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She said yes!

Having gotten through the trivial detail of launching Google+ (!), I recently turned my attention to even more important matters...

In the beautiful Parisian dusk, dining under the stars at Lasserre, I popped the question... and +Irene Au agreed to marry me!

+Irene Au, I love you with all my heart and cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you...
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Oh my goodness! CONGRATULATIONS!
Congrats Bradley. Enjoy a happy life together
Dev Nag
Congratulations man! Even thoug I dont know you!
Ty Lim
congrats! :D
Well that's pretty awesome!
Congratulations man! Best wishes!
Nice macro :) Or is that a wide-angle? Congrats in either case!
Congratulations!!! What were the stipulations that led to this agreement? JK Congrats to the both of you!!!
Wow, this is really testing the speed of comments. Congratulations!

Cannot +1 enough!
Congrats Bradley and Irene :)
Whooo!! Congrats Irene and Bradley!!!!
It's fun watching comments stream past.
"Parabéns" from Brazil!
Beautiful place and nice ring!
Congratulations! Good things are coming your way Brad.
Congratulations Bradley & Irene !
1st proposal announcement on G+? Congrats!
Congratulations and "felicidades" from Coimbra, Portugal!
'bout time you made her legitimate! congrats dude!
Way to go man, I'm getting married in September and I know the feeling. 
Woo! Congratulations!
Beautiful ring! You'll have to share how you popped the big Q!
okay, i'd like to report a bug.. the thread cannot keep up with the Congratulations flowing into you guys.. CONGRATULATIONS Bradley and Irene - can't wait to raise a toast to you guys...
Congrats! (somehow, even though a +1 conveys the same thing, it doesn't seem like enough).
+1 to you both!!!! Congratulations!
Congratulations to both of you!
Hehe, smooth moves. (On the proposal and posting it on +) Congratulations nonetheless.
Congratulations to the both of you!
WOW! Congratulations man! Have a great life together ;-)
Congratulations to you both! What beautiful photos. :)
Now that's a ROCK! Congrats again!
Congratulations Bradley. Two successes in one week!
Congrats! ^_^ \(^o^)/
very cool, congratulations :)
hey, wow that's what you were doing in Paris. Congrats.
Yesterday I decided to try and use Google+ for matchmaking. We will all find ways to knit social networks into our lives. Congratulations!
Now this is what I'm talking about, Congrats man!
(now how are we going to explain all those notifications to Irene?)
Wow congratulations Bradley & Irene!!
Cindy C
I hope you didn't post this WHILE she said her yes! +1 well deserved. Congrats! 
:) huge Congrats Bradley ... 
Is this the First G+ Wedding Announcement? I do beleive so, Congratulations (You've been 1+ed
At this pace, the term "congratulations" will make it to the top in the G+'s term-trend chart, just saying.
Congratulation !!! You got a hundred already anyway
I just got married in October. Congratulations! It's worth the wait. 
Neil Xu
Wife is so beautiful~
What a stunning ring! Congratulations, man! Thoroughly happy for you!
awesome setting to propose-- best wishes for a blessed marriage and blessed family. congrats
I am so thrilled for you both. Congratulations.
Oh my, congrats Bradley and Irene. What an amazing G+ story ;)
Congrats! All the best to both of you! :D
Congratulations! Now the new circle including just you and Irene san was born :)
Congrats! Thanks for sharing.
Ahhh so THIS is why you were in France. Thanks for doing a hangout in between. Congrats!
Chris B
Congrats! Hope you two are happy!
Google+ was one of the baby of you, wish another (REAL) baby is coming soon!
Fantastic, congrats on all :-)
i think you guys officially have the first engagement announcement on Google+ :)
Ni Wang
wow! congrats!
Congratulations Irene and Bradley. Social has never looked better.
Congrats! First proposal/engagement pics on G+ i guess!
So Pretty chinese wife! Best wishes to you
+Bradley Horowitz Nice so Paris was your Google+ post-launch vacation? That looks like a Google size rock as well!
Congratulations! Being married is great when it's with the person who makes you the happiest in the world.
Sara Su
Congratulations, and all the best!
Congrats Brad! She is a beaut.
Congrats! Hopefully you didnt ask on +, but you probably would have been the first :)
That's a stunner - congrats to you both!
おめでとうございます! Congrats!
Great timing! Really happy for you both!
Congratulations Brad! Wish you and your lovely fiance all the best in your new journey!
Congratulations! May you two always be in love! 祝白头偕老,美满幸福!
Wonderful story to share with us here. I wish you a joyous eternal matrimony.
Mazal Tov as we say in the old country!
The kind of post that needs a +11 button, rather than a mere +1. Congratulations!
Congrats! It is a beautiful ring.
This is so beautiful! Congratulations to you both!
Awesome! Hopefully you two have a wonderful wedding and life together. If you need any wedding invitations/stationary done let me know.
Congratulations!! Love the picture of the ring's presentation.
Yay!! I am sooo happy for you both!! Cheers and may you have wonderful marriage full of happiness together!! Couldn't happen to a nicer guy! :) 
