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A few big improvements before the New Year

I'm really thrilled to announce new features and functionality, all of which will be rolling out in the next day or so... These aren't bells-and-whistles, but really deep improvements that I'm sure you are going to love.

The team knocked it out of the park... Huge congrats and thanks to the many folks who really gave of themselves to make this pre-holiday mega-launch possible. (I hope they find a moment to recharge during the holidays, because we have some awesome stuff planned for 2012!)

Enjoy, and as usual, tell us what you think so that we can learn, improve and adapt accordingly.

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All of these AND the upcoming Google+ app update this week? Well played, Google... well played!
Any news on support for pseudonyms ?
Now people will start loving G+ for commitment to listen,improve and marvel.
Great features, especially the Google Pages stuff. But please add the option to edit Google Pages from Android and make Hangouts on Air available to all!! (I know you said it's coming...but it's a feature I'd love to have now)
Huge thanks to the whole Google+ team for their awesome work this year. You can all go into a well deserved holiday break now :D
None of this is going to get me using Google+ fpr business until there is some way to incorporate a Google Groups like feature so that certain circles only see posts within that circle -- and can be private as well.

Right now it's a joke because trying to use it for anything remotely serious and you still need to wade through off-topic public posts of those you may collaborate with.

horay now we can have managers to pages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am looking forward to it, when will it arrive ole Germany?
They sound like really useful changes. Especially the filtering posts feature. At certain times of the day - for me usually when European and US users converge - the posts just race past and I'm sure I miss important content. The sneak preview in notifications looks good too. Thanks for continuing to improve Google+ :)
Looks like a good update. But I still haven't even seen the new Google navigation bar.
Some nice new updates, Page admins are handy and very welcome but I think the way to alter circle input into the main stream is brilliant! Merry Xmas Bradley : )
awesome! i'm looking forward to those improvements!! you should tag this post with #googleplusupdate and seasonforshipping ;)
+Wayne Schulz I have no doubt that when business pages are complete when someone adds you they will be automatically be places in circles based on gender, age and location ect... Imagine being able to post to males from 18-24 located in the New York area. Just wait its going to rock I believe.
Good to know, thank you! One question: when do you guys think we will be able to stream music on our profiles/pages without leaving them? (i am thinking to a service like +soundcloud full streaming).
The video says to click on settings on the Google bar to setup the page managers, but what do we do if we don't have the Google bar anymore because they changed us to the new gray Google menu that doesn't have the Settings icon?
I wish the manager feature could be incorporated into other google products, especially Analytics
I just posted yesterday about the lack of multi-admin....that's an amazingly fast turnaround! ;-)
Great improvements, only I am still waiting on the change that lets me sort my photo's by circles.
Love these enhancements. Nice work Google+ teams.
I see that link when I am using my G+ account, but the settings page doesn't say anything about managers or my business pages. When I switch to be logged in as the page the "settings" link goes away.
Sounds nice. Still waiting for the new Google bar. And the above mentioned features.
And i still cant see my online frnds in G+ chat while i can see them online in Gmail. When i type name of a person in "Send message to" under Chat, then it is visible as online. After that it goes.
Same here - still on the black google bar.......don't over promise and under deliver Google.
The ability to fine tune the stream is a welcome feature. It's also a very creative way to do so in a volume style control. The photo and tagging improvements se to be more intuitive. Thanks +Bradley Horowitz and g+ team. Also is the ability to start a hangout on mobile rolled out yet +Punit Soni?
I am absolutely Amazed at the work on the lightbox, how creative! Design wise - a master stroke way to accomplish those features.

Extending the circles theme, organic intuitive implementation that does not just accomplish the task but raises the bar.

