of the page (at my screen size) in this column here. You're wasting 65% of the screen! You've used as much real estate to tell me which people you desperately want me to circle or which games you want me to play as you have for the actual reason a user is on this page--this column here.
Can't change which circle stream I'm viewing without scrolling back to the top - ANNOYING! G+: PLEASE don't adopt the Facebook "user interface of the week" approach!
My first time checking Google+ for a month and by the looks of the poor design I will immediately log out and go back to Facebook... come on guys design something impressive!
The interface in Photos that showed photos from other people's posts, which I have several times suggested ought to be available as a visual interface for searches in G+, for when I am searching for photos - is gone completely?
Thanks all for the feedback, both positive and constructive... It'll take a while for us to digest it, but know that it's heard and appreciated.

For those who've asked when you'll get the new interface, we're ramping this up ASAP... If things go well (and they are so far), everyone should have this in the next 24 hours.
Change is good, but you guys at Google need some design classes. Use the (white) spaces well for next iteration and thanks for the hard work.
The new Google+ is Awesome - loved it
The new UI is awesome ... I loved it a lot ... :)
You guys have changed it too many times... DD:
Everytime FB changes I hate it, but this change from Google+ is definitely awesome! Thanks for all of the due diligence it took to launch this.
One thing I notice that bothered me is that the pop-ups for users from your Circles page have their names in a normal black text as opposed to the old blue link colored and bold text. Can we get this back to looking like a hyperlink? Just makes more sense and is easier to quickly identify.
Jay Tee
Can't wait for the new change...looks awesome.
nicely ripped off cover photo...
Why are you wasting SO MUCH screen space?

Are you guys developing on a Mac Plus?
Very nice, for once a design that is more pleasant.
just got the new interface. It's awesome. However kind of "facebook-ish".
So will there be any change in android apps?
New UI in sleeker, I like the way u said it, Upgraded to G+ (from what? emm we know)
has anyone suggesting having a scrollable comments thread rather than having it go on for a gillion miles? also, is it just me or is it just plain unintuitive that you can't post a status update from your own profile page??
The new UI is great except for the scrolling. If you could stretch the posts horizontally and reduce scrolling, that would be much better.
Why SO MUCH unused space ??? we can't see pictures or videos in a decent size and 3/4 of the page's space is wasted for NOTHING !!!
It's locking up Firefox for me. 
Love love love this.
This is amazing, how did you manage to make it feel busier, while leaving most of it blank?
It is like a perfect storm of bad design.
Hate it. G+ was already deficient to Google Reader in terms of usable screen. It went from about 80% in Google Reader to about 40% in G+, now it's around 25% of actual readable interactive content.

I don't need to see who is online all day every day. And half my screen in between my feed and the list of online people is just blank white space. At least let me move and hide content as I see fit.
I never realized until people started moaning about wasted space. Then I was like, yea, you're right! That's darn little space used!
Google plus is an worst experience and it can never match what other social networking sites are offering. And, do not why Picassa is getting worst each day. Google is kind of forcing once to join Google plus.
Congrats B! Was a bit of a shock, but I'm really digging it so far.
Worst change EVAR! Once upon a time the Stream was the focus and that was the appeal of G+. Now it is all about "trending", "hangout", "chat", and all the other garbage that clutters the screen and removes focus from true content. Maybe if we had the ability to turn off the garbage we do not care about (see previous mentioned sections), and could get the stupid letter boxing removed from our photos... Facebook ain't looking so bad now ;)
How do you get rid of the chat thing? And how do you get rid of the cycling picture things at the top of Explore?
Love the new look, great improvements! Not sure why everyone's complaining about unused space all of the sudden...there was more "white space" in the earlier version. This is a step in the right direction if nothing else.
That big white space that fills half the page is great for ads.
A way to minimise chat to icons only and expand/centre the main stream would be a godsend.
Too much wasted space. Extensions don't work either, like stream pause if you have a lot of people in your circle.
+Tim brooks have you tried reloading the page?

+Bradley Horowitz I'm sorry that you consider this an improvement. There are vast seas of wasted space that I can't get back. There are contextual tools that scroll away when I navigate articles. There are extremely useful and commonly used tools that have been shunted into sub-menus ("Circles" goes in a sub-menu? Why?!)

