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The Chromebook Pixel Rocks!

I've been using the Chromebook Pixel for a few weeks now, and am totally impressed with the sheer beauty and usability of the device.  The display is staggering.  Obviously the attached picture (taken with my camera, seen on your display) cannot do justice to the experience.  Photos from your megapixel DSLR deserve this display.  The display is so beautiful you want to reach out and physically touch the image...

Oh!  And guess what?!  You can!  The touchscreen is incredible, intuitive and useful in ways that surprised me.  At first a novelty, it eventually becomes intuitive and self-evident.  Most screens should be touchscreens... of course.

Also - the Pixel literally "speaks photos."  No more cables, no more software, etc.  Just pop in your SD card and photos are seamlessly, effortlessly upload to G+.  Incredibly useful.  This an amazing device.  

Congrats to +Sundar Pichai, +Linus Upson, +Caesar Sengupta and the team of amazing Googlers that made this a reality.
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Way too expensive to be a player.  Cut price in half or it won't sell..
What about apps? :) For Gmail and Google docs I have any computer or iPad :)
+Bradley Horowitz  Great job on this guys! As a photographer, i'm really interested into where this is all going.. and cant wait to see whats next.  :)
Bradley, does the battery life really live up to the 5 hour claim?
Maybe I am was mistaken, but was this built more for developers and heavy cloud users than avg. consumers?
WTH?! Man this was supposed to be a MINIMALIST MACHINE at a LOW PRICE!! What is happening here??? At $1300 its not even an i7 ?? Doesn't have better battery life??? Isn't LIGHTER?? So you're giving me a lower performing MacbookPro????
It must be +Paris Mosley as the average consumer would not spend this much for such a limited device.
Love the speccs and the looks. But For this price I want a laptop that does not force one single OS on me. Sure, Chrome OS is interesting and enough in a lot of scenarios. But when I pay 1300 USD, I need(!) the option to switch to an OS that allows me to do hardware-intense calculations.
It looks like the thing to get, it looks overall very beautiful...
Just wandering if it does have the power for a serious gamer?
The pixelrate in the screen is awesome but what is the graphic card capable of doing? Or do they have any more capable types for gaming?
It is kind of funny to see google execs all trying to rally the troops as they roll out a web-utility with a price like a mac-book pro.
A 100k ride on a 1300 computer. You and Vic need to leave the plex more often to do a little market research. ;-0
High end notebooks replace traditional computer and every sold item of this great 2560 x 1700 touchscreen panel is like a Trojan Horse in Users household or company... Can't wait to get one...
how's the RAW support though?  No good being 'great' for photographs if to edit a raw file in the field I have to mess about putting them online first...
I guess this gorgeous display comes with a big pricetag, but this seems too expensive no matter why. The best thing about this DPI war on mobile device's screens is it will eventually transfer to consumer dektop screens (I hope so) where the only options above 100dpi available today are 1920x1080 21.5" and 2560x1440 27" (also an ultra-expensive 4K monitor from Eizo).

