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I'm seeing some amount of "Oh no! Games?!" in reaction to the announcement of Games on Google+...

Folks - please bother to read the announcement... If you're a gamer - you're going to love what we've done...

But as importantly, if you're not interested in games, we've implemented this in a way that won't be at all harmful to your Google+ experience...

Also - this will roll out S L O W L Y over a number of days, so don't be alarmed or concerned if Games haven't reached you yet...
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I didn`t mean it like that... I love the games for fun... I just fear for my productivity!
I'm very impressed with how you guys have set things up. Just waiting for it to show up for me.
I was just going to say that! LOL.
so many people are speed readers for the worst. ."OH NO they're going to make me play games!" . jk.
Appreciate the quick clarification.
yeah - that's the killer-feature ppl have to know: it will not intrude your stream unlike with FB & others. Cannot emphasize this enough.
Exactly... Everyone is saying "NOOO" as soon as they read games, but truth is, they don't have to know the games are there unless the CLICK on GAMES... Thanks for making this clear for the ones who lack the ability to read and comprehend :P
My friends are telling me, Google+ is boring no games... So, I guess we have to consider them.. :-)
It's really annoying me how people aren't bothering to read the announcement.

This sounds like an excellent implementation.

Well done, +Bradley Horowitz and team!
I can't find the games tab? nvm reading comprehension ftw.
Some very good things to point out. I think Google is doing this right!
+Bradley Horowitz I will give it a fair shake to see how it does or doesn't impact me. Can't see it yet though here in Canada. I just don't want direct message to me for game invites. The blocking will go up a lot if so... Was the main reason I hated FB so much and blocked over 300 games. If not handled right I can see it being a deal breaker for lots of people.
I keep calling it "Friends With Benefits" even though I know the game is called "Words With Friends." :D
Mari W
Games ... !!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! I love games ....
The only thing you can do to make me use this is get Minecraft.
Well implemented. Like you can choose who sees your posts, you can choose whether you see/play games or whether you completely ignore them as if they don't exist.
Love having options unlike FB where I don't have a choice. Thanks a bunch Google!
+Bradley Horowitz The devil in all of this will be in the implementation details. Most important being decision related to privacy. FB's complete FAIL in this effort will be easy to outdo, but doing better than that isn't a big win for the consumers. G+ must do better than has been done in the past.

Second, the end user UI experience was significantly damaged by game clutter on FB. I hope this doesn't happen with this launch.

This roll out seems to very participative, so I'm sure if there are some missteps and right steps you will hear about them. :)
Just keeping your priorities straight scnr
Mentioning that Game will be on a separate page and in a separate stream in the lede paragraph of the announcement might have been helpful. Words like "sharing", "relationships", "games" "help you" the same para raise peoples Marketing NewSpeak hackles. Careful reading of the second paragraph makes it clear, except for those whose heads hit the ceiling seconds before.
Looking forward to see what you have put together!
I'm not much of a games fan, but as long as we can keep control of what is publish and what's not, as they don't become a crappy stuff creeping our main stream, I don't see a reason not to have the option to play games on G+.

My humble opinion.
I go to play my first game, and it warns you: Games are social. Great, a warning.

Then, pick one at random and it warns me that the games wants to know all my friends on G+ without bothering to tell mw what it wants to do with them. No thanks.
Dammit!, England always gets Google stuff last, lol.
What +Andreas Dolk said. No way will I grant such permissions until I am certain the game won't spam on my behalf.
Okay, I've read the announcement. And, I admire your confidence that those of us who want to avoid playing games will be able to actually do so. I suspect, however, that your confidence may be unwarranted.

I've downloaded an app that locks me out of certain sites and there's nothing I can do to get into the site (with my paltry skills, that is). I can remove the app, etc., but I'm still locked out. Moving to a different computer would work, but this is where my laziness kicks in and doing my work is just easier.

This is one of the only ways I've been able to get work done.

Please, please give us a way to do this so I don't have to lock myself out of all things google (I use, etc. for day-to-day work)

If I misread the announcement and this feature already exists, fab. If not, please consider putting it in.

