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New Google+ Commercial Airing during the Grammys...

Instant Upload has already saved my own precious photos numerous times..

This commercial is really moving. Especially since it's based on a true story from one of our team mates.
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Love it! Especially the "That's a plus" line.
so sweet little angel
Instant Upload is surprisingly handy; I must agree.
great commercial! Always another day another reason why I'm so happy to be on G+
definitely like the commercials you guys have been running recently. This one is great but Dear Sophie is still my favorite!
people do you mind to add me in your circle...tnx
For the first time of my life I was consciously influenced by a commercial! I just activated instant upload because of it (not that I take many pictures with my phone, but still)
What a wonderful commercial! And what a great product Google! Well done!
Instant Upload through WI-FI or else my data plan will die out =(
One of my favorite features, worthy of a commercial
Huge fan of this feature. Tools shouldn't make you have to do more work, especially if they are social tools. Great example of sharing in the real world!
My guess between my wife and I, we've taken about a million pictures of our kids in the past 5 years. We're about to start uploading the best of them to Google.
Love your idea +M Monica about protecting new born's
Ok that is crazy... One of the many reasons for me that I love Google+ is this feature right here! As a new dad myself I can definitely relate to this and it is awesome having them backed up right after they are taken!
exactly google+ is great
I love it! Instant Upload is my favorite feature in Google+! I truly love it! And the tiny photos thumbnails remind me to share my photos. I never forget to share photos on my phone with that!
I have a Eye Fi card in my camera as well that automatically uploads all pictures to Google+ (Picasa Web Albums). Game changer for sure.
This is a feature I have loved from the beginning, for the exact same reason. I am a new dad and my nearly daily pic of my son is such a big deal to me.

Great commercial
+Cheryl Wilson You have to install Googe+ app on your Android or iPhone. The first time you login it will ask you if you want to enable instant upload or not. You can also go to Settings and enable it from there! Once enabled all your photos on the phone will be uploaded privately to your account on Google+. Go to Photos and choose Photos on my Phone!
+Vito Vizziato No. It's privately uploaded and only you can see them. Then you can share them with any of your circles or publicly or keep them for yourself.
Quick question...if I enable instant upload of the pictures I take... Does that mean that they're viewable by anyone though, because that I wouldn't like. Can anyone tell me who uses the feature thanks!
Oh yeah and "Thats a Plus" is a tagline to love!
+Cheryl Wilson install the G+ app and enable "instant upload." done.

+Vito Vizziato instant uploads are not viewable by anybody but you. until you later choose to share specific photos.
Thank you +Mohammad Khatib mohair appreciate your help. I never enabled it cause I thought they'd be public. So Google+ saves them to their server privately and they're still in my phone right?
+1 to suggestion of using an card in your regular non-phone camera. Similar feature (and it can auto-upload to picasaweb which is google+ photos).
I just officially turned on the feature.. Thanks guys! Had anyone encountered any issues or things they haven't liked about that feature?
+Vito Vizziato , Instant Upload pictures are saved into a private, locked album. They are not visible to anyone else unless you explicitly share them.

G+ uses Picasa for photo storage, and as long as your photos are under a certain size, they are stored free. Instant Upload automatically converts then to a lower resolution. Not much lower, but still not necessarily the original size. Not a bad trade for free storage/backup.
Jeff F.
As much as I do like the feature, and I do, people need to realize it's not a true backup. Instant upload resizes your image so that it's no more than 2048 pixels on the longest side. As a result, the photos that I take on my Galaxy Nexus that start at 2592 x 1944 pixels get uploaded to my Instant Upload album at 2048 x 1536. It's better than nothing if you lose them, but this is not an adequate backup.

(Edit: I see someone referred to this as well as I was typing...)
+Krewe Maynard +Jeff F. Thanks for the heads up on the lower resolution. Quick ? if you pay for the extra storage, will they leave the file size along?
Great commercial. I really like the instant upload feature. Not sure I like the integration of g+ with picasa though
Once your photos are all uploaded to that private folder, if you ever want to delete them all you can right? That sucks that it changes the resolution but whatever I guess
+Jeff F. It's certainly better than nothing. I keep a full resolution backup, too, but it's nice to have Instant Upload, too. I do wish it would sync deletes.
Jeff F.
Yeah, I do like it. I keep a separate backup too, though. But I think that most people are unaware that it's not a full res backup. I just think that needs to be very clear.
Actually the last line should be, "Most of my photos were still there." Many of the photos I take never seem to upload.
Great ad. Google needs to do more commercials, and show what people can do on G+ that is unique.
Chan Li
very touching
Photos uploaded through Instant Uploads are resized to 2048 pixels...
Not relevant in this case I guess. But the photos uploaded are not the originals. Needs to be highlighted.
Instant Upload is only available on Android devices... and Facebook could add this instant upload feature to its Android app tomorrow
Good! It connects technology to human benefit. Nicely done.
+Mathieu Méa There are tons of apps out there which can do the same. Apple iCloud already does it in iOS 5 devices I believe... So, this is not unique to Android devices at all.
When will this be available for iOS? In fact, when will Google push out a new version of Google+ for iOS? It's been over a month since their last release and it's due for a big feature-rich update.
+Tristan Smith For some reason not all of mine show up. I figure it's one of many bugs in Google/Gmail's system lately.
+Alex Fung I am not an iOS user but I was led to believe by the presentation at the launch of iCloud that the photos are automatically synced to the user's computer running iTunes. If the user IS using an iOS device, I would imagine that he would also be using iTunes on a regular basis :)

