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Hi Bradley it would be great if you can improve basic mobile version of G i mean more features like to delete a comment,hit 1 on a comment etc.Moreover i feel desktop version would be better if you can add a seperate tab for messaging just like FB.Most people find it diffficult to send messages.
+Ron Thomas does this look like the "please comment here for things that you would like me to change on G+" page ?? there is a place to add your comments and suggestions in an official form. This is why famous cool people hardly post public things cause everyone thinks that every post is a source of a suggestion box, just ask the +CyanogenMod team when all of their posts are raped...
/end rant
Internet people tired of n00bs wasting unlimited data storage 
Great place... just 200 miles away from my home. I used to go there when I was a kid and Punta de Mita was just a fishermen town (not more than 15 years ago). Have a great time in my favorite bay of all (Bahia de Banderas) P.S. Try to come to Guadalajara, nice place to visit.

Great view . Where it is located ?
How pretty are the golf courses at Punta Mita?
Wish I was there with y'all. Was supposed to be on your with Willie thus week. Send my love. 
I bet you miss your new car.  I'm sure of it!
I hope you could visit Yelapa, a very beatifull bay, very close to Punta de Mita.
By the way, there isn't street view in Punta de Mita
It looks like a part place for famous people.
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