MAJOR kudos to the team on this implementation.
Folks, as mentioned both in the blog post and my G+ post, these will be rolling out over the next couple days. Do not be in the least bit alarmed if you are not seeing these yet. You will.
Thanks +Thomas Deshayes but I'll wait on Google this's only been a few weeks, and I'm used to waiting for Android updates. Weeks are like nano-seconds to me.
Yey! Christmas gifts! :D
Great work, making an advanced setting simple.
nice, i would like to see more photo functionality
there is an important feature missing in the integration between Google Plus and Google Reader: the possibility to share from Reader directly into one of my Google+ pages. When I click "share" on Google Reader I would like to choose if sharing it using my main Google account OR using one of my Google+ pages.
The Google+ pages without this feature, in my opinion, have far less appeal and usefulness than they could have with it.
+Thomas Deshayes thanks but i already knew abt this thing n even tried it for a week...waiting for official release...
The volume slider will actually help make Google+ something that I will use. I hope. Following companies and tech bloggers and an assortment of other people really filled up my stream with stuff that I didn't want to have in my main stream. I am hoping that by reducing the volume on various circles that I can help control this and start using Google+ far more.
wow nice additions.....i m hungry for more.....
Looks like while rest of the world has been busy seeing eggnog and enjoy G+, you guys been busy rolling out new features to close the year with a big bang. Love it! Are these features being rolled out in a phased manner?
+Bradley Horowitz
You guys are busy at showing out new things, but totally forget what's most important. You don't even care about users' feeling, especially those who are non-English speakers.
I will never know how can you put a comma between first name and family name? Is it for fun? If you can't stand with your name become 'Bradley, Horowitz', HOW CAN U BELIEVE CHINESE AND JAPANESE USERS CAN?
We've been waiting for this for ages, thanks Google :)
+Bradley Horowitz first thank you for all the great improvements to G+ and I think you (we) all deserve a nice christmas break.

If you are still looking for additional ideas for 2012 - here is one

I started a small project +Deutsche Google+ Seiten where I collect German Google+ Pages and share them back to the community. As sharing a circle only shares the pages which I have at this specific moment in a circle this unfortunately results in the need to re-share again and again as this circles are growing.

I really would like to see in future a small configuration enhancement for circles which allows to make them either READ or WRITE or both together.

READ should allow other people to see which PERSONS or PAGES I have in this circle and having the opportunity to either copy a complete circle into their own environment or select specifig PERSONS or PAGES from my circle and add them to their own circles.

WRITE should allow not only to follow a PERSON or a PAGE but directly to subscribe to a specific circle of this PERSON or PAGE.
As an example if e.g. Porsche would offer different circles for Porsche 911 and Porsche Panamera I would be able to subscribe exactly to those circles of Porsche in which I am really interested in.

With today's functionality I can only follow Porsche and they need to put me in the right circle, without knowing to much about me (except that they can start reading my profile and my posts).

For both READ and WRITE should be configurable either for circles, extended circles or public in the standard way you offering already.

A small extra for the owner of the page would be the possibility to have a small restriction in the WRITE configuration which allows other people to subscribe but shows to me as the owner, who has subscribed and asks me to Accept that subscription. This would still give full control to the owner of the page.

People I have blocked should not have access to my circles anyway.

I am convinced, that such an enhancement to the use of circles would be extremely beneficial for all Google+ users and especially for G+ pages.

I would be happy, if you could have a look to this proposal and I would be even more happy to receive some kind of information back from Google+ if you are already thinking about such enhancements.
Unable to add managers to my google plus pages. The example video doesn't match up to what I see on my browser at all. Slow roll out?
Wow, these are stunning. It shocked me that you have to add administrators by their mail address, though. Why not just use their profiles, as if it were a share box?
Love the way Google+ actually listens and implements its users suggestions so quickly. Proud to say I will be deleting my FB Jan.1st and not looking back. G+ is the future! Thanks guys!!!
Move all those 'links' to its own tab already! I needed to remove a lot of 'friends' for over-sharing of links -- now that you've killed google reader!
Waiting for the updates to see them on my pages

I am Glad that Google+ is becoming more useful by the day
Awesome update +Bradley Horowitz and Team
One question remains though, will these be available on the Google+ Mobile app?

Google+ Introduces Stream Post Controls, Improved Photos, Notifications and Page Experience [Videos]

#Google+ #Google
Love that you are adding managers to pages, but why make it so you have to know their email address? Why not use their profile on Google+ and add them like you would add them to a circle (or perhaps, allow us to designate a special circle that are given the manager privileges)? I know the pages are designed for businesses, where you would know email addresses, but they can be used for so much more, and requiring an email is quite limiting.