This isn't just a bad UI revamp. Facebook and Gmail had bad UI revamps. This is a call to arms for Web UI designers to reconsider their transgressions and re-tool the concept of the browser-based application.
There is a localization problem in 1920 x 1080 monitors. I have to zoom in to make feeds set in the middle. When I zoom in, characters and everything becomes discomfortingly bigger #newgoogleplus
that's why I use my Ctrl - it looks perfect!
Add one more to those who really don't like having about half of the page wasted on their widescreen monitors. I'd also like a way to not display the chat / hangout as well as the whole 'trending' subset of data. I understand some people really like that, but if the people and subjects aren't in my feed yet, there's probably a reason.
This site now wastes more screen space than anything else I visit.
Dan O
Hey +Aaron Sherman You've been told that this is a "fresh, new, beautiful version of Google+"! Now you want people to actually THINK for themselves?
Not thrilled with this yet. Way way way way way too much white space on the screen...EMPTY white space. Why am I paying to light up these pixels - why is content so cramped?
Having the text so small and to the extreme left side, leaving all this empty space to the right is simply wrong (another word comes really to mind...)
Did the people who thought it, saw it on a big screen and were pleased with their "achievement"??
Middle is the only way to go!
By contrast, I love the white space; for those of us with poor eyesight, it makes the page far more readable, and keeps things from getting too cramped when I read with the text zoomed to 130 percent, which is my default.
Rolling out the new UI, automagically, to a sampling of the overall user-base. Instant Beta. All without a single user having to lift a finger. Very cool.
Left side bar is fine, wasted space on right is awful - please fix this!
I'm finding myself actually excited about the updates :-).
i like the design, but you killed sharing on google reader so actually i hate it
I'm not a fan. So much awkwardly wasted space, and the content is randomly off-center.
I like the new hangouts page, but I feel like I am seeing alot of wasted space on the right. Where is the content?
lot of free space around the screen !
Gigantic wasted space to the right of my streams - massive waste. 1920 x 1080 resolution.
It looks alright on my tablet...alright being used loosely.
Please remove the trending column and make the posts wider, or at least put it under the chat section. The posts now take up less than 1/2 the width of my monitor (wide screen). On top of that, everything just got really tall. Instead of 5-6 posts on screen at once, I see at most 2. This is a huge waste of screen space. The concept looks good, but it is very poorly designed. I feel sorry for those using a standard 1280x1024 monitor.
What about a "-1" button? I must have the right to disagree with something....
Not bad but a few issues... chat uses too much space (should be collapseable at all times to be like the limited with option) considering some use desktop clients, trending and such would be better in the right sidebar below chat.

With forced chat and trending where it is thats wasted space for many.
The most important part of the entire site does not adjust with the width of the window??? It stays in this narrow part in the middle of the screen. Who though that was a good idea?
very cool! much better.
but all the space on the right is just straight damn annoying.
I got the new google+ but I never got the new google bar... what gives?
CS Chua
The new version of Google + is not beautiful. It's uncomfortable on the eye for people with big monitors in landscape mode, and it's total fail on monitors in portrait mode.
Thanks for ruining G+ +Bradley Horowitz. Worst page design ever and the black boxes around pics is awful. I want some of what you guys were smoking when you came up with this steaming pile of crap.
Posts wider please. Otherwise it's just a waste of space.
I'm sure it's great, but right now it needs centering - nearly unusable on a 1920px monitor, it's all squashed over on the left.
Lots of nice white space on my screen - fantastic!
i don't like new interface at all, i wish there was a way to have old one back :(
It's hideous, Bradley. Did you fire your UX team? They'd have warned you not to do this.
I think all of the problems here could be solved with:
* The ability to dynamically expand the "content" column to the width of the browser window
* A settings option to reduce the padding between UI elements.
* Moving the settings up to the top bar.

There are more complex
LOL what the hell? My first reaction: "It's ugly ah! Change it back, change it back." The bar on the left does NOT need to be that fat. Make it half that size and then we'll talk. The icons are hideous. Other than that, it's alright I guess.
When will designers take the time to study what apple has done with their UI? If you look at a screenshot of Mac OS 1.0 (System Software) and the newest iteration, Mac OS Lion X, you will see a lot of consistentcy. How can you just revamp everything all at once without adding any new real funtionality? If anything, you just look more like the old FB. Maybe you should have looked at the newest trend with Pinterest. People want to see More shared content on their screens, not a huge column of white. People hate the new "timeline" on FB, so you could've capitalized on this. Right now, people are trying to migrate to google+, but very few people from their social circle are available, so they are relying on the content of strangers, and you just stepped on this, hence the backlash you see.
How do you get rid of that stupid chat list on the right? Man it just dominates
I really like the new layout. People are complaining about the widescreen problem, so hopefully that will be fixed sooner than later.
S. John
Great - though I feel I'd like to decorate that white space with some art or flowers... or something... :-))
I am personally not digging the UI at all. Looks dirty.
absolutely love everything about the new layout! Been a graphic designer for 10 years and I love what you guys did here.

