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A great post (and student Note) by Parker. Personally, I am very excited to see how this pans out. Few innovation-policy questions are more important!
+Parker Hancock writes an excellent analysis of software patent eligibility and the (in)sufficiency of software patent invention disclosures.
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Software and genes and patents, oh my! 

Getting ready for the symposium tomorrow. Hope to see you there (or on the live stream)!
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RIP Nelson #Mandela. Thank you for sharing your love with the world.
Mr. Mandela's decades in prison and insistence on forgiveness over vengeance made him a potent symbol of the struggle to end his country's system of racial domination.
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The 2014 JETLaw Symposium will bring Chief Judge Rader of the Federal Circuit to Vanderbilt on Jan. 24 to discuss patent-eligible subject matter with other renowned patent law thinkers. Panels will focus on the patentability of software and genetic material.

These are very interesting questions. I can't wait!
Announcing the 2014 JETLaw Symposium on Patent Eligibility

The 2013-2014 JETLaw Symposium, “Patents 101: Eligibility from Computer Code to Genetic Codes” will be held at Vanderbilt Law School on Friday, January 24th, 2014. The Symposium examines the interaction of Section 101 and patent eligibility of software and DNA, as well as the implication of current jurisprudence on patent eligible subject matter. With the recent Supreme Court decision in Myriad and the number of cases in recent years addressing the patent eligibility of software, Section 101 has once again moved to the forefront of patent litigation. Chief Judge Randall Rader of the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit will deliver the keynote address and will be joined at the Symposium by Judge Kent Jordan of the US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, former USPTO Solicitor John Whealan, and leading scholars from across the country.
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And we are underway, discussing patent eligibility (including software and genes). Please join our live stream and our discussion!
JETLaw: Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment & Technology Law. About · 2013-2014 JETLaw Masthead · Author Profiles · Class of 2014 · Past JETLaw Members · Blog Policies · Alumni · Awards · Contact JETLaw · Subscribe to JETLaw · Journal Archives ...
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This should be interesting!

We're having a symposium on patent eligibility (with a focus on software and genetic material) on Jan. 24th, 2014.
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Hah! #ExxonMobil actually does have does have black & white XX #trademark logo similar to FX Networks' new #FXX logo, but I think all their federal trademark claims still fall:
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Reading ExxonMobil's complaint in the case, it claims that its "XX"-only mark is "famous," along with its "ExxonMobil" and "Exxon" marks. While the latter two are certainly famous for trademark purposes (remember, this is a prerequisite for the broader dilution protection), the XX mark is much more questionable.

I don't think ExxonMobil will be able to prove famousness for the "XX"-only mark, but if it can, then the FX Networks' use of "FXX" would probably be enough to establish dilution, which would allow ExxonMobil to prevent FX from using "FXX."

If we think of trademark law as giving up a general right to use language (though only in commerce), this would seem to mean that only ExxonMobile can use the interlocking XX's, no matter how they are integrated into someone else's mark. Though this would be a societal policy question, in my personal opinion, that seems like a lot to give up (especially absent compelling evidence that consumers are actually confused).
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Intellectual property, cyber security, information risk, and process improvement
Vanderbilt Law School grad interested in intellectual property, technology law, and cyber security. MOOC copyright management at Harvard's MOOC vehicle, HarvardX. Views are my own, +1 ≠ endorsement, etc.
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Always great service and wonderful pizza at Otto's. There's no other like it. My favorite is the mashed potato bacon scallion, but really everything is amazing -- from the divine three cheese tortellini (yes, you read that right) to the pepperoni.
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Tiny cramped space, misheard my order. Standard Dunks otherwise.
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Fantastic breakfast options all the way through lunch, great service, and wonderful coffee, cold brews, and lattes. Try the specialty pancakes or the unusual benedict options -- you won't be disappointed!
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Good value for family-style pizza, but the pizza tends to be greasy and heavy, and the salad covered in TONS of dressing.
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Fantastic spot for modern reimaginings of southern breakfast and supper dishes. Very friendly and a beautiful interior and bar. Most items are relatively small, but everything (even the iced tea) is made to order and delicious.
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Free parking if the exit gate is up. Otherwise you have to pay.
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