A ~22" ~200dpi IPS monitor at a reasonable price is what my eyes want. Please, someone, deliver.
Okay, I'm interested, looks like it does the job for customer service... maybe I should check one at Best Buy, or if I get into Google IO. Almost everything I do is browser based.
Now all we need is ubiquitous wifi.  I'm not going to sit around some coffee shop just do to work when traveling
Why can't I have half the devices you have. Cmon, I'll sign the NDA you need someone to test of it is compatible with uh.... Dutch atmosphere? Humidity levels? No? Maybe if it is compatible with my Internet connection? All very important stuff. So I'll gladly sacrifice my time to test all these things. Ok? :D
Looks superb but even I have to say is a tad expensive 
+Ritish Oemraw remember, when you want to beta-test something for google, you have to enter a contest, and if you win, they charge you $1500 for the honor of doing the work for them.
Want one. Unfortunately, this will be a Google product I just can't afford. Well, afford really means don't want to pay that much. :-) 
I find myself wanting the hardware very much. But I don't fancy the idea of being limited to chrome OS. And 32Gb, even supplemented by a healthy amount of cloud storage, just won't cut it for me. But I wish it luck; this is the kind of innovative rethinking of the laptop that needs to be done.
If it get's a version of Lightroom and Sony Vegas... I'm sold!
I'm not complaining because I live in Germany. But in Internet and new technical movements we are in the last second row:) 
In Germany we developing great, big and fast cars without the ability or need to use them. It's only show and big cars running with petrol, diesel are outdated...
The Chromebook Pixel is different like German cars. All the great technical stuff which is sold with this gadget you can use and have a lot of fun... for private usage or in business, SaaS rocks:)
So...What do you use to edit those photos? I can't wait until high-speed internet access and true native-like performing web apps become ubiquitous, but until that time I can't see myself spending that kind of cash for a browser-based computer.
+Paulmichael Contreras Well said. I'd need a machine that had Photoshop or at least GIMP. Just isn't worth it given the dearth of software. I really think it was a bad idea to split Chrome OS and Android. If this was an Android laptop it'd be flying off shelves like crazy, because at least Android has apps.
+Bradley Horowitz simply, how does this pricing make any sense? I haven't seen an answer to this one question everyone is asking.
But can I code with it?  I'm usually happy with Visual Studio, or PHPStorm, or RubyMine.  Can I use something comparable to that on a Chromebook?
How useful can it be to a dslr photographer without apps? Any adobe apps bundled with it? Didn't think so... 
+Joel Hurley My first Notebook was 10.000 DM in 1993. Compared with this the new Chromebook is a gift. Single Touch Screens with this resolution and dimension are worth the money...
Interesting. This is how offering so many free services affects your brand, people now think that you are a not-for-profit company, some of them are even demanding an explanation (which is hilarious). I think it´s a fair price.
+Frank Cuenca For those "free" services we give away our personal information to them so they can make sick amounts of money on advertising.
+Frank Schulz no doubt this would be nice to have, but the price just doesn't make sense.

Btw, the thing kicks my Commodore 64's ass, which makes it that much more attractive. ;-)>
So it uploads the pics to G+ instantly. That's useful if it doesn't crash like the Samsung Chromebook does when handling big photos. I'm guessing it won't since it has better hardware. Still, where would I edit my files...with the built-in tool in Plus? It's fine for posting things to Plus but not for real work. Slash the price in half and then you will be able to make an impact in the market (if you have to get rid of the free storage to reach that price then do it).
+James Russell so, now Google owns you, you guys are really funny. You don´t pay a cent, that makes a service free. 
+Joel Hurley I'm happy that there are enough other solutions and tech suppliers on the market. So every User has the ability to find the right solution for his approaches. For me the Chromebook Pixel is the first one I like!
This is the perfect laptop for how I shoot and here's why. I shoot editorial assignments with a Lumix GH3. The GH3 allows me to see what the photo will look like before I shoot it so I can nail a killer jpeg image the first time.

I have 5 different looks programed into the custom settings for Color, B&W, Retro, Cross Process and Cool Toned B&W. I use those looks on each shoot and have been transferring the selects of each shoot wirelessly to my Android phone after the shoot which are then emailed to the client and I'm done with the shoot but I still have to back up at home. Not bad.

With the Chromebook Pixel I'll be able to have far more options like backing up my SD card to the built in SSD and my Google Drive account and be completely finished with the shoot.

Looking forward to seeing the Pixel in person soon. Hopefully they'll be available in Miami soon.
+James Russell this will surprise you but they were making a lot of money before they collected your data, believe me, you´re not the reason what they´re still in business.
+Bradley Horowitz From what I see on several posts including this one, the majority of people (google fans fyi) think this is way too expensive to be viable.  I personally own a chromebook, nexus 7, several android phones, google apps for business user and even an android head unit in my car so that makes me sort of a google/android fan but this laptop is just too expensive to be useful.
+Merle Reine Don't do the comparison with a PC or Mac. This is a completly differnet device. This is not going to fly of the shelves like a new Mac Book pro, but it has a niche. There is definitely people caring about design, simplicity and a great experience. This is the first computer filling all the spots.
Battery life is sweet.  "Instant on" is sweet.  Everything about this device is sweet. I can't speak specifically to pricing (the Chrome team may be able to offer a rationale.)  But I do believe for anyone who decides to move forward and purchase this device, I expect they will be very pleased.
It's a great looking device...the best laptop out there aside from the mac lineup, but the price point is way too high. They brand it a "chromebook" but chromebooks are supposed to be affordable. That was their big selling point and ease of use and fast speeds but ya I don't know, at 800 bucks I could totally see it. I guess it is cheaper than a macbook but they should've called it more than just "chromebook.
I am very hopeful that one day I can drop the Macbook Air and move 100% to one of these (I have two Samsung Chromebooks).
There are a few lingering things that I cannot do in Chrome browser, but those are certain to be soon supported.
+Bradley Horowitz This looks like a great device -- any idea how long before we'll be able to get them up here in Canada?  