Here's a Use Case for you:
I run a Star Wars: The Old Republic (video game) Server Community Page here on G+. I would like to be able to add guild leaders from guilds on the server I am maintaining this page for, as managers of the page so they too can add news to the page. Problem is, they found me, mentioned that they were guild leaders (which I can verify in game), so I added them to a circle for the page, so I could keep track of them. I do not know their email addresses as our only relationship is on Google+ in the form of our interest in the game and being on the same server. I do not want to have to ask them for their email address. I just want to be able to add them to a "manager's pool" like I added them to a circle. That way they can be given greater privileges for the page so they can post news as well.

It should be like adding any person to a for them by name or email. If you already have them in a circle, just drag them over to another circle that has higher privileges. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the addition of this feature, but it could be so much more streamlined with how the rest of Google+ works.

Thank you though for continuing to improve an already very useful service.
+Bradley Horowitz I think the following features should be available on Mobile Apps ASAP:

1. EDIT Post & Comment
2. Ability to SELECT MULTIPLE Photo's to upload
3. Create Album via Mobile Devices
4. MARK STAR to any post.
5. Unread COUNT of Gmail on Google Bar.
6. Ability to SAVE PHOTO on mobile device.
+Sharif Shajib Ahammed you should add:
That the notificationcount really is counting the notifications and not setting to 0 as soon as you click it. It should go down by one as soon as you have read a new notification.
i don't see any of this, including the "new (?)" Google Bar. When will we lowly peons start seeing these updates?
+Jack Vetterli I got the new Google bar a while ago. There is a way to force it till it come to your account but as he mentioned earlier this Google+ update should roll out in the next couple days which means this is a Christmas Present from google to us ^_^. Oh while I'm think about it +Android said there was going to be something from them today too G+ update on android perhaps?
I'm curious how that slider volume control will work in practice. Adding a percentage (%) might be helpful to show how much is being mixed.
This is exactly what I'v been asking for!!!
Excellent work guys! Really like the look of the volume slider.
- View photos in full size
- Labels Set favorite publications (similar to gmail labels)
I am not convinced as to the validity of the volume control as a filter to be honest. We have been requesting a method to filter the content from circles and not just reduce the volume of a circle by letting Google servers arbitrarily select content from circles with a reduced volume. I can achieve a better filter than this by manually moving interesting people to an interesting circle and just watching that circle. This renders the volume functionality absolutely useless before it is rolled out. It does not remove the requirement for me to be able to select content type from the people within a circle though. I have to say I am a little disappointed.
+Lokesh Mishra Google has not NOT collect your info for that to happen. What would be best is if Google created parental accounts so you can add child accounts that way you could give parental "permission" for them to be on a social network.
Hey +Bradley Horowitz, new features are awesome, except if you have the new Google interface (no black bar) you don't have the "cog" up top to edit settings for the Plus Pages. I've been waiting to add managers to one of my pages and now that it's available I can't use it because I've been upgraded to the new Google interface.

Everything else looks great so far though.
Wish you could add a manager to a user account. I run a celebrity account and would love the ability.
+Richard Hall well for me and many others this works out a lot. for example. for my friends and family I want to see everything but sometimes I don't need to see everything when it comes to news because I use google reader. This is my current issue. Certain people in my circle post a LOT. others not so much. the people who post a lot I still want to see their posts but the posts from people who post maybe once a day could easily get flushed out of my stream the way it is now. But with the volume indicator I can make it so that people who post a lot don't suck up my entire stream like they do currently and I can still get "important" posts from people who rarely post
+Chris Bailey : I have a friend who's 18+, wants to join G+ eagerly, but has a wrong birthdate set in his Google account (he claims he never put any birthdate in any Google service). But ever since G+ started, Google has provided no valid method to correct your birthdate, despite the fact that they already have a method for profiles that were marked under-13 to correct their birthdate by making a small transaction through a credit card.

The G+ google group is flooded with requests to either open G+ to 13-17 year olds or to provide a method to correct birthdate. That thread is the most posted to and most visited thread since 6 months, but no response from Google.
+Lokesh Mishra yeah I'm aware of that problem. In Google's defense they deal with a lot of stuff and I don't see why they would see that as priority atm
+Chris Bailey : Umm, I would think opening to the 13-17 year old demographic would definitely be a priority. Quite a lot of Social Networking users fall within it.