This is not just about the fact that people don't want game updates in their stream. It's more likely about the fact that there are so many more important features we are still waiting for. Games are nice, but really not necessary.
I currently have 263 apps blocked on Facebook. Please do not make me do that again. Hopefully, there is one (1) switch to turn it all off.
My reaction was exactly that: "Oh noes, games!". If it doesn't get in my way I don't care, though.
There are sooooo many thing missing (hashtags the top for me) and you put your resources to games?? :(
Please bother reading. LOL. This is sound advice.
Sean L
I'm cool with games. I'm no "stick in the mud". But what I really really really want is to be able to send cute little puppy dogs faces to people. And maybe if I'm really lucky some of those awesome Hearts commemorating everything.

I want to be able to poke, super poke, super duper poke and possibly finger as many people as possible. Make it happen Google or I'm out of here. :)
hash tag trash is my biggest gripe, people drop them into their posts and they do nothing.
weird, i had the games button, played a few games, came back and it's gone now lol. but from what i saw, it looks good =)
Does this have anything to do with badges on Google searches, where you get a badge for reading articles like a star on your chart in kindergarten?
It's all about choice. If we have the choice to play or to ignore, and there is no spamming in the stream, it seems that this implementation of games in a social network succeeds in a way that FB failed. It appears that updates from games do go out to your circles(?), but they are relegated to the games section of G+ which users can completely ignore if they wish.
Once again, Google + is doing it right. I think it is due to the fact that Google listens to their users.
+bradley horowitz Great stuff man... I like that this is being done in a sensible not obtrusive kind of way.
I think most people have the mindset of "no I don't want to play your damn farmville whatever" from Facebook. I found it intrusive and obnoxious. I think the way this will play out on Google+ just might be a pleasant experience. I also think people are afraid of being over run with kids coming into Google+ and "ruling" the roost and changing the climate. I think once those fears are allayed things will be wonderful.
Can posts about cats also be put in a separate stream so I don't have to look at them?
still looking for the -1 button. hopefully there will be a way block all game requests
This is great! Though I can't yet see the games link on my stream -- is it being rolled out in waves?
If you understand how G+ works, then you'll have no fear of games. I'm really looking forward to how Google innovates here...
I don't play games on social networks. Not now, not ever. Will there be a way to simply and completely remove the button from the page?
Sean L
Did I read Zynga is on board? Woo Hoo!!! Does this mean Mafia Wars? Who wants to join my mafia? ;)
+Tommie Podzemski That would be ok, as long as the notice appears only under the Games stream (button at the top that you can ignore) and not your normal stream. Games on a social network have to have a way to be social, just not in a spammy way. At least IMO.
Have the games been rolled out to everyone? Why can't I see them...
Bon K
+Tommie Podzemski Short video clip shows that game related posts stay under game section.
Of all the great features that could have been added to Google+ you've goneand added games. Really disappointing. I hope there is a way to completely block all game related content, including requests and anything appearing in my stream. There are hundreds of games websites out there that people can use to play games. How you've seen it as a priority to add them to G+ is beyond me.
Likely games were added because they passed testing and were ready to be added. Not likely Google only has one G+ team working on one thing at a time. I would suspect things will be added as they come out of alpha into beta.
LOL I like Zynga too, but word w friends, and hanging w friends is more my style.
+Bon K: Yeah, phew! I saw the video before i read the blogpost. It looks like Google thought this one through properly.
Sean L
+Kathy Morlock Come on Kathy. We can rob armored cars together and go to war with rival families. :)
From the look of things it seems that G+ is taking more of a hybrid approach than FB to games in that the games are not purely of the social, spam your friends to join variety. This is a good thing but it makes me wonder that if Google is moving in this direction how its going to manage the already well established base of non-social browser based games that are out there. If Google does decide to move in this direction I hope you think ahead as to how you plan to curate the very large number of games that will be vying for attention.
I had the button for games but then it disappeared from my bar. Am I being punished for playing Angry Birds during my coffee break?
+Bradley Horowitz I love how you are implementing games. Now, take on Steam and add the ability to play full games with the social (but isolated and ignorable) component!
I had google games now its gone, how could you google :(
Sean L
+Caleb Johnson LOL!!! I was joking. I played MW on FB. But after doing so for a few months I somehow lost the ability to read. So I gave it up and I'm somewhat back to normal. I can read most of the Captain Underpants books now. Baby steps...ya know?
I want to play games but I don't have them on my page yet. :-(
+Bradley Horowitz if You will start with some betatesters on g+ platform - please add me asap :) It will be great to test some new features connected with games - and also bould some games and apps on G+
Why are games more important than an API for 3rd party developers?
I'd love to play some games on here. However, I'm just glad there was some clarification on the fact that I will not open up my browser to a hundred mafia war/farmville posts that I have absolutely zero interest in seeing. The moment I see one of these come across my stream, its game over for my G+ account. Pun intended ;-).
This implementation sounds great (I'm eager to try it out when its rolled out to my account). If all game related notifications and posts are relegated to this separate section of the site (and far away from the main Stream), I don't see any problem with it.