Of course, the unlimited storage on Google Plus is pretty nice even with the resized image issue. :)
That's a really nice camera on that phone! Looks like DSLR quality ;) Definitely not like my crappy Galaxy Nexus camera... Oh well, great feature though :)
Hmm, I thought G+ uploads were full res... gotta test it now...
+Sushubh Mittal That's true. If you have a desktop and a running iTunes. So if you are on a 30+ day trip, you had better leave your desktop running at home. I just want to point out that there are many differences between the two instant upload services because they are designed for different purposes. See the linked post for details.

Yes for most photos I don't mind resizing to 2048, which means about 3MB, which is better than a lot of cameras until recently.
Even if G+ aren't full resolution, they still look better than anything I've posted on FB.
+Alex Fung It still suck that I still have to manually backup all photos because I prefer keeping copies of originals. Google Plus can easily add a new option on their Android app. An option to tell the app to upload originals with a warning that it would count in user's account storage. Would come very helpful for people with paid storage accounts. I have a support thread going on in Google Plus forums for a while where people have made similar requests. :)
+Sushubh Mittal Instead of waiting for them, I suggest you to use Dropbox/sugarsync to upload the full size photos. However, they may mess with G+ instant upload. I'm not sure. I remember that after I disabled dropbox instant upload, G+ upload also stopped (although the settings option remained checked). I need to disable and re-enable G+ instant upload to bring it back to normal. I am not sure whether dropbox disabled G+, or it is my disabling dropbox that disabled G+.
+Alex Fung righto. i have heard a lot of stories about instant upload not working for some people. i usually use it for quick shares on the web. never rely it for online backups. :) i schedule manual backups once a week. download the originals. store it on my drive and upload it on picasa web. :)
I am a new user to G+ and I think that this is a million times better that Facebook, keep up the amazing work me and my wife love it Ty
G+ is really gonna blow up now.
Instant Upload is a great feature :)
I only wish it doesn't have that 2048x2048 max resolution limit.
Sweet. Love seeing Google push this. They really need to get the product awareness out there and get it in the hands of some influencers and start building the "story" that is Google+.
Oh, and another feature I'd LOVE to see in browsing "Photos from your phone" is the ability to browse by year / month as well :D It can get tedious trying to see old photos.
This single feature converted almost all my Android-using friends to Google+
This made me turn on my instant upload. Lets see how long it takes for my 800+ photos of my son to upload. :)
The ad is very nice, and Instant Upload as a feature absolutely rocks. However... "the phone was whatever, I've lost like a million phones". Can you try and avoid letting a 13 year old girl write the dialog next time please?
who were the 3 idiots that disliked it?
Am I the only one who thinks that using children to hit people's emotions in commercials is, whether allowed or not, just wrong? The g+ feature we all enjoy deserves much better from google :(
+Krewe Maynard I thought if you delete photos in instant upload album it prompts you if you wanna delete both uploaded and phone copies?
Just saw the commercial. Viva la Google+ revolution!!!
Love it. Downloaded it bc of your commercial.
I agree...downloaded because of your commercial!!! Thanks!
Best commercial ever have a newborn to n wouldn't want that happening to me. That is why I downloaded it! Thanks!
Definitely downloaded after that commercial...need my photos
Eddie Q
Simply Brillant...thank you Google!
Did download it just at the end od the commercial on the Grammys. Great ad.
Just downloaded cause of this touchyyy commercial!
Saw this commercial and immediately downloaded G+ lol, great ad!
Great commercial! Just installed it on my phone! <3
Just added this app cuz.of that commercial....i have deleted all 700 pix before!!!lol
Great commercial! It made me download this app immediately!
I Love my photos...
I got this app because of the precious :-)
Love the commercial and the app I have 2 kids I'm always snapping pics of every waking moment and I would've been crushed if I ever lose my phone before I knew about this app thanks a lot
Downloaded ASAP! I just had a beautiful baby boy and I have thought what in the world would I do if I lost my phone. Thanks Google+!
Great commercial. I downloaded this app bcuz of it. Thumbs up
I had no clue that Google+ did this and I am so incredibly happy about it!
I just downloaded this app bc of your commercial ...I've lost two phones with all my pictures of my kids and there birth.
Just downloaded this app due to the commercial during the Grammy's. I love my pictures.
I also got the app after watching the commercial. I will be sure to share with family and friends.
I got this cuz of that commercial too!