Clean, simple, intuitive > keep it up and fb is gone :)
Where`s my games section.I like the it the way it was?
So you've made G+ a mashup of Facebook's timeline and Twitter's Feeds. I've been trying to get all of my connections over here, because I don't like either of those. I guess you're saving me some time and energy since there is no longer a point.
Tick d
...I don't like this new version very much...
...there is too much non-customizability (yeah, I said non-customizability)...
...It is too hard to choose what circle/stream you want to view: it only lists the "All", the 1st two in your circle order, & then a "More" drop-down (which is not good) & since all this is now @ the top, you also have to scroll all the way back to the top to choose what circle/stream you want...
...The sidebar/ribbon will not go away w/ side scroll (well it sometimes does, but that is only when @ the top of the page, when you scroll down the page, it is pinned all the way open), so I now have to re-size & move the placement of the window when playing games, otherwise part of the game is covered up by the sidebar/ribbon...
...The Chat function cannot be hidden: it is stuck on the right, or if you re-size your screen it is then stuck on the bottom right (for those of us that don't use the chat this is horrible)...
...The "Send Feedback" is stuck in the Gear, so you have to scroll to the top of the page to use it...
...The "cover photo" thing is horrible & you can't make it go away...
...There is entirely too much wasted space...
...The 7 P's have won again (Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance)...
+Google+, there's a lot that's really nice about the new format, but I think you've missed a golden opportunity to introduce new users to one of the aspects of G+ that sets it apart from FB: the ability to use saved searches to find and interact with like-minded people and build interest networks. It would be very easy to add a tutorial to the Explore page that shows how to do this, but this should be done NOW, when there is likely to be a lot of attention and new traffic to the site. If these potential new users expect all their FB friends to be here, they are going to be disappointed. They need to be given some guidance on how to find people with similar interests.
I like it! I like that there is some empty space. Don't fill it with ads >,<
My only complaint is the white space to the right of the stream. It is a little glaring. Otherwise, I like it. It's clean and precise and very customizable.
Looks terrible on large monitor, I should turn my head to read!
All I want is a mirror button so the feeds are on the right, it's straining my eyes to constantly be veering off to the left.
I absolutely love it guys, congratulations! What a fantastic work!
I like the new look. It's clean and modern. #unclutter
There is still ample room for improvement.
Let me get rid of the "Trending" feed.
Put "Start a Hangout" and Chat in the same column (where Trending is now).

Above all: remember why people use G+ in the first place. Not only is the clientele different, but G+ (until now) had much less of the consumerist junk. We (your users) really don't want that stuff.
I don´t mind the new design except the "trending on google+" and "you might like" section, they take over so much stream space and are functions that already existed before elsewhere
get rid of the white space... more than 50% on my 27" widescreen :(
To much white space.
You need an option to "minimize" the chatbar on the right side
Just started working on Australia! loving the new design! So happy with google for not keeping it same for the next 5 years lol
Move "Trending" and "You might like" to the Explore section and widen the feed to fill that massive blank space, also allow people to center photo previews how they want for the small thumbnails that appear at the bottom of posts.
page looks good but how the hell do you close or remove chat on the right its a pain staying there
Why are the feed, profile, and Explore pages left justified? Now there is a huge white space between the feed and the contact list. Very annoying.
+Bradley Horowitz I like the new design, but why do you hide the most important part of g+ - access to the different circle streams - under a "more" button at the top of the page? Please bring it back to a visually more prominent place and make them easy to access again.
+Patrick Jarvi couldn't agree with you more. moving the 'trending' section and the 'you might like' section makes complete sense. it is a complete waste of real estate on the right side
Is it possible to customize the top bar? This isn't really Google+ issue but since we can now customize the sidebar, why not the top bar for our Google account? I want to move around "Images" and "Maps" and such...
WTH is up with the totally useless - and unusable - whitespace on the right? Only thing in that "column" is the trending nonsense, and that stays at the top.
C'mon +Google+ , you can do waaaay better than this! :-(
I'm glad at least finally the regular mobile site works on the #PSVita finally. When did you guys fix that?
Would like to "minimize the chat-bar on the right side.
Oh man.. just when i thought google+ would stay normal unlike facebook, this happens. As a webdesigner the first thing that i wondered: why on earth is this designed for square monitors. It looks horrible on my widescreen. We don't live in the 90's anymore.
WTF. This redesign looks like it is intended for tablets, while forgetting about desktops (where it looks and behaves IMHO worse than before).
Looks slick, but.
- why so narrow? Is there a use for all the wasted white space in the right hand side of the page? (My screen is 1440 wide; almost half is white.)
- why the black bars next to photos that aren't 2x3?
- why just two or three circles - two more clicks to get to the others...

