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Google+ on the Tesla Model S's beautiful 17-inch center console screen!

This weekend we picked up our Tesla Model S, and of course one of the first things I did was to pull up Google+ on the 17-inch center console screen.  It was so cool to see it render there!  (To be clear, I won't be driving and plus'ing!)

The car feels like it is a tablet computer wrapped in some really incredible hardware.  More pictures soon...
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Glad you got one. I have heard good things about the car and the company and am glad you will post pictures. 
Congrats +Bradley Horowitz , I was out shooting around San Jose with +Faran Najafi last night and he took me to the Tesla showroom for my first look at the car. Very impressive! I particularly like that it requires a 240v supply, standard across most of the world outside the US. I knew 110v was a mistake for mains. And don't get me started on the US mains plug.
Wow +Bradley Horowitz that looks amazing,,,,, I wonder if this is going to be unique to the USA, Be great to see it come over here. Does it have onboard WiFi?
Congrats +Bradley Horowitz! I really like the exterior design of this car.

I played with the computer before and I believe they really need to invest on improving the interface and the way driver is going to interact with it while they are driving. Also not sure how comfortable it is to have the LED or LCD screen all the way stretched to the bottom and having some of those main tappable buttons  down there on the screen?

I would really love to hear your feedback on this.
In addition to the awesomeness factor of Tesla S and Google+, you also captured a screenshot of Android/Nexus 4, 7, & 10" tablets and the MEMS micro-engine :)
Does it have a camera too?

I'm wondering if there are any laws against (passengers) doing Hangouts on the main screen whilst the vehicle is in motion 
You have a Tesla? I am sooo jealous! Thanks for helping to save our planet, people like you give my neice and nephew a fighting chance for a bright future.
can't believe they don't prevent browsing the web while driving! Sounds like something a software upgrade may change in the future :-(
I love EV!  I wish i can have small-medium size one :)
+Vincent Paquet I would say they might send a notification to the driver and let them know that they need to make sure it is safe to use it! same as the current state of built-in GPS devices in the cars. 

I'm really interested to see

1. Is it really distractive to have such a big monitor next to the driver?

2. How are the accessibility features on this type of technology for the people with special needs?
Wonder if we have it in South Africa.
+Vincent Paquet I think the whole point is that people show some restraint and not use it(if a driver is surfing the web while actually driving.. We have a issue with society). 
+Bradley Horowitz - great to hear center display works in bright sunlight since so many phones and pads get washed out in the sun. Enjoy!
That browser doesn't look like Chrome.  Clearly Tesla still has some improvements to make.  ;)
hey, what web browser is that? and what os? it looks androidish; very cool indeed. and i dont see how it could be a destraction you'd have to really get up in that screen to see whats going on. the screen res is a bit to high.
0_0 thats something new 
And we thought texting while you drive was dangerous!
en aryl amazing
+Bradley Horowitz thanks for sharing. I was seriously interested in one here in Germany, but they were not even able to arrange a test drive. Extremely poor sales performance. Let me know how it all works out for you. Thank you.
Is it just me or shouldn't it be turned to landscape??? It looks really awkward that way and too big of a screen honestly.
maybe a transparent windshield that shows waypoints and gives directions like an ironman user interface
$50k is a lot of money for a car you can only drive 250 miles at a time, not to mention that you pretty much need to live in a house to own one since most apartments don't have available outlets for recharging. It's a nice toy for those that have the means and infrastructure to own one.
Very cool. But needs an autopilot so we can spent more time on the internet while driving! ;-)
+Rick Dailey when not in maps the screen is partitioned so you don't get that overly large feeling much as it would appear. 
Wow how big are these tablets going to get that is the size of a small Television!
+Fred Fifield de and everyone les skeptically about the price, that's the price people pay to be early adopters(like with everythingelse). Plus your paying up front, with no real maintenance work down the road compared to any ICE on the road. 
But it's dangerous,may divert your attention while driving and cause accidents.
shit! this is killer of live and son of damn
the gadget is good but may it not cause accidents during driving?
Too bad it doesn't have IE. How would one get Chrome installed? :)
completely anti-intuitive. we need to be designing vehicles that encourage drivers to focus on driving.
I know the Tesla runs on some form of Linux. 
I agree on most of the posts here: there should be a software patch that puts the screen in some kind of 'safe mode' when the Tesla is on motion - big icons and buttons for sat nav, chunky shortcut real estate for media control, restrictions on browsing. Other than that, it's one hell of a machine! Had the opportunity to use any of the Superchargers yet? Plenty of pics and vids if you can - share the experience of this groundbreaking car, please!
класс, можно теперь от руля отказываться - крутить планшет
Ha Tesla.... We'll see but I doubt seriously that they will be around in 2 years. They are basically being subsidized, and are not producing anything with enough marketability to become financially sustainable.
Is that before or after the Tesla catches fire? 
i think, like futuristic but if we drive,, is that usefull??? except GPS,,, but i think thats not really "Usefull" for driver
Is there a bigger distraction available ?
Glad someone is rich enough to own such a douche bag of a car. Congrats on your successful exploit of capitalism. I'm a hater. 
..too fun. Might be safer once autonomous cars are more popular.
This will be my new car! However, the huge screen in the front seems rather dangerous!
gud evn
Is that even legal in the states? Those ny cops will have a field day pulling people over
Can we fix a camera to it so I can see where I am going too?
Yeah because you really DO need to be surfing the web while you drive! 
To die for.......Is the s model the sedan correct?
this is too big.  We dont need 17"
Sherwyn, its not always bout ANGRY BIRDS!!!
Are those corners rounded whats the radius ? 
Ryan Ng
Cool. I want to try that. (I meant the car.)
Sweet'........super sport and green to boot...........
mow only if you cud control the car with it hmmmmm....
There is no need browsing the web while driving. We are sure going to see a rise in casualties caused by road accidents.
True I dont think putting a playstation or xbox in your car and playing it while your driving is a good idea either
People can hardly drive now.... seems like a nice idea when cars drive themselves. Until then, the screen should be shut off. Can't wait for the first lawsuits!!
People can hardly drive now.... seems like a nice idea when cars drive themselves. Until then, the screen should be shut off.
Nice technology next world..
this  is  very  nice.     its  very  devoleped  i  like  that  people
I would love to have this in my car. The i would love to have it in is a Cadillac Escalade or Ford F-250
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i hope the police catch you with it on and take your car. this shows disreguard for the law.  do you text and drive to. just plain stupid.
'Hey, I have a Google+ notification! ' are in the wrong lane and a semi is barreling at you at 80 miles per' <CRUNCH>
The car maybe great but really unless you stop driving to work in the middle of nowhere really what's the point, more a gimmick!
Henry H
it probably added 500lbs to the car, they might as well put a subwoofer in the back.
Great now you can kill more people than texting does
Ok you win, not sure what but that is going to be tough to beat!
Me checking Google maps on phone in a truck = illegal. Rich imbecile checking g+ notifications while careening to their death = legal. US govt logic 
Google+'ing while driving.  Great.
yep cause every car needs the distraction that EVERYBODY'S TRYING TO AVOID
great things enveloping....wanna get my hands on one!wooooooow
this is going to be my car when I'm 16 this should be a hot rod car
That's definitely going to fix the issue with texting and driving lol
wow - can't wait - got one on order for 2013 !
got an order now
omgods .. you are so so lucky .. oh my my :) if i ever get rich (which will not happen) i want that :) 
Saludos, mi nombre es María Fernanda, estoy muy de acuerdo lo importante de la inteligencia no es precisamente conocer sino imaginar.
Great just what drivers need more distraction
When you're done with it, can I have it for the weekend?
THE END IS NEAR... Says the Homeless
Looks great, but I worry that it will be unstable like most of androids. It is ok for a smartphone to hangout for a moment or to react slowly but definetely not for a car...
This weekend my son asked me if I could have any car in the world, what would it be.  I thought about it....Ferrari, Lamborghini, 63 split window corvette...finally I said.  Tesla.  And that was before I knew about this screen.
no more bad calls from Durton pls ok tks--
Now it just need to add a Google driverless function, so I can watching movies and let the car drive itself.
It would be cool if that screen were a tablet that unplugged so it could be used hand held. Stay tuned. Great car!