Thanks to this commercial I just added this site. Love the commercial by the way!!!
Got the app after the commercial too! I like the picture part.
Downloaded the app after seeing the commercial, works great!
I just downloaded the app because of that commercial. How very touching!
Downloaded app after commercial looked totally cool and it is lol
Question: How does one turn Instant Upload On & Off?
The commercial got me :D
New ppl on G+ are always welcome to add me to a circle. Welcome aboard !!! We have been waiting for you ! =) now lets do this and kill FB !!
It's about time they aired a new commercial. Apple and Google are playing for keeps.
I am turning on Instant Up Load right now.
Installing Google+ on my android right now. :)
This commercial inspired me to download this great app...thanks
Cka A
Just downloaded best app invented hands down!
I like the setting which uploads only when connected with WiFi, which alleviates somewhat the problem of my Droid repeatedly becoming, first, a handwarmer, then dead (battery) after I take multiple pictures at remote job sites and use the phone for various other things.
As soon as I saw the commercial my husband and I grabbed our phones and downloaded this great app! .... Similar story, I have hundreds of photos of my new nephew and I would just die if I lost all the photos of him!
+Jurek Jerry K go to the setting menu and there you can find the photo settings. It also allows you to turn instan upload on and off
Because of picture backup I'm dedicated to Google+
+Bradley Horowitz Amazing how it's all in the story telling. Such a simple story and yet the ad was really moving. Good job! You should have used +Louis Gray's twins though :)
This is my 1st time with my new google+ account.. it seems i have.someone invite me to join their circle or i cant use.this site.. is that true?
I downloaded kt cuz of that.awespme but i really.want to learn bow to use it! I want oit of fb for good
+Nikki Frye not necessarily, because you can put other people in your own circles and then, if they share public info a lot, you'll get those updatss
So k dlnt knkw anyome who has an accoint yey, but i am determinded we all shoild try google+ instead
.. please help me get access to it...
When i search for my best friends on fb, it says no matches found :-(
This comercial was so powerful. It took me til the end to realize it was a Google+ spot... Then my heart leapt... First thought, "That's my family!" ♥
If it wasn't for that commercial I would've never download the app! I'm ridiculously excited!! I can now lose my phone n not die!
That commercial was fantastic!
I enjoy that feature!
:( no app for blackberry? blehhhhhh
Great commercial!! I think the app is very practical, just need to find it an install on my phone :)
So Tech
I downloaded 2sec after the commercial..but are the pics viewable to everyone?? I want them private.
+So Tech : No, the pics aren't visible to anyone unless you explicitly open Google+ and share them with someone.
+So Tech When the photos are automatically uploaded, they're only visible to you until you share them with others.
+Armando Ferreira : Google+ uploads videos as well. With Dropbox, you have a 2GB limit and can't directly share them with people on a social network. Google+ offers infinite storage for photos and videos!
Wow... That was some 'phone' taking all those lovely pictures. Anyone know what make and model? With a phone like that I'll be able to leave my dSLR at home so I don't leave it in a taxi.
+Armando Ferreira +Nipun sehrawat That's correct. On G+, all your photos are stored at up to 2048 resolution. All your videos are stored at up to HD quality, 15 mins per video. Unlimited.
This ad is a true symbol of the brand’s heritage. It elicits joy and will certainly impact user behavior.
Just now I was doing what many people were doing..... checking google plus during the commercial break. I clicked this video at the same time it was on TV..... wild. Oh, and a sweet commercial too :)
Downloaded it right after the commercial : )
Now to find a decent camera phone as I'm sure none of the pics in that commercial were taken with a camera phone!
Downloaded right after I saw the commercial =P
I downloaded google+ right after I saw this commercial!
Great commercial... I've experienced the loss of baby photos of my son on a lost phone. Great idea..
I downloaded app after commercial can't put a price on precious pictures does it again!!!!
Yes sometimes it doubly or even triply makes sure your photos get uploaded which can result in a very cluttered 'photos from your phone' section
I could totally relate to the commercial. Downloaded app right after I saw the commercial too! =D
Love it new dad in here don't wanna miss a moment of my new born life!! Google is the best!
naw Al
naw Al
La Vie
I just uploaded my application on my Android, great idea.
I've never had FaceBook, and I wish all my friends that do have it were more open and aware of Google+ and its benefits for users. Google doesn't just make social life easier, it makes life easier. :-)
iCloud + Photo Stream = No worry about lost phones
It would be a nice feature if there would be an option to have it upload the original photo.

