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Bradley Horowitz hung out with 12 people.Russell Holly, Bruce Garber, Mike Stenger, Clayton Condon, Marcelo Junior, Mark Liederbach, Frankie Vallejo, Insana Perbene, Oscar Moreno, Lukas Trombach, Bryan Brackney, and Danny Robertson
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Bradley Horowitz was in a video call with 12 others
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would love to join next time. thanks for the invite.
You don't hangout too much +Bradley Horowitz  Is it a matter of time/schedule or because you do not like it?
I would imagine that public hangouts for anyone at Google that is involved with G+ could become tiresome, or at least overwhelming, considering the deluge of feedback they typically get just in the comments on posts.
+Bradley Horowitz I hung out hundred of times since July. I only "caught up" with you twice. I understand you do not hangout pubicly,( i do not either) . It is probably the darn time zone differences. It would be nice if we could have an "European Friendly Time" hangout so we can have a nice interesting conversation with you +Jack C Crawford +Jaana Nyström +Robert Redl +Mike Downes +Dolidh Young +Jari Huomo +Sarah Hill .
I would be really happy to host you on my show
+You Are The Star (for FIVE minutes) . When I hosted +Mike Elgan he choosed to be on the show at 9am Pacific wihich translates into 18:00 Rome. It may be a bit too early for you, but even a couple of hours later it would be a wonderful "gift" for us here in Europe.

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