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Bradley Horowitz

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As usual... Thoughtful commentary and meta-commentary by +Mike Elgan...
Sorry, tech press. Google+ is alive and well.

(Read my column: )

A chorus of tech journalists this week is saying that Google is phasing out its social network, Google+.

Where did they get this juicy nugget of information? Well, they made it up. And I'll tell you why.

But first, let's look at what the press is saying and compare that with reality:

#GooglePlus #Google+
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If someone at the top says Google+'s alive and well. Then it surely is. 
No need to worry about anything. 
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Bradley Horowitz

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Last night I joined several thousand screaming teenage girls, boys and their confused parents at Lilly Singh's (Superwoman's) live performance at the Warfield in San Francisco.

That is all.
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Bradley Horowitz

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I continue to be extremely excited about the building momentum for +Google Photos.  If you're not using it yet, you should be!  Time to make the move...
Goodbye Google+ Photos, hello +Google Photos!

In May, we launched Google Photos as the home for all your photos and videos. With Google Photos you can store unlimited high quality photos and videos for free, find photos fast, and see them organized by what matters to you. Plus, you can bring moments to life and share anywhere with anyone.

In an effort to ensure everyone has the best photos experience we can deliver, on August 1st we’ll start to shut down Google+ Photos -- initially on Android, and soon thereafter on the Web and iOS.

If you’re still using Google+ Photos, now is a great time to make the switch. You may have seen a prompt in Google+ Photos on Android with a link to download the new Google Photos. Don’t worry, all your photos and videos will still be saved and available after you switch to the new, stand-alone Google Photos app. With the new app you’ll still be able to backup, edit, and share your photos and videos, with unlimited storage, automatic organization, and more.

Download the new Google Photos today for uninterrupted access to all your photos, videos and albums.  If you don’t update to the new Google Photos, Google+ Photos on Android will soon stop working, but your photos and videos will still remain safely stored and available via or for export using Google Takeout.

Get the Google Photos app for Android
Learn more about these changes:
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Considering we have no choice. . Please take the time to upgrade the new app..with all the old editing tools at least. . Your public will much appreciate your help. Now is the time to better this assest .. before the problems begin.
Listen to your followers Google+
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Bradley Horowitz

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Andrew is an inspiration. As smart as they come, and deeply humble and real. Thrilled to see him get someone overdue ink in a field where his peers tend to be somewhat loud. ;-)
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Bradley Horowitz

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Designer of many iconic MUJI products Naoto Fukasawa speaking in SF this evening. Many brilliant Googlers in attendance. 
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I dont understand 
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Bradley Horowitz

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Looking forward to this documentary...
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Bradley Horowitz

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Big news in the "alumni network" as +Christian Oestlien returns to Google (via +YouTube, welcome home!) and +Todd Jackson moves over to Dropbox.

These are some of the most talented folks I've worked with, and excited to see them thriving.
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Bradley Horowitz

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Everything in Its Right Place

It’s been a little more than a quarter since I took on leadership of a newly formed team, which we’ve christened SPS: Streams, Photos, and Sharing.

In that short time, I’ve had some time to reflect on the products we’ve built over the last few years, and also the opportunity to oversee the launch of our new Google Photos product. I’ve concluded that it’s time for a “pivot”... or more precisely time to talk more openly about a pivot that’s been underway for some time (and in fact is reflected in the name of the new team). We're going to continue focusing Google+ on helping users connect around the interest they love, and retire it as the mechanism by which people share and engage within other Google products.

Four years ago when we conceived of the “Google+ Project”, we made it clear that our goals were always two-fold: Google+ aspired to be both a “platform layer that unified Google’s sharing models”, and a product / stream / app in its own right.

This was a well-intentioned goal, but as realized it led to some product experiences that users sometimes found confusing. For instance, and perhaps most controversially, integration with YouTube implied that leaving a comment on YouTube (something users had obviously been doing successfully for years) suddenly and unexpectedly required “joining Google+.”

We decided it’s time to fix this, not only in YouTube, but across a user’s entire experience at Google. We want to formally retire the notion that a Google+ membership is required for anything at Google… other than using Google+ itself.  

Some of the consequences of this shift in thinking have already been deployed. Others we’re rolling out as fast as possible (e.g. the changes to YouTube we referenced today). And many more will roll out over the rest of the year.

What does this mean for Google+ the product? Relieved of the notion of integrating with every other product at Google, Google+ can now focus on doing what it’s already doing quite well: helping millions of users around the world connect around the interest they love. Aspects of the product that don’t serve this agenda have been, or will be, retired. But you’ll also see a slew of improvements that make this use case shine (like the recent launch of Collections -

It’s been incredibly gratifying to see how this strategy has played out as realized in the recent Google Photos launch, a product which in many ways embodies and telegraphs the changes discussed above. Google Photos not only doesn’t require a Google+ account, but as much of the functionality as possible doesn’t even require an account at all. It was important to me that when we launched Google Photos, we stressed the product implements sharing by any means a user prefers… without compromise or agenda. This is the right thing for users and the feedback and usage has been extremely validating.