I've been looking for something that would integrate seamlessly into all the G+ activity I do, especially on the video side, and when I saw this morning's announcement, I got really excited, as this had many of the features I was looking for.  Big letdown to find out it wasn"t available here :/
Definite +1 to +Janice Mansfield's comments. Seems like a lot of really cool Googlephenalia isn't making it up to the Great White North.  I can cite the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 as happy exceptions to the rule, but prior to them, the Galaxy Nexus wasn't available here, and I've yet to see hide nor hair of the Nexus 4 wireless charging station, any form of Chromebook, and even the Explorer edition Glass contest isn't open to us Canucks.   Is there anything we can do from this side of the border to help make Google products more available in Canada, +Bradley Horowitz?
It would ROCK for me too if it was given to me free.

I would rather buy 6 Acer Chromebooks and give them to my nephews and nieces.
"The Chromebook Pixel Rocks!"

No, it doesn't. 800$ is a realistic prize for this device. 1300$ for a Chromebook with 5 hours of battery life is ridiculous. Also, the design is really bad in my opinion.
Cool power cord.  Is that a "magsafe" connector?
Awesome! So can it run Lightroom or Photoshop?
Sweet! Now...just go ahead and port Android SDK and Dart SDK to HTML5 so that we can code only in the browser!
Is this more capable than one of the $250 chromebooks? I still have to be online to really use it, right? And I can't install any standard applications that take advantage of all that horsepower. So, aside from some gorgeous hardware and an amazing-looking display, what's the use case for this at such a price point?
+Bradley Horowitz What was the strategy on touchscreen? Why not make it an Android tablet with a keyboard? Similar to the Asus Transformer?
The Tesla doesn't hurt either :)
+Bradley Horowitz I own a couple of the ARM Chromebooks. Instant on is sweet. Battery Life is sweeter than sweet. The price is sweeter than cherry pie. The ARM Chromebooks do everything for me that I do with the AAPL devices I own at 8x the cost. I am writing this on an ARM Chromebook and I the more time I spend with it the more I love it. The performance of this device on the DEV channel is amazing. 
I see +Larry Page posting something on G+ today about the 10X idea (supposedly core Google philosophy).
 And the ARM Chromebooks and the NEXUS 4 were really amazing demonstrations of the 10X idea. Fantastic innovation at fantastic prices. So I was expecting the next thing from Google to be incremental in the 10X direction. Double the ARM Chromebook battery performance and processing speeds for instance at the same price. Something incremental in the positive 10X direction......
The PIXEL is something like 5 steps backwards. Even if you put Android in this thing tomorrow, I could not possibly justify paying again what I paid for AAPL devices just for this screen quality and this insane invitation to put greasy fingerprints all over a $1,300 high resolution screen that is permanently attached to an I/O device designed to keep my greasy fingers off the screen.  Makes less than zero sense to me at this price even with Android in Chrome. Less than zero.
Does it support Raw photo editing? And movie editing? In an age of multimedia, if that's not supported, it's a dud. 
That grey is too dark, it looks already old.
a pad + keyboard can sell 1000$,it's crazy!!!
32GB, ~5hrs battery, USB 2.0 for $1300? Does not compute.
I don't understand the need for a $1300 display to make a photograph look good... isn't that what a good photographer is for? I mean, really, are you going to sit at your Chromebook and stare at that picture all day? Or are you going to upload it to some service and have millions of others look at it on phones and tablets and other devices that couldn't possibly compete with the resolution you are utilizing to make the perfect picture? Total waste of money..
+Bradley Horowitz, 1) how does it display content that is not at the high resolution. I have found that most apps with image assets are designed for smaller resolution and the standard pixel-doubling that the hardware is capable of looks worse than on a lower resolution display. In technical terms the MTF is lower. BTW this issue exists with retina display iPads as well. 
2) Is the color management on this thing good? So, has google taken extra precaution that pure red is identical across different chrome pixels? For this price point it should be. 
So, it's maby, for I think so, this problem has been  finding in the LSF Form of pixel... 
what is the system of it ?   Windows  or Mac ?
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