The Chromebook Pixel Rocks!

I've been using the Chromebook Pixel for a few weeks now, and am totally impressed with the sheer beauty and usability of the device.  The display is staggering.  Obviously the attached picture (taken with my camera, seen on your display) cannot do justice to the experience.  Photos from your megapixel DSLR deserve this display.  The display is so beautiful you want to reach out and physically touch the image...

Oh!  And guess what?!  You can!  The touchscreen is incredible, intuitive and useful in ways that surprised me.  At first a novelty, it eventually becomes intuitive and self-evident.  Most screens should be touchscreens... of course.

Also - the Pixel literally "speaks photos."  No more cables, no more software, etc.  Just pop in your SD card and photos are seamlessly, effortlessly upload to G+.  Incredibly useful.  This an amazing device.  

Congrats to +Sundar Pichai, +Linus Upson, +Caesar Sengupta and the team of amazing Googlers that made this a reality.
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