I’m excited to share this strategy with the world, excited about what it means for Google+, and most of all for all of Google’s users.
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Wer oder was geht ab 
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Bradley Horowitz

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More context on the right-placing of Photos...
I wanted to clarify a couple of points regarding yesterday’s announcement ( and provide some additional context:

1. The great photo and video sharing service that’s part of Google+ is unaffected. You can continue to post photos and videos, and your followers will be able to comment and +1 as before. No change.

2. All of the photos, videos, and albums you have already shared on Google+, including their posts, comments, and +1s are also unaffected. An easy way to find these is to visit the Photos tab of your Profile page.

3. The private photo management component of Google+, which includes backup, editing, creations, private album management (album management for shared content is still available on Google+), and sharing to other apps, is being replaced by Google Photos.

I sincerely appreciate for many of you #3 is still a hard pill to swallow. And I promise we don’t take decisions like this one lightly. The reality is that maintaining both Google+ Photos (the private photo management component of Google+) and Google Photos poses several challenges. Most notably, it is confusing to users why we have two offerings that virtually do the same thing, and it means our team needs to divide its focus rather than working on building a single, great user experience. 

We are working very hard to bring all the best features of Google+ Photos to Google Photos, and this focus will allow us to deliver even more features at a much faster pace.
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Nunn qui ce. Je connais seulement mur? .!!!!
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Bradley Horowitz

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I'm curious too....

(Comment on Kevin's post)
Tell me what your favorite non-fiction podcasts are, and we'll share the results with everyone on Cool Tools. Go to survey here:
Take this survey to rate and nominate your favorite podcasts
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Bradley Horowitz

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For the record, proud to be on any list with +Sundar Pichai​, +Susan Wojcicki​ and +Snoop Dogg​...

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whatsapp me +233249756189
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Bradley Horowitz

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With +Tim O'Reilly and +Steven Levy collaborating...  This is sure to be an awesome event.
We just unveiled the project I've been working on for the past six months or so (really, the past couple of years, but only explicitly the past six months), a new event called Next:Economy, also known as WTF? What's the Future of Work?  It's a look at robots, AI, and the on-demand economy, and what they tell us about the future of work, the shape of corporations, and the issues we should be grappling with now if we want these profound changes to come out for the best.

My co-host for the event is Steven Levy of Medium. While the speaker list is still preliminary, it tells the story of what we're going after. Explore the speaker pages - I've loaded them with quotes from the speakers, which will help you understand in advance where they are coming from. Over the next few weeks and months, we'll be curating an online conversation, with lots of great reading and viewing, to engage with these ideas, whether or not you are coming to the event.
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I'm a bit of a dosa snob (having lived in India for a spell) and was very excited to try Dosa... We ordered a few appetizers and the classic standard by which all dosas must be judged - the Masala Dosa. Delicious. The dosa itself was crisp, light and not burned... and the filling was deliciously spiced and not oily. The appetizer was beautifully presented. All in all a very efficient and great night.
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We treated ourselves to an evening of fine dining at Feitoria, in the beautiful Altis Belem Hotel and Spa. The Hotel and restaurant are stunningly beautiful. Right on the shores of the Tagus river, the views at sunset are spectacular... as the light is glistening and warmly glowing on the hillsides across the river. The decor of the hotel is understated, austere even, and classic. Minimilist granite. The food was a bit of "molecular gastronomy", but without overdoing it to the degree it becomes circus. We were served an "amuse bouche" of a savory oreo - black crackers, with crab cake filling. Delicious. Then we were brought gazpacho soup in a martini glass - including a faux olive (that was produced via molecular gastronomic magic.) For our entrees - I ordered the crusted sole, and my better half wisely ordered the 5 course tasting menu and wine pairings. She was presented with dish after exquisite dish. Everything was exceptionally and freshly presented. The staff as attentive and light-hearted. The wines were varied and delicious. We really enjoyed dessert. I ordered the "Seven textures of Apples" and she had the "Banana Split." Like many of our dishes, each one came with a narration and explanation as to the unique preparation. This was a perfect meal to what turned out to be a perfect night. We'll be back here whenever opportunity allows.
• • •
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Very Good
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Fantastic sushi, convenient to the theater district. As good as it gets. Offered us a children's omakaze selection.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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I'm here for the Wall Street Journal "D10" Conference, and I couldn't be more impressed with this facility. Sometimes it's easy for me to forget that when you factor out the cars, the people, the scene, etc. Los Angeles is gorgeous! A short 30m drive down the Pacific Coast Highway, and here you are... The staff, the rooms, the food... all first rate. I'd consider coming back here for a family trip.
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We had a really lovely early lunch at Asiate, upon checking into the Mandarin Oriental at Columbus Circle. The food was really exceptional, and the view (on the 35th floor overlooking the park) was breath-taking. Service was comfortably casual and friendly. It was a great way to start our NYC adventure.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Very Good
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Izzy's is a delight. Perfectly consistent, and the staff is totally pleasant and thoughtful. I'm often there on a Saturday and sometimes Sunday morning.
Quality: ExcellentAppeal: Very GoodService: Excellent
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