Congrats! Thanks for the hard work too!
Sweet & Awesome! Congratulations!!!
Congratulations, 抱得美人归
That's the most beautiful bit of news I've read on G+ so far :) Congratulations to both of you and may you have a beautiful life together!
As they say in France, Mazel Tov!!
Kathi F
You, sir, are riding one hell of a lucky streak! ;) Cheers!
I am so happy to hear this -- you are made-for-each-other.
Bradley, congrats on the launch and the more important engagement. I'm happy for you old friend. 
Congratulations! Best news I've read on g+ yet!
Congrats!! Now you have a real important startup to focus on :)
Only the best!!
Congrats!!! (on both launch and engagement!)
Congratulations, Bradley and Irene! 
GeoD F
Congratulations to you both! I wish you much success and happiness on this bright new chapter in your lives!
Congrats mate. What a terrific few weeks!!
Awesome! Congratulations! You must be on Cloud 9 about now.
Congratulations, Bradley and Irene !
Congratulations Irene and Bradley! Best wishes for a wonderful future together.
Wow. Congrats to you both there is no better place to propose than Paris. 
Congrats! I guess its been a REALLY good week or two for you :-)
whhoooooihoooooooo. wow congrats!!!!! so awesome!!!!!!
Wow! Bravo. What a month!
Yay! Congratulations to you both!
+Bradley Horowitz and +Irene Au, thank you for sharing this moment with all of us! You both are capable of changing people's lives; congratulations on choosing to change those of each other.
Congrats and best wishes!
my heartiest wishes... may god bless you both.... : )
Wow...congratulations to you both (+Irene Au ). Super happy for you!!!
Congrats Bradley! I was wondering where you were when you said "jetlagged"! :)
Glückwunsch :)
Impressive as Google+ is , and it s very impressive, this matters far more. Congratulations!
congratulations, sir! you nailed it like a boss! :)
I had a feeling about you two when I saw you skulking towards the brown-rice sushi place in downtown Palo Alto a little while back. Congratulations; may you have long lives, contented minds, and little or no lower back pain. :)
מזל טוב!!!
(that was Mazal Tov in Hebrew)
May you have a long and happy life together!!!
Blessings to you both for a beautiful life together!
Congratulations, wish you all the best for your common future ;-) keep us posted on updates.
Wonderful! Congrats Bradley. What a week!
Félicitaiton ! Tous me voeux de bonheur !
Wholly shnikies! Congratulations :-D!!!!
Congrats, I proposed in March. Now is the part the majority of men don't like doing. Lol :)
very cool! congrats bradley!
Sounds like the next big project then :) all the best for the years to come. 
Congratulations to you both. May you have lifelong happiness together :)
Congratulations Sir, my wife and I got married 4 weeks ago, it'll be more work and stress than planning G+ release, but a more rewarding day that the release day too :-)
Congratulations! Amazing place to propose too. Congrats on getting engaged and congrats on Google + :)
Congrats Brad. May you have a wonderful family and lots of children :)
Congratulations! best wishes for you...Or, as we say in Portuguese, Parabéns! Espero que sejam muito felizes...
Milly H
Congratulations! :)
Congratulations! That's awesome! You're on a roll Brad :)
Congrats Bradley.. Now take some time off google+ and marry her soon. ;)
Congrats.... Good luck for life.... have a happy married life :)
Congratulations! All the very best to you both ^_^
So Google+ was just an elaborate setup for a proposal? :)
Double congratulations, both on the engagement and on creating G+ :):):)
Congrats Bradley! You're invited to come over for dinner with +Irene Au in Amsterdam. Only 3 hours by train.
CONGRATULATIONS! (and nicely done on providing a way to test the robustness of G+'s commenting system!)
Congrats!!!! Happy you both have found your special someone.
Bradley. Lara and I are so happy for you. Best wishes for a wonderful life together.
Huge congratulations Bradley & Irene! What an amazing month for you Bradley!
You have certainly been working on more important matters. Congratulations Bradley, Mazel Tov!
This is most exciting news! Congrats Bradley! Happiness on both sides of the equation is a GREAT thing...
Wow, congratulations to you both. I'd send you a virtual bottle of champagne if I could :)
Congratulations! I don't know you, but I can say from experience that Paris proposals are totally awesome! :) Good luck with the wedding/marriage!
Congratulation :D
Paul W
Ben Xu
Congrats man... n Wish you all the best....
It doesn't get any more social than that. Congratulations
Congratulations, Brad, absolutely great news. -gB
Congrats! May happiness surround you two in every moment of your lives! :)
Congrats to both of you! May all your dreams come true. Except nightmares, of course.
congrats! the ring is beautiful!
Wow...congratulations Bradley! I'm so happy that you've found love!
WOW best news i heard here Congrats and a wonderful honeymoon with many children
How lovely and romantic...glad she didn't swallow the rock. Congrats!
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