- when is something like the Chrome Plus Minus extension going to work again? I like collapsing read posts. Saves a lot of scrolling.
Great job everyone! Thank you for the hard work. I especially like the responsive UI. If I may make 1 suggestion, allow the center column to stretch more or center itself. On a 1080p monitor, there's a lot of whitespace to the right of the streams.
WTF is this "More" button doing, if it contains single entry namely "Pages". "More" button (category) should be here only if there are two or more things that do not fit. Please fix.
In large 16:9 monitor looks very ugly that the stream and games are pulled to the left of the screen, you should center it a bit. There's an useless empty space between the chat box and the stream.
It would be nice if one of the navigation buttons led to an igoogle-like page with google news, google reader, sports scores, etc.
Don't like it at all. I don't need my chat/hangout constantly on my screen or the trending panel. Rest of it is okay, but let me control what is displayed. It reminds me a lot of Facebook's new layout which I also can't stand.
I love it, it's a great look I will use it a lot more now. Thanks!!
maybe just one small edit, when in 'home', please make the;
All | friends | family | ...
bar sticky.
I think it looks great. Incorperating a chat sidebar and stuff. Really out-done yourself. I'm coming here for good, because Facebook just isn't the same anymore, and G+ was the only other option. Don't know why I didn't get one sooner, Can't wait for the rest of my mates to join up :D Good Job!
Are there any plans to fill in the white space between the stream and the chat? It's almost the same situation as with the new Reader...
So... where's the -1 button? +1 is old news, I want to be able to say that I don't like things also. Reddit has had it for ages, what is so difficult?
better and faster with less speeded connections!

but i have some minute problems when i'm using it with oprea.
Congrats for the new iteration. Everything is looking nice so far.

The only thing I need, witch is record a hangout and post the video to my YouTube account is still not available... Bummer :-(
Its simply awesome have no words.....:)
What happened to the date of notification of given type in the notification area (the [N] button)?
Where is the MINUS button? This UI update killed all the desire to come to G+ (which I USED TO DO 3-4 times a day).

What ... did... you ... do? Why? What problem did it solve, apart from making users drop off?
It is gorgeous!
Just the other day I was wish Google+ was a better showcase for amazing photos and bam you give it to us!
Thank you!
I really like the navigation decisions in this UI. I immediately know where to go to do what I want, and there seems to be less clicks involved for me to do what I want to do. I get the problems that people have with the white space...but I appreciate the openness it creates. It's an great response to Facebook's increasingly crowded UI.
It definitely takes the experience of G+ to a new level. By the way the black box around the portrait oriented photos looks awful!
WTF the marquee with new features here in "Explore" doesn't expand to fit width of my 1680x1050 monitor?
Not too bad, but with a couple of small gripes.
The boxed-in whitespace looks kinda funny, yeah, like I've seen a lot of people complain.
The custom sidebar is nice and pretty; I like how I can toast the crap off of it that I don't want. I don't manually change my circles, so Circles goes into the More bucket. I don't use Hangouts, so Hangouts go into the More bucket, etc.
However, the other stuff that you might expect to be customizable is still not. :( I now have this massive chatbar on the right side that I'll never use; I handle all my chats through Pidgin. Can I remove it? Minimize it? ... nope. It just kinda sits there. Super.
I enjoy perusing the What's Hot stream from time to time; frankly, it's where I get most of my news from. But I've found it! It's now hidden under "Explore". Explore contains this, and... um... a fat autorevolving ticker that can't be moved or adjusted? Can I just have my What's Hot button back?
But overall, the new Stream interface is quite pretty, although the speech bubbles seem a little cliché.
Awful! And how much time, money and man/woman hours was spent in creating this "thing", which really does a great job of discouraging me to visit Google.