Also, I somehow felt that they would be able to push this before the new year. Oh well...
And this is why Google is winning.
+Lokesh Mishra please don't take what I said the wrong way. I'm not saying it's not a good idea or even that google shouldn't make it a priority. I'm just saying that they are rolling out G+ features like crazy right now as well as integrating all there existing products under one umbrella. I'm sure there is a reason Google has taken the route that they did, typically they think long term and roll things out quickly if you look at each thing Google does individually it's easy to miss out on the big picture.
I liked the black bar! Also its annoying that with the new gray bar you can't click on the google logo to go back to the inbox in gmail. I am ok with the on-hover but please restore the previous functionality.
Just a few? This is pretty much the best Christmas present ever! +1, Google!
Good good +Bradley Horowitz. Now, if we developers could get a real, fully-functional, useful API, It'll be a very nice christmas present as well.
Looks nice, I will look forward to playing around with it when I get it. But I am not sure about the white background for the comments section in Lightbox, black look better to me.
Smaller font size please. That way we can read more @ once. {{-_-}}
+Johnny Ace Okeke As was recently pointed out by +Sarah Price you should try your Command/Ctrl key with either -,+ or 0

Edit: I changed Control to Ctrl to avoid confusion with the Apple Control key.
I'm still waiting for that Mobile update that was announced last week, and was said to be "days away" Which has now been a week.
Will there be a tablet optimized version of G+? The mobile version doesn't have enough functionality and has the wrong size. The desktop version crashes the browser of my Honeycomb tablet when something is opened in a lightbox. 
Sean S
Is the "What's hot" feature behaving weird for anyone?
I didn't get the "What's hot" link on the left column until weeks after it was launched.
Also, "What's hot" did not appear in my main stream until 2 days ago and then it disappeared.
Very good new stuff. But I sure what like to see more (maybe even all) of the EXIF data associated with an image. Right now you're showing very little of what's available.
When are events coming? Personalized profiles? Intuitive & cool layouts for pages that are differented from profiles?
Some of the changes I will have to try out. As for the Pictures section, I like some of the changes though some of it looks more page intensive (album new way versus old), but what I find difficult is that the entire comment section is now glaringly white while the rest of the page is black. Considering I follow mainly photographers and interact with them daily this makes looking at photos more difficult because it throws off your color balance. If some people like this, that's fine, I would just like to have a control option in my settings so that I could change it back to black. Please? For the sake of lots of eyes that look at lots of photos? Thanks...
Thanks for the update! Much appreciated. One thing I noticed when viewing pictures: There is no separate view for photo details and the map (location). I am not so much interested in seeing the technical details out of the EXIF data. But I would like to see relevant information like date and time stamp of the photo. I could not find this yet. Also, I would prefer to be able to enlarge the map view and hide the rest of the photo details. When I click on the map in photo details, it opens Google Maps in the same window and leaves Google+ and the photo album. This does not make sense at all. Please open the Map in a separate Tab. Also, the opened map doesn't show the location of the photo anymore... So much of improvements required here.
Album tags or categories as well as some sorting options would be really cool!
Why is there a separate "Gallery" App on Android 4.0, which allows me to sort G+ photos on: Albums, Locations, Times, People and Tags? And the native G+ photo app (Web based and Android version) does not support it? Please stop the fragmentation (why are there separate apps with different features on Android) and create one core photo application with a single user experience (Desktop and Mobile). Thanks!
+Bradley Horowitz Pages change sounds ok. Not sure about the circles thing. I thought the idea was we put people we want to see less of in "prolific poster" circle, then have a look through when we want.
I'm disappointed with the lightbox changes. Comments on the side always distracted me, now a big white box is too much, the contrast is bad for viewing. Then when opening up to full view the comments appear on the photo. I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would come up with that idea. It's off putting, and damned annoying!

What would have been really great, and is far more important for photos than what you've given us, is a decent filter system so we have control over what we view, then G+ can stop removing wonderful art due to some idiots flagging it. It's absolutely essential! It has to be the next change for photos!
+Bradley Horowitz thnx for the great updates! But there is one "problem" I miss the option to use my mouse wheel to scroll though a photo album in the Lightbox!

That was a very easy way to look at picture relatively quick. And it really set G+ apart from FB (for me).

Is it possible to bring the mouse scroll function back?
Ada Hsu
Sorry for my poor English.