I'm using picasa as a place to store and back-up all my photos and I pay for extra storage.
I don't want instant upload to place resized and compressed duplicates of my photos in my picasa account so at the moment I can't use this would-have-been great feature due to that restriction.

Please make it have an option to upload original photos!

You can still have it off as default so people who doesnt know what they are doing still can upload unlimited amount of smaller version of their photos or even start resizing and compressing the pictures if people reach their quota but please give us the option to actually be able to use it as a real backup for our photos and not just a tool to share more easily.
google plus ! i like it!!!!!!!!!!!
that baby is so cute i am wel jel of her
It was nice to see Google doing a commercial.. Lord it
so true...glad i activated the auto upload option too,whej my sd card just died...all saved up in the cloud!
I actually poured (accidentally)a can of soda on my Android and was so distraught over losing my pictures then saw the commerical w a sign of relief. For once TV consoled me
Google presented their commercial in a good way. No BS. And by the way, Google+ is free!
My kids were born around the same time as G+ was launched so their entire life is recorded in photo and video with G+ Instant Upload.
After seeing this, I was glad I was an early Google+ Adopter
Very touching. I love the feeling of being a dad. I Google+ sure make keeping those memories easier.
Mary Li
My daughter is 4 years old now, I like the feeling of being a mom
I added google+ this am as a result of watching the commercial.
aylardır kullanıyorum 1200 e yaklaşık fotoğraf yüklendi :)
I readded google+ today as a result.
Love the commercial, love the feature even more but disappointed that there was no plus button for the video on YouTube.
Love this commercial. Love this feature. Love Google+.
+Catie Willis Just click the share button first then you get the +1 button. They probably shouldn't hide it like that :-/
I only wish I could get more of my friends to jump over here!
This commercial touched me because nearly the same thing happened to phone was water logged and I was afraid I lost all of my newborn son's pictures (and some of my two older daughters as well). I have to say what a blessing it was to still have access to them on Google+...

Sidenote: I had a camera stolen from me that had pictures on it of my girls and I always regret losing the pictures, having no access to them...I could give a crap about the camera, but the loss of the pictures hurt most.
I turned my Instant Upload back on now because of this video. Haha
this is the first time i got my email address on google!
Saw it last night and thought it was great. It was weird though because as it kept progressing Google+ started creeping into my mind as a solution to his problem and wouldn't you know...instant upload come up and I couldn't help but smile.
Thanks for the Google propaganda/advertisement in "what's hot."
This is a very important feature for those of us who take all our pictures using our phones.
It would be nice if +Google+ allowed users to save or bookmark posts. I am always finding very interesting posts in my stream with no ability to go back to it quickly when I want to reread them.
Sounds great. I'd love to try it. Sadly, I still have a dumb phone, not a smart phone. Too many expenses between us.
This commercial is exactly what made me download this. I hate losing my photos throughout my lifetime of phones..
Umm, does this work on iPhone?
If it saved your photos, it kinda shared mine without my permission. Instant upload was auto checked when created acciunt. I know this cause I haven't clicked on anything similar.
+Ted Reka the uploaded photos are private by default and only you can view them. So essentially they are ready for share if you want to.
Great feature, but this is an ANDROID feature, not a Google+ feature. Instant Upload is only available on Android. Iphone app does not have this feature on Google+, nor does any other type of phone. Kind of preaching to the converted, or selling the wrong product!
Pretty commercial!
My wife lost her phone last summer. She lost many her children's PHOTOS that stored in the Phone. She said "Photos never came back." Instant upload is nice feature!!
It was my favorite feature - until my phone's sd-card got corrupted, then I found out that Google resized all my 8 mega-pixel photos down to 2.5 mega-pixels.

Sure, it's better than not having them at all, but it's far from a "backup".
...Just to confirm. It downsizes the photos so that the longest dimension (width or height) equals 2048. So if your originals were (just for example) 4096x2048, they will be resized to 2048x1024, which is 1/4 the number of original pixels/information.

If your photos are taken in poorly lit rooms with no flash, then - depending on how the downsizing is done - you aren't losing much "good" information... But, if the photos were taken outdoors in a brightly lit scene, then 3/4's of your beautiful photo is automatically thrown away like trash!
I though that after resizing the photos, at least Google would keep them at high-quality, but no, they're saved in medium-quality compression at best...

After examining an original photo and the modified version from Google+ "instant upload", I have found quite a lot of JPEG artifacts going on (particularly in medium-dark areas) - so your images are being compressed quite a lot more than when your phone's camera saved them.
im trying to download the pics from my phone that was stolen and still on.  is that possible?   ive added google plus and backed up the phone but cant find pics anywhere
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