That is stupid....  Bradly you're stupid...  Putting a tv screen in the center console is going to get people killed....  Congrats on an incredibly dangerous feat of engineering.  Now maybe if you stop being idiots you can design a car that is safer to drive....
That what we need Next damn 
Nice to watch porn that be best thing I can think of it 
I love how everyone assumes you're browsing while driving (despite your comment about how we shouldn't worry because you won't be plus'ing and driving). Honestly, it's a great looking car, and if I had a house and could afford the car (and another car for road trips), it'd be on my short list for an around town car.
I just had a nerdgasm.
now this is  what dreas are made of .   taking tecnologie and oign foward.   from   self parkgin ars to   Full HD sceen   display  with buildng n  capuccino machine..

but  is  a place where you can find out what your dream mean..
 i Dream  of the day  we  can sleep  on  our way to wok .  and wake up with   a  injection of Cafein.     one day ..  maybe  one day .
I would love one of these cars. I am not sure my bank manager would love me having one of these cars... sigh.
jus looks like another way that big brother can c wat your up2 and give ammo 2 use against ya easy enough 4 him 2 hack your system ..buyer beware...
jus looks like another way that big brother can c wat your up2 and give ammo 2 use against ya easy enough 4 him 2 hack your system ..buyer beware... necminit a printer 2 print up speeding tickets without da hassle of being stopped by cops
"How can we take the driver's eyes completely off the road and have him stare at essentially his feet while driving?"
"I've got an idea..." 
Brilliant. :(
Create a hangout while your driving
This car will never come to market once Apple sues them because the screen looks like an Ipad.
I want a tesla sooo bad waiting for model x probably 
Good practice in reading contents in small font during driving.
Why is everyone suggesting this is a bad idea and a distraction????
Ever heard of Self Control? Or Responsibility for your own actions?
Dont look at it while driving... #idiots

Bravo +Tesla Motors , I'd buy one if you had more than one showroom in the whole of Australia and they werent like $200k to buy!!
Keep your eyes on the road pls.
great one, aren't we  becoming too  savvy, be  safe please
Ever since I've known Brad I've always thought he was super cool but this confirms it!
looks s-t hot ! but dodgy&dangerous to a bit of a bum like yerself CHOW THE NOW. ;() 
Just drive and text on G+.... How far would you go?
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