Can I use my Google+ Page's identity to reply somebody's post ? I found if post start myself, I can reply it; But when I tried to reply any response to somebody's post, I always got a Status Code 404 error message at javascript console. How do I do ?
With the photos, I hate that I can no longer click away from the photo to close the lightbox!
nice work +Bradley Horowitz and the PhotoGooglers. :) Threw me for a loop when I moused towards the buttons that were no longer there at first, and the 'options' is too tiny from a frequent user's point of view, but I like. Happy holidays to you and the crew.
I hate new photo module. Bells and whistles instead of simple functionality. And the white comment box is just ugly. Is there a way to switch to the old one? * sigh * Oh well...
Great improvements.. and the multi-manager pages are even ahead on schedule !!

Ok, you really did deserve the X-Mass Holiday break guys... thanks to all !!
The updates to the notifications dropdown are greatly appreciated!!
You guys do a really good work!! :)

But the new notifications occupy a very large space now... :(
+M Richards - click the drop down arrow under your name then select "Manage Your Pages" the Settings option should pop-up there next to the page you are trying to edit
OK I just discovered that +Google+ removed what was a really cool feature, probably with this update to the photos, that is the flipping profile picture photos. It used to be that you could click a person's profile picture and it would flip between all the profile photos the person had loaded, which was a really great & easy way to quickly get a visual on a person. Now clicking a profile photo opens it up in the new photo viewer - BOOO!!! +Bradley Horowitz you guys had a super cool feature and just up & got rid of it! Bring it back!!!
Hello Google+ Team,
I'm sooooo disapointed by the new ugly comment section that makes pictures unwatchable!
I have to admit that +Jon Gauntt, +David Knowles, +Tim Rawlings and +Max Kotchouro are damn right when they talk about this point.
For me, that's a big regression (the comment box color (ie black) was perfect before).

I beg you to fix it asap :-)
I am I the only person who downloaded this update and can no longer open Messenger? I get the notification can see all of my past conversations listed but when I try to open any of them, my phone vibrates a few times, goes to a black screen then back to the list of conversations. HELP!!
WOW! I didn't realize I was on Google+! You guys are the bomb! Everything is tied into one package! This is awesome! Just proved to me what a great company Google is! Keep up the good work! Shows me Google cares about ease of use for end-users. Wish I had some money to invest. It would go straight to you guys. You have the right ideas. All success to you!
I am not too keen on some of the lightbox changes. When I click the double arrow in the lower right corner of the pic to remove the comment box in the right side, the title and the comments on the photo will be put on top of the photo. I don't see the logic in that, because I remove the box to create an undisturbed and uncluttered view of the photos. And the overlays will disturb that completely. I wonder if it is possible to turn if off.
I still don't see the volume slider. Is this because I have a Google Apps account?
I still have the black toolbar.

I think they announce things at the ideas stage. 
I still have the black toolbar. And no circles in gmail.
+Bradley Horowitz, the new volume controls are still not visible here in Germany, at least not for my account and for several others that I know of. Anybody in Germany or Europe having the update already? Season's greetings, anyway!
I still do not have it. My wife, who barely uses G+, does. I hope it shows up in the next few days.
Need the mousewheel scroll back. Please :)
That really set it apart from facebook. The ease to scroll through swiftly through album. Very unique feature that was taken out for whatever reason.
Please, don't let pseudonym will flrourish - just let Facebook have them... I want google plus a family and friendly oriented social networking NOT a shit networking like Facebook...
So I'm still not seeing the volume control slider. Is this just a really slow rollout?
Would really like a way to view photo's full screen. Too much screen real estate seems to be taken up with non-photo stuff.
Flipping quickly through profile pics is gone again. What gives?
este eh um momento maravilhado da minha vida de poder compartilhar com outras pessoas ate mesmo em outros paises alem do meu q:amo muito de verdade! Brasil!!! jente querida portanto tenho muito q: agradecer ah Deus e aos Amigos do Google+google,MZ,Beijos a todos q:ler esta mensagem...
yes, it becomes more interesting!!!Come on Google!
Turan Keser
this is realy a good way with a new top view .....♣a3± ----<>><< thanks
How does the Google+ stream volumes work when contacts are in multiple circles with different volumes applied? Does it take an average for the contact? take the highest volume? take the lowest? summarize? Or maybe there's a neutral volume value you can use for "organizing circles" which is overridden by any other volume set in circles I could call "prioritization circles"? Any details on that?
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