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Oh Google+ how I always forget you exist. How's everyone doing?
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Fine Brad, thank you :)
I'm waiting for the new Skyrim videos! I hope you cand upload them soon.
Have a nice night Brad!
Waiting to get home from vacation to Platinum Atelier Totori and then start on the land of Skyrim
you are the actually youtube walkthrough guy that make me laugh. Good Job.
Same as seamus said and i was wondering i just sent you a message asking you about co-op if your interested
Just finished watching your series on Alan Wake. Awesome stuff since I don't have an Xbox360, especially the driving ;) Hope to see some of the DLC content soon! (flippin' shit watching your Dead Space 2 videos atm :D)
Batman arkham city for the win, best youtube walk-through to date. helped me a lot. instead of me looking around for ages i know what to do and where to go. makes the game much enjoyable. i have almost finished the main story in what, seven hours. i dont know if thats a good time but for me that pretty good. anyway thanks again and keep up the epic work
+Seamus Rooney Yeah, it's really irritating to get stuck in games, especially if you don't play a whole lot and do it mainly for relaxation. These help a lot :)
ooh can you do mass effect 1 and 2 and revelations
your the best in the world men.i love you.
Hey Brad you really do touch a lot of people and your so awesome!
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