Too much, too crowded, too much useless "whatevers". Overall - it certainly cannot possibly be called "more beautiful". What gall! Doesn't anyone out there have any taste?
Feels like getting punished for using a big screen.
+Dan-Erik Lindberg I agree, the -1 button is really long overdue. No, I'm not going to use chrome and their -1 addon.
It really feels like they're not trying to make something different than Facebook, just try to get as much of the Facebook market as possible... Which I think is sad, because I freaking despise Facebook.
Is there any way to re-order and/or pin my circles in the stream list on the top in the home app (where by default it shows all/family/friends/more)? I'm missing that feature from the start and was hoping the new interface would allow it.
I like the new design. I can find things easier and I interact with others much easier than before! The white space is kind of strange, but I do like the friends on the right.

Where is the iPad Application? ;)
Ditto on the small boxes...I would like to make them wider too and push all the other stuff on the right side into a small column or better yet leave them as links...
Horrible upgrade. Windows with stuff I dont care about, wasted space on the right of the stream, stream limited to less than half my screen... a terrible design upgrade from start to finish.

Easy to fix with just a few changes though.
1) let me hide that hangout column
2) let me get rid of that useless info to the right of the stream
3) allow me to have the stream the full width of my window, except for the menu bar on the left.
As a visual artist I am absolutely livid that some designer has decided that every image post gets an unnecessary shadow on the top and bottom. Take it out!
To get rid of the stupid cover photo, make a blank picture in paint, or gimp, or photoshop as just a white background.
#terrible design. More like #facebook. Too little space set aside for the content which matters, and too much screen space for rubbish. +Adam Snell has a great infographic to explain. #vote for more space for content please
I have a FullHD monitor, and, literally, half of my screen is white and unused. WTF?
I mostly like it, but a huge amount of white space on the right, and the / key shortcut to get to the top of the stream no longer works
Anyone knows how to go back to old g+? I mean, we all love change... But I would rather choose what to change... I really dislike how my profile picture is in the middle... Design-wise it looks terrible....
It is 3:45am in the morning for me, but where is the old NOTIFICATION function? In particular, I want to see the list of people who just added me to their circle (so I can review them, and maybe add them back). Cheers. PS: I can use the link via the button next to my name, but their was a button as well, near the main stream (for those of us with large wide monitors).
If the mobile version looks anything like this, the stream will be 1/4" wide
The smoother touches overall are nice, +Bradley Horowitz.

However, having the main stream on the left is distracting - it's too Facebooky - it's why I'm here in the first place ;)

Ideally giving users option on where to view their stream would be nice. But moving from the center to the left makes things feel cramped. The center view was more 'breathable'.
First of all, I wanna thank you Google for your good work, you did great. The new UI is truly gorgeous but I have some points I like to share with you:
* Of course, as you may noticed, the first thing you should work on is the white-space problem.
* I love G+ simplicity but those ads on the top of Explore, Hangouts, and Games sections are just ruining it.
* The black and grey bars are taking some space. They need to be merged.
* I think we should be able to hide the chat panel if we want to.
* The grey text for comments on white background isn't really a good choice.
That's it for now.
This new look n feel and improved version looks impressive :)
had trouble finding a picture wide enough for my profile, having resized them previously for 'another place', but all in all, I like it..
Weli A
well, now I can convince more friends to sign up.
My front page will not load on my lap top. Thank God its working on phone app. Wonder how long it will be down for. :-(
This is an observation regarding the changes and a point to be considered. From what I have seen, most of the people who have moved to G+ did so to get away from the garbage on other social media. The changes I have seen in the past year (adding games, UI changes, etc) appear to geared toward making G+ more like the other networks. While this might (and only might) draw more people over to G+, it will be at the expense of what makes G+ worth being part of. Perhaps this is just my opinion, but I can say that if G+ becomes anymore like Facebook (full of useless shares, people with fake names, nothing but garbage joke posts, and trolls) I will be leaving and spreading the word that it isn't worth the time to load it.
Jed D
TOO much white space #whitespace . Why make the stream so small and you should add an option to hide the chat window
far better..go on google
Just let the space between the stream and the chat to be resizable to reduce the white space on wider screens
Woweee +Bradley Horowitz!! +Google+ is indeed fresh and beautiful!! Love it!! Very clean and I like the skinnier column layout.
(Hmm, have to recheck some of my Chrome extensions now... my reply to author isn't working.)
I don't think the G+ face lift clones FB. In fact, it finally differentiates it. FB facilitates real-world relationships, whereas the changes to G+ make it clear that it has its eyes set on being the best facilitator of online-only relationships, for plugging people into a web of people who share their interests but whom they have never met. While that means that G+ will never directly challenge the FB social networking juggernaut, it does carve out its niche -- and that niche will tend to be filled by tech-savvy, plugged-in people, which are probably the best kinds of users for an online social network to have. I think it's a smart move; it shows that G+ is playing a long game, putting its hopes in the increasing importance of virtual relationships.
way to much white space. The old look, the streams and things were more centered, now the streams are on the left half of monitor and right half of monitor is white space.
Love the new layout! It could use a few tweaks but is much better than before.

