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Fantastic article in Wired on +Jeff Dean and +Sanjay Ghemawat, +Urs Hölzle and other "unsung heroes" of the internet.  We had the pleasure of having Jeff and Sanjay work on Google+, doing some innovative algorithmic work that powers "people recommendations."

As the article points out, unsung perhaps in the rest-of-the-world, but revered here at Google!
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I think they just built on what had already been invented. Is this an attempt to rewrite history?
I suspect that most of the world around us is due to the work of people we will never hear about...
I understand Mark's disagreement with the unfortunate title... still it's a good article about un-sung people who deserve recognition.
+Edwin Castillo I just object to the title… :) BTW, Gore didn't invent the Internet either ;)

The article is a nice description about what happened behind-the-scenes!
That's cool. The title is a bit of hyperbole, but the point is that, short of inventing the internet, you can hardly have had a bigger impact on it than the people at Google.
I'm old… at the time, finger & gopher seemed revolutionary to me. ;)
Every judge in the country knows it was apple not google.
+Edwin Castillo Be careful where you say that about Al gore, or you may end up in an argument (in the classic sense of the word) with +bob kahn and +vint cerf .
I thought steve jobs invented everything ever.
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