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Just announced our first guest and timing: +John Lilly on Thursday, May 10, 8:15am PST.

Some friends and I are going to be running an experiment at +VC Office Hours Go follow that page right now!

We're going to be doing Hangout on Air sessions with prominent VC's and angel investors. In the next few weeks we'll get started with:

+John Lilly of Greylock Ventures
+Chris Dixon of Founder Collective
+Roger McNamee of Elevation Partners
+John Borthwick of Betaworks

For each session, we're hoping to find 6-8 interested and interesting entrepreneurs, students, or fans of tech investing to lob questions at the respective VC's. We'll do 30m or so sessions, that we'll broadcast and archive for posterity. We'll announce each VC session with an individual G+ post... and if you'd like to be part of the interview panel, you can respond in the comments. I'll select a group of panelists from those that self-nominate.

I expect this is going to be a lot of fun! Very open to suggestions and feedback as we explore what the community (and perhaps even the VC's) find valuable.

I'll announce the time and first guest soon!
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Sounds interesting; it could help to cement thoughts that I have been having. They are regarding the new definition of commerce/congress in society, Perhaps I'll join you.
Count me in! Just circled, +Bradley Horowitz! Would love to participate. This is fantastic. (And actually very in line with a project I am about to launch!)
+Bradley Horowitz there is a missing link here. VC's can give us their perspective of what they want from an entrepreneur, do's & dont's for pitching etc. But there is an entrepreneurial side also i.e. what should an entrepreneur(for his first venture like me) take care while dealing with VC's for their series A. That is an important factor which i guess should not be asked to VC's obviously, else it wud be like asking directly to them "What should we take care while dealing with you guys??" ;)

So along with VC's if some established entrepreneurs who had tackled all this with excellence can join then he can add much more value to this hangout by giving the entrepreneur's perspective & what shud we take care while dealing with VC's so that we can have a more clear & focused approach while negotiating for our first deal.

This has come at great time for me as we are in the process of launching our first venture. I would like to join this hangout for sure.
I'd be interested if deemed interesting enough. Why not right?
Possibly talk about Google and all it's products - how to keep pushing innovation across the board and where are the resources truly focused.
Or just Google+ and why it's special.
(Not 100% sure I'm the right fit for this request so sorry if barking up wrong tree)
OK, following. But we're self funded. Well, except for credit cards :-)

I am very interested in being apart of the panel. I'm from the Bay Area and I currently live in AZ. So my questions and views will be coming from a perspective of being outside the silicon valley.

Ben Hall

+Bradley Horowitz I'd love to be part of the interview panel. Office hours via Hangout on Air sessions has the potential to be especially helpful for startups outside of Silicon Valley. I'm co-founder of an early stage startup in Atlanta, and am really looking forward to these office hours sessions. Great idea!
Definitely interested! As a startuper first and because I'm hosting a French-speaking podcast about startups too ( ). We've been using Hangout for our live shows, through Livestream, since last November, waiting for live streaming to be part of Hangout in Europe... In any case, that's a great initiative, thanks for making it happen.
I would love to be in one of these.
Would love to take part in one of these. Where do I sign up?
will the hours be made available for wider viewing somehow?
How would I sign up to be one of these interviewers? Being extremely new and entirely unfamiliar to pitching to investors, I'm a little naive beyond what I read on LinkedIn and VentureBeat, but I've been working on an education platform that I think confronts most if not all of the major issues in education today, except with a vastly superior user experience than all of the systems I've tried while growing up (Blackboard, Moodle, Sakai). Anyhow, I'm hoping something like this would help me learn about how the venture capital deals work (terms? oversight? equity stake? collateral?) while also possibly giving me a chance to pitch my ideas before investors to see where I stand. Please forward information to me if there's anything else I need to know.
We have set the date for the first semiannual to be held in Silicon Valley, the form of the Festival might be said to resemble CES meets a Film Festival, with the blend of VCs, music and wine. Would love to be included in this new forum. Sign me up!!!
Bradley would like to invite you to be on a panel and attend the in Silicon Valley in September, contact me if you might be interested and will tell you more...this could be CES meets South By Southwest and beyond being that it is in Silicon Valley
I would enjoy the opportunity to participate. I am an investor in a number of top tier VC's through Northgate, Capital Dynamics (fka HRJ), Darwin, etc., and also am a startup/angel investor guy (1800Medicine and HEROware). I have significant speaking experience, having presented and/or been a panelist at well over 30 investment conferences (Opal and Institutional Investor) as a result of serving as a Trustee on a public pension fund (SDCERA) and as a member of the Investment Advisory Committee of the San Diego Foundation. While a Trustee, as part of doing due diligence, I had the pleasure of meeting with a number of Sandhill VC's in their offices. I have also had the opportunity to pitch VC's a handful of times over the years (Mission, Enterprise Partners and several others).

I think that attendees would enjoy hearing the serendipitous ways that start ups have been able to get an audience with top tier VC's. How soon into a presentation do the VC's know that "this one" isn't going anywhere. The three or four primary things that VC's look for in a deck-Is Kawasaki's right about limiting the number of slides? Who do VC's prefer to get introductions from? Any interesting stories about those that wouldn't take "no" for an answer? Fear and Greed and their respective roles in analyzing a deal-ie., "Are VC's human?" The ones that got away, and why. And of course, the obvious questions, including the concept of "smart money" and "which is more important, a good team or a good idea?" Are Angels moving upstream? Lots more but this is already too long.
Great initiative +Bradley Horowitz but is it possible to do a similar experiment during European hours with VC´s interested in Europe? Doesn´t matter where they are based as some funding is currently crossing the pond so location doesn´t matter, but time and subject are important for an European audience.
If you wish I can help you source interesting VC´s who are European ór are currently investing in Europe.
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