I would rather see white space then a bunch of ads like on facebook! Keep it up Goog!
I like the new layout, but as Kenneth said, too much white space on the right hand of the monitor.
I like the new layout but the desktop version crashes Safari on the iPad. +Vic Gundotra +Bradley Horowitz Need to fix this. To check, on your iPad, go to Google plus (you will get the mobile site), go to Home, click the gear, click Switch to Desktop View. Page will load to 80% then crash. Looks like the chat window is what is crashing.
Looks beautiful. Great to see chat is visible all the time. Too much of space wasting. Much requested features like, bookmarking a post is still missing. Trending topics must be visible all the time, photos needs full screen support.
Still photo tagging is mocking on privacy. (Tagging a person in album gives that person access to whole of album, ridiculous!!)
Need to be able to expand to use up white space when using a full-screen browser on a wide-screen monitor.

Also - Navigation seems clumsy and counter-intuitive now. Any chance you can add some method of customization so we can have buttons/tabs for what we want to see, where we want to see it?
The right section (20%) of my screen is completely white. Useless. Worse, if I shrink the window size, I get a scroll bar, to ensure that I can scroll over to all that white space. Are variable widths too much to ask from Google?
well, i have to say the new layout is quite amazing.. YOLO.. FTW
Hi. I don't like the posts all mashed to the left. At the very least, please center them. I prefer the simplistic look of before honestly.
Everything on the left half of the screen gets a +1, everything on the right half gets a -1.
I HATE IT! Why? Is it because it's different? NO! I'm annoyed that it doesn't work on my netbook. It's full of bugs which meant I had to go sit in a cold room to send feeback because not only could I not access my streams on my netbook but it wouldn't even let me send feedback either. Also really don't like the stream being so small proportionately on my screen on either computer.
I don't like it, plus it renders incorrectly in opera, which is the only browser I use. Learn to program. Is the stream suppose to be on the left hand side? I don't like that either. I have a wide screen monitor, so it looks like shit.
I like all the white space. I bought my widescreen monitor for that, to watch a lot of white pixels all over my screen. It's so clean and sober and minimalistic and awesomesauce with extra everything. also just LOVE rolling through pages and pages of this white space to read my "flow". It's really awesome with extra everything.
OMG, Opera... How many people use it again? And why can't they ever make it work right for a change?
I like the new look. Its clean & streamlined. However on my 25" wide screen almost everything is to the left :(
So far, not liking what I'm seeing. Why ruin a good thing? Kinda reminds me of Facebook going to a timeline that nobody likes.
The home tab is the sticking point for me, love the sub pages. But I don't need the chat bar, I use the Chrome extension so I get all my Hangout invites. Can we not choose our features? Like an iGoogle page?

Also on a very active stream, the posts fly by so fast, engagement is bound to suffer. Not to mention it is impossible, more than ever to comment in a very active stream. This was a problem before, it's way worse now.