For those asking why this why this received attention over other features, I would imagine it is because social games are a HUGE business (just ask Zynga) and there's a lot of folks that won't consider leaving Facebook for a service that doesn't have similar offerings.
Looking forward to more things like Angry Birds in Chrome (which won't work anymore for me).
Hello Mr. Horowitz,
We are between the largest game developers in Brazil, with more than 100 thousand monthly unique paying members (on the web and on Facebook) and we'd like to know when you will open up for us to offer our games at Google +
We have filled out the form to be contacted by Google to let us know when we'd be able to start working to integrate our games into Google + some months ago and we were surprised to know that other developers already have their games running on your platform.
We consider this a very serious issue since it will be extremely difficult to compete with players that started offering their games long before us. This is a network space and it is extremely difficult to gain some ground once other players are well established.
What are your plans? We hope you'll open up for those who've registered soon. Do you have a date in mind?
Thanks for your time.
Guilherme Pereira e Oliveira
Gazeus Games
i love how g+ has a completely separate stream for game notifications instead of soiling up my main g+ stream. fb could learn a thing or two.
If you must have games, could you take the high road and at least feature games that challenge the intellect and not the garden variety tripe? I would enjoy challenging some of the initial subscribers to a healthy game of scrabble or chess, etc.
+Bradley Horowitz Are you planning to support gaming in hangouts? That could be quite a social gaming experience.
Pat in the back from me to Google+ even tho I don't get into the games scene... We'll see... LOL
You know what's the best part? How you guys have focused on not bothering those who don't want to know about games. I really can't wait until the day all my friends switch over to G+
Don't care to hear how easy it will be to ignore posts about Games. I'd rather see a video clip demonstrating how this will work. Until then, it is just talk! ;) Don't get me wrong.. I love g+!
Ok.. just found a video. so there is a separate Games stream? Cool!! Wish the video would've shown the uncluttered main stream tho.. ;)
Thanks Bradley - much love to the fact you listen & learn.
I love the way you are rolling out, and expanding the reach of, the G+ platform! youse guys have worked long & hard to do it right, and it shows. Keep up the terrific work.
I wish you'd roll out the business platform before the games;(
Strategy? Check. Planning? Check. Quality Control? Check. Timing? Check. You guys are doing a great job +Bradley Horowitz. Keep it up!
Will these games be playable in Android app? Great if it integrates!!.
Games are very welcome, even if one's not a gamer. Many of our friends will move to G+ because of the games, which is exactly what happened with a huge fraction of FB's 750 million users. FB didn't just grow because people "enjoyed networking"...
I think people are afraid of being bombarded with tokens, posts like so and so needs the sword of Kahn to defeat the overlord can you help him out? and app requests from those in their circles. That is Facebook's big turn off. That and the fact that they keep changing how you access stuff, see stuff and your settings so you never know what will appear and disappear next.
Google+ dosent have to get everyone on board. The internet is new,and everyone is just figuring out. So some people are loyal to twitter some to facebook.

