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While in NYC on vacation, in the heart of Soho, we saw a hipster walking a pet pygmy pig!  We snapped a photo and were even more surprised when he sauntered into the restaurant, pig in hand!  

Apparently there wasn't a "No pigs allowed" sign posted!

I hope he didn't order bacon!
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I think it is fine as long as the pig isn't smoking.
Maybe it was a BYOB restaurant?
ummm - are you sure it was not a BYOP barbecue restaurant? They are becoming quite popular you know...
I don't even know what to say to that.
Perhaps the pig was an service animal.  They aren't all seeing eye dogs.  Some animals alert their owners when they have (or are about to have) seizures, for example.  These companion animals are legal to take into food/grocery establishments under the ADA, and often the restauranteur will know this if the person is a regular.

There are a lot of other circumstances, but this is just one, as an example (I have temporal lobe epilepsy, so I know folks who use seizure service animals, although I do not).
Reminds me of when I was younger and my neighbors got a potbelly pig because it was the trendy thing to do-- the regular pet stores had them. I wonder if this guy uses Barney Stinson's teacup pig ploy on the ladies...
Cuz, you know...dogs are so overdone.
Ewwwww! Overdone dog is so chewy - now slow cooked pork on the other hand.... soouuuuWeeee!
Funny how there are parts of NYC where it's more of a tabu to eat pork than it would be to eat dog in other parts of the world...:)
Joe S
Pig pee... ...classic.
i love little piggies  they are very smart, i would not take one in to a restaurant .
Maybe the guy has a sweet tooth for truffles and this pig does a better job finding restaurants with truffle on the menu than Google Local does. 
ugh <shakes fist> at hipsters. they just irk me to no end.
I love my pet pig. He's loads smarter than my two dogs. I'd just like to know how the crap he got his pig to use the harness; mine has a panic attack when he's the least bit tugged with the leash.
I used to have a Vietnamese PotBelly Pig years back. I have no idea why, but they were one of the only animals you were allowed to take into stores.
That is not the case in Alabama
Many people don't know that there is actually quite a variety of creatures that can be used as service animals. Besides the usual seeing eye dog, people also use pigs, miniature horses, and even monkeys (although the latter is extremely rare). I'm guessing that's what this was.
I forgot to mention that I live in Texas.
That's pretty nuts! Glad you got to show the girls a complete Ny experience! +Melina M I've also heard of snakes being used. This one man with epilepsy was wearing a python around his shoulders and when he was about to have a seizure, it would gently squeeze and he would know to get himself to a safe place/position within the next few minutes.
Can I address how badly I want that little piglet?
+Jillian Hopgood as a pet or on a plate? I've heard that they are affectionate like dogs. The little ones are definitely super cute.
That looks like a potbelly pig. He might be in for a huge surprise later :P
No worries unless they ordered food with saturated fat and high sodium content... Oh, and no large sodas. 
They r so cute but they taste so good
I have a pet pig and I take her in restaurants all the time. Not weird at all.
'Cause you know, dogs are SOOO mainstream. 
You need a garden for a pig and you need at least two pigs. Otherwise it won't feel well.
I also want(ed) one and started to inform me about it.
My pigs' names is are Hobo and Einstein. :)
They always tell me to reboot as if that will fix anything. It might work 5% of the time...
leo kun
but some are more edible.
Reminds me of one of the Tintin comics where Snowy gets untraceable in an Asian Restaurant. Tintin wasn't very happy seeing a delicacy being the same breed's soup.
How cool. Original. Call it bacon. Kevin Bacon
bacon is my favourit but dont say it by the pig he`ll freak LOL judt kidding !!!!!! 
Actually, I hear that pigs eat people. You don't fall down when it's feeding time on a hog farm. Seriously.
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