Also can't authors like myself gain some kind of NDA with Google so that our work does not go down the drain like mine has? 8 months of writing is now trash, my Sybex book just became invalid. This is not good for those of us who have promoted Google's social efforts going back to Google Reader, GFC and Gwave.
So far all I have seen is a lot of spam in my inbox, I have had to turn off all notifications so I dont even get my circles anymore, I am sure there must be an easier way to do this, I just cant find it on any of these pages yet.
I like it more than the old one. I dont know why some people dont like, and some even hate it. I think most of them cant stand change, even though its a good thing. Stop saying its like FB, and for those using Opera, stop complaining, use another browser, and wait until your issues get fixed. Its obvious Google+ didnt put much work into making it compatible with Opera, for obvious reasons.
1) Why change? Was there anything wrong with the old layout? Did anyone complain? What is technically possible with this layout that we could not do with the old one?
2) Much simpler? It's anything but that. I cannot access half of my circles' streams because they do not fit on my screen inside the drop down list from the "more" button on the Home page. Before I simply clicked the appropriate text link on the left.
3) Claustrophobic: grey boxes left, top, and right. Everything has become bloated, fatter. Examples: using icons for +1 and share info at the bottom of posts rather than the simple texts links of before. An entry in my posts indicating that I "hung out" with someone used to be 1 line. It now takes half my screen. Posts are stuck bottom left, enclosed in a kind of speech bubble. It seems, with this new layout, than nav bars, pretty icons and Google logos take precedent over actual content posted by users.
4) Profiles look terrible: huge pictures, "works at" tag under your profile pic, actual content of your posts is hidden away in the bottom left corner and requires kilometers of scrolling to reach it. Who cares where I work? It has nothing to do with who I am or what I have to say on the internet.
Love it! Great job on the design!! I'd love to have the ability to allow pictures/videos/links in the comments of my circles.
Just don't get like Facebook doing complete overhauls every month.
I like the new look!
So far I think the new UI is great. I am mainly using Google+ on a netbook screen, and I see no #whitespace.
I almost always hate new UI's, in the case of Plus this isn't true. So far I've found the new one to be easier to navigate, prettier, and more customizeable than ever. I like the direction G+ is going. Thanks for convincing me a major UI change can be a pleasant experience.
Oh god it's worse than it was. Some little bits are better, but the overall layout is really horrible, and the icons down the side make it feel like internet explorer 6 or something. Please slap something else together over the weekend because this is horrendous. There is NO WAY I will be using this as it stands.
Hey +Bradley Horowitz I love the new look. It is awesome. But could I make a suggestion that maybe you try to integrate Reader and maybe more Google Products into Google Plus so it not only is a Social Application but a go to terminal for all the great Google Products. That is just my $0.02
Nice new layout.

How do we fix it? It kinda falls apart if you view it full screen.

Is there a way to collapse or turn off the chat box (since I use an actual chat client I don't need the web based one).

The middle-right column (circles, suggestions, trends, etc) can't be turned off. Kinda a waste of space if you're going to do more than read the top item. Letting the posts expand into the empty space would do wonders.
God, this new design is horrible! Please roll back to the old one. G+ now starts to look like the Facebook crap.

Why would people want a second Facebook clone?
I love it! The only thing I would change is to let the user personalize which "tabs" of circles they want to display on top of the home feed :D. Still, It's just awesome!
i didnt think it was possible but this thing actually has more padding than gnome 3's default theme >_>
I think a lot of people do not like it, because they are simply used to the old one. I'd say, let it settle for a few days and get used to it ... after a while, check out screens from the old one and you already see a difference :)

One thing for sure already. Those guys can code better than the Facebook pals!!
Exactly +Alex Pfeffer! This is so CLEAN, the KING of ads has absolutely no ads on their social network?? Go look at Facebook and then you'll be quite happy you are here.
Overall I do like the new design, but I've now got acres of empty white space between the posts and the chat list on the right...
It's a pretty cool version of G+. It ressembles with some features from Facebook, but improved and more ergonomic and beautiful. The menu bar from the left is discreet and useful, the whole aspect has been revamped in a serious, but yet playful interface. I don't know about the others, I really like this new version and the only thing that's missing is some more friends to come from Facebook. Well done G+, well done.
+Alex Pfeffer I think the reason most people came to G+ was because it was NOT like Facebook. Now it's getting closer to Facebook with every update. That's not a good change
Very nice! Can't wait to see what's next.
Google, what's with all this #whitespace ? You're usually so good about formatting, this is just ridiculous. I have a lot of screenspace, so to only be using the left half of it is just jarring. And the list of friends on the right? Have you seen Facebook lately? Ugh. I don't mind the list, but the format of it reminds me of Facebook every time I see it. Even if you switched back to the old list style, but put it on the right, that'd be far better.
Wow, Google's speed of iteration is incredible. It's fun to be a part of this ride. Thanks for all your efforts, Bradley and team!
There are a few very nice things. The ability to reorder sidebar and put things you don't need to "More". 'Pages' switch alongside account switch.
google has loaded crap on G+ till they cannot load more.......almost ruined it properly...
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