Please google dont do this. You dont have to be better at being facebook, just diffent let all the idiots..ugm i mean jersey shore,reality show watching people at facebook!! i love this because its like my social network plus real information!!!

NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't care about games, but I want some documentation on the G+ API. If you're going to let people have games, where are the instructions on making them?
It is a good approach, community means every thing around our daily life. For those are not interested in games can ignore of this, but this place will not attract many general users without games.
+Bob Ramen, the Internet is not new (turns 42 this October); you're likely talking about the World Wide Web, which turned 20 just 6 days ago. Probably older than you. :)
I am in the "Oh, no! Games!" group. One of the many reasons I gave up on Facebook.
Many Facebook games insist on spamming nongamers. Therefore I had to set up a separate account I hope i can have one circle for gamers & only send game related items to those only.
I had the games button long enough to become semi comatose playing angry birds earlier today. Now, mercifully, it's gone. Just disappeared. I miss it.
I'm very glad about this, especially how you're implementing it. But boy oh boy, I hope you can get the games working on the mobile platforms. That will be stunning!
This was a very smart way to launch this. I expect there will still be a lot of invitations to at but maybe not as in your face as on Facebook?
Yeah I'm not at all into the games. I'm more into the bring together all the mobile photos and experiences from the family camp. So video uploads in the iPhone app and an iPad app so my mum can see and post smoothly.

Not the point. Google should fix existing features in Google+, like the broken comments system. A big mistake by Google.
The Games link is right next to the Events link. Oh wait, Google+ doesn't have the ability to create and share calendar events. Priorities.
I see Bejewled and Angry Birds is asking for access to my circle information. Nice try Google. Where's the delete + account button. You're not pulling this crap with us.
I would be happy to share my info and my e-mail in exchange for playing games, but I really don't want to betray my friends. Are they going to get advertisements to join a game, because someone they know is playing? And every game wants to know every friend in every circle, no matter how private. Argggh, I want to play, but I can't bring myself to do it.
OK, I bothered to read the article: "That means giving you control over when you see games, how you play them and with whom you share your experiences." Not quite true I think. If any contact joins a game I am in, no doubt the game will tell them at the first opportunity. It would be BETTER to optionally let me share my "gaming" circle, right? or let me opt-out some/all of my circles, if you want it shared by default. Just an idea. Thanks.
So it's make or break time for the G+ Games. How did the network stack up? Disappointingly poorly. Rather than creating a default circle where you could add your gaming friends, G+ carelessly allows any gamer to post their shares to anyone who is dumb enough to follow them. The option to share to Extended Circles and Your Circle exists within games, which to those who are bothered by annoying game scores on Facebook (Failbook from this point forward) creates an EPIC FAIL from G+ in implementation. It's simple G+. Either add a circle and move all your friends that game into a Gaming circle, or create for you automatically a new circle for each game. And for god's sake, have G+ do the pairing doubleblind. Don't allow for the games to see any of your personal information or your contact's personal information until it has been confirmed that you both want to play the stupid game. We already know google is spying us, so we trust google. (Strange, but true.) We don't trust Zynga, or any other idiot gaming company that has been caught selling or leaking our personal information to advertisers or marketers. We don't mind ads, but we do care about our privacy.

Simple, secure, effective. Solves failbook's problems, doesn't clutter G+ for non-gamers. I see a Win-Win situation.
+1 to +Kyle Soderlund! Google, you should (force the game companies to) let us deny individual permission requests and let us allow them at a later time! (Same goes for Android apps too!)
If person A and person B are friends, the game don't have to see that until you both play the same game. or even better, on each game's screen, you should have access to options for the game, such as like this:
"Of your friends, these also play this game: A, B, C...
Which ones do you want the game to know is your friends?"
Slippery slope, is my concern. Google+ has already been so much more than Facebook- don't let that change by implementing lesser features- go for better ones.
How do I stop the game requests. I'm not a gamer and just having them in my stream is annoying. Anyway to turn off this "feature" altogether? I want it gone.
Or what about moving the game notifications out of my main notifications (up in the product bar at the top of the browser)? I was under the impression that games were going to be completely separate from the rest of Google+.
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