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Some people refer to Custom URLs as "Vanity URLs"...  Sort of like "vanity license plates."

We don't officially prefer that name, as it casts aspersions on the motives of the claimant...  It's likely an act of pure altruism - saving one's audience from needless keystrokes and searching!   (Note that the California DMV also eschews the "Vanity Plates" term, going with "Personalized Plates".)

Irrespective, I was thinking of getting the team that launched this the following t-shirts...  Does anyone know the reference?

What do you think?

Edit: - I see a little chat mole with +Saurabh Sharma in my screenshot.  Gonna leave that there....  ;-)
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too long, don't you have a URL shortener that could address that?
Now, if they can work that into a song with the original music and make a video... that's 1M hits on YouTube! ;-)
LOL! I was just singing "Your So Vain" on my lunch break walk! Love that song! :)
Have you got Mick Jagger on backup vocals?
Oh how I hope at least one of the people on this project is old enough to know that song!  :-)
I can see why Google doesn't want to use "Vanity URLs," for the reason you mentioned. But it's good slang, kind of like "ego search." The slightly judgmental, slightly insulting nature of it is what makes it slightly funny. Love the shirt. 
Vanity license plates are just that: vanity license plates. For URI's the case is less clear-cut. Certainly an organization or a well-known person should have usable URI's. And clearly you qualify if you have a Wikipedia page. The different between a URI and a license plate is that we don't have to see your URI unless we're looking for it, whereas I see your vanity plate every time you cut me off in traffic or take up two parking places.
I think it's being called Vanity URL because Google decided to give to a select group from the start. Not necessarily people who have been here since the start and yet very active still, but have the "verified" status and over a certain number of followers.
Just like I judge books by their covers... I can now judge sites by their url. Thus making my snap decisions... well.. snappier....
I wanted a vanity url but all I got was this lousy tee-shirt.
I read this morning that this is being release to people and businesses that Google "deems most important".  How does Google decide that exactly?
They do a Google search.  ;)
That could be the vanity URL for all vanity URLs ;) 
Nine Inch Nails - Starfuckers Inc.
Except for 'song' being replaced by 'URL' of course.
Although I'm sure other songs have the same sentence in them.
+Bradley Horowitz Hi Bradley can you please look at the G+ post I made to you?  Since the redesign several months ago of the Android Mobile G+ app it hasn't worked properly on my Droid RAZR - see post for screenshot.  Thanks, I've reported this over and over to the G+ team using the in-app feedback but no response.
I don't think Mr. Horowitz takes personal requests...
Lol, just HAAD to prove me wrong, didn't ya...
It's funny -- we used both phrases in our +Mashable post about the roll-out (I think I added "vanity url" to the post myself, as I was the editor) and when I added in that context, I had a feeling that the choice to say "custom" was deliberate for exactly the reasons you outlined.

However, make no mistake -- vanity certainly plays a role here -- at least for me, because while +ChristinaWarren is my name (though my legal name is a bit longer now with the hyphen), I'm not the only Christina Warren on the planet -- even if I do own the first 20 or 30 pages of Google results. So yes, I'm glad I have an easy to identify URI and handle -- but I'm also super happy that I'm the one attached to my name. I'm not above my own vanity.

Love the shirt, btw. 
Dunno what it is a reference to, but it reminds me of the song: "Cooler than me" by Mike Posner and The Brain Trust Feat. Big Sean. Because of the line in that song: "you probably think that this song is about you don't you?"
I read we may have to pay for one in the future to continue using it. This is bad considering Facebook never charges for one.
Ritish: you're either mighty young or didn't grow up in the U.S. It's a famous song by Carole King Carly Simon: "You're so vain." The song you're referring to probably samples from it, I"m guessing.
I'm guessing this is a reference to Carly Simon's famous hit "You're So Vain." Many have speculated her inspiration for the song was a relationship gone sour with folk music icon James Taylor. 
+James Raden Never heard of it. Then again never lived in the USA. How old do I need to be to know it?
I prefer to see it as human readable url instead of machine code url.

Definitely know and love the reference :)
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