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Wanna send me a signed pair?
Oh come on, it's just mean to show us the product without telling us more about it...
What golf course is that behind him? And whats his handicap? And what ball does he hit. These are the questions I need answered.
Did you take that picture and post it from your own glasses?
Where's Sergey's backback with all the processing kit and power supply? ;-)
Where is the sign up for Project Glass again?! :-)
Whoa.... I so wish I could get one even if it is in the prototype :)
Does it come with pink bars for my GF :P and red+black for me ;)
I think the black bars encourage people to post bigger pictures. It's a very good conspiracy.
+Guy Kawasaki There is a chrome plugin that makes the posts wider (using the whitespace) and at the same time makes the black into pretty (according to the devs) pattern, since there is now much more space not used by images.
so, with these, you'll need a mirror for g+ hangout?
Cem FX
Come on Brad! Hook me up!!! :)
brad - been a while - wish i could see martin coming into lecture on his board wearing a pair ...
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