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Typically Google+ features roll out onto our global infrastructure over a period of time...  I'm delighted to see that Hangouts On Air is now available to our users "in over 220 countries and territories!"

As commenters have pointed out, regrettably there are still users in countries where the regulatory environment has complicated launching this functionality. We're as bummed as you are and will continue working toward resolution. Apologies...

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Quick update to Hangouts On Air
We've now rolled out to 100% of users in over 220 countries and territories! (

Just look for the new "Enable Hangouts On Air" option when starting a hangout. We can't wait to see what you'll share with the world. #googleplusupdate #hangoutsonair
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Very exciting. Very important. Congratulations!
Thanks.I figured this stuff should help with encouragement with sharing. Nice.
Folks, apologies.  You're right.  See my comments.
except android users can't watch them... until then i'll stick with regular hangouts
+Andrew Bytheway Gmail Chat does not allow one to record a video chat and share it on YouTube and Google+ unlike Hangout on Air
so it splits again... for google IM we have gtalk, which is available in gmail and g+
then we have messenger, which is only android
and hangouts, which is only g+, and desktop only if you do 'on air'
What about Google Apps? There's no YouTube listed in the services, so there's no way to verify the account. "YouTube has not been enabled by the administrator of the domain".
I'm not satisfied with the explanation of Bradley. I'm sure there are NO legal objections here in Belgium and we still are excluded. An in-depth analysis of the situation is on his place here. 
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