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One-click install of Google Play content... right from G+ posts!

Android momentum is staggering...  and we're rolling out an awesome new feature that lets me easily recommend great content on Google Play.  What's cool about this is that it not only points people to the content, but gives them the ability to actually install it to their devices with a single, in-stream click...  (Note the "INSTALL" action below...)

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Bradley - I was thinking the checkout page would popup in g+. That would have been nice.
Awesome! Is it safe to asume that the rich formatting will be coming to the Android app too at some point?
Confusing to people seeing it on Google+ while not using an Android device though!
one click, let's kill it~
+Simon Bainbridge not really... takes you to the play store where you can easily install to your android device
I have actually been playing the featured app, its pretty addictive and its free.
Zach W.
Could we ever get it so that we could use our PC/laptop's Internet connection to download and install from? That way we don't have to rely solely on wifi or mobile connections, which can be a major pain if we have a wired connection but neither of those.
Could you put a feature in place so we can turn this feature off? I'm not an Android user. :D
+Simon Bainbridge even here on my W7 notebook: since my Android device is on the same Google account, the install button takes me directly to the market, to the app, asking me to choose which of my devices to install to.  Pretty slick.  

I just wish Android features that weren't so much about marketing and revenue could get 2% of as much attention.
Bradley, the same for Chrome Web Store, please.
BTW, I am wondering why Google needs separate app stores even though it has two OSs
Wow, that's some nice, socially responsible game behaviors ... uh, no.  Of course I know there's far worse out there, but that's no justification.
This is innovative, never thought about that one could need that feature. Great for companies that have G+ Pages and want to promote their app.
+Aaron Ogle I do not have an Android device currently so its pretty useless for me and potentially confusing to someone less tech savvy.
Zach W.
I'm slightly confused +Simon Bainbridge. How is it potentially confusing? If you click it, it says send to another (Android) device. I would think, if you haven't any, it wouldn't provide any devices to send it to...Wouldn't that just tell the person they haven't any devices the app works with?
Amazon have demonstrated that many apps can run in Android emulators.  Maybe Google should look into doing something similar for those who aren't Android converts.  Should even be a market there to serve.
+Bob O`Bob they will thing abouth this later, but now is the time of Android dominance with a trend of going to monopoly
It's funny that you choose SS instead of Ingress (as it's trending today)
+Zach Wilks I'm not confused as I understand that I need a Android device. But non tech savvy will not understand what an Android device is and wonder why it wont install on their laptop etc. Just sayin!
+Simon Bainbridge they should add Chrome Web Store to Google Play, so while instaling any app it allow you to chose any device you have for it, even laptop
Zach W.
Gotcha +Simon Bainbridge, I had thought that's what you meant, but...I dunno, I like to think people would figure out why it wouldn't install. Guess I'm too integrated into the tech, thinking everyone knows what the difference is between an Android device and their Windows device. =/
I don't know about OEM software or stock, but on CM7 I get a link asking if I want to open the play store and not just the web browser.
Edit: Play store link comes up in stock also.
+Zach Wilks As somebody who works in tech support I have learned to not assume that any user understands what type of device they have.

Just the other day I heard a user say "I'm going to buy my daughter one of those iPad Kindles that Google do!"
To be fair, though, it took me two clicks before it was installing, and another to get back here.
why does a game need to read and identify the phone status (see the permission this app is asking for)?
Zach W.
Pause the game whenever you receive a call maybe?
Often, it asks for that permission in an attempt to generate an identifier unique to the device for advertiser tracking. It's frustrating, because there are a ton of benign uses for that permission, but it can also be used toward malicious ends.
actually it is 2 click!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great for user experience and a simplified journey. I assume this will move beyond the G+ web app i.e. other websites and even the G+ Android app (which doesn't show the Install option)
Watching Google Play capability closely ... thank you for this share.
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