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These are some pretty interesting videos. They go a little fast for any sort of real analysis, but it's pretty fun to watch.

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I'd say "Suck it, Trello!" but that seems almost TOO apropos...

Screw it. SUCK IT, TRELLO! ;)

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I'm so excited. I don't even know WHAT to link. On the one hand... I'll miss seeing CLG there, and Monte I know tried really hard...

Prowess of NaJin - (Colors of the Wind Parody)

But let's be real. Monte knows what Dade is going to do to everyone:

More importantly, we should take a look at the Road to Worlds.

Road To Worlds: The Beginning

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Not you.

Not ever.


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A blast from the past?


Also, Christopher, at the time, told me "That can't be mixed. Please don't try. And dropping it in the middle of some EBM is unfair to everyone."

It's not so much that he was wrong, it was that I didn't care.

Still don't.

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Hrm. That's all pretty distressing.

Koko was an interesting side-note in my childhood from when I was convinced I was going into one of the biological sciences (which obviously didn't happen), with a general aim toward primatology. Even though I abandoned that particularly educational aim, I've never given up on science or forgot about the things that made me interested in the first place.

Later in life, once I started reading about the crock that is "Facilitated Communication" (, the problems with ape language research became pretty clear. It's not that the subjects don't communicate, but it's more that our ability to comprehend their motives for communicating is lacking. Moreover, as the article points out... they don't really chit-chat or make many observations. Thus, even if they were human, that's like getting to know somebody only through their answers to your questions... which are frequently non-sequiturs.

Combine that with an unwillingness to generate reproducible studies (they have the only freaking gorilla, and they haven't released the tapes), and you have all the makings of bad science.

And the idea that the apes in question suffer because of that is just... shitty.

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Space is big, everyone.

But like, really.

Really, really big.

If you don't get exactly how hugely, undeniably, WE-DON'T-HAVE-THIS-WORD-LY big space is... I can't help you.

"The odds of hitting one of Jupiter's moons [with a laser fired randomly from Earth's surface], for example, are on the order of one in a trillion."

Of course, we land stuff on other planets (okay, cool).

We also get things into orbit around other planets.

Not only that, but we get things in orbit around comets.

Granted, if you haven't played Kerbal Space Program, you might not understand why the second is way more impressive and the third is a multi-decade journey to land a grain of sand on a Tiger Woods hole-in-one he hasn't even tried to hit when you threw the grain of sand in the first place.

Okay, I haven't actually done the math on the last one. But here's Rosetta's flight plan: Rosetta's Twelve-Year Journey to Land on a Comet | ESA Space Science HD Video

Now, tell me that your brain would have been fried long before the "second Earth gravity assist" and that by the time they got so confident in the trajectory that they just let it power off for two and a half years you were pretty sure that the ESA is powered by Hogwarts.

Space is big, everyone. But we've got a pretty good handle on how big. At least, locally.

And by "we" I mean people who actually work on that stuff.

Not you.

You have no idea how big space is. It's conceptually beyond you. Me, too, but we can at least find refuge in grasping the magnitude of our ignorance.

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This video is pretty freaking cool. Definitely worth watching up through the end.

Most definitely watch people apply sunscreen. Awesome!
What do you look like in UV?

This video showing people's faces in ultraviolet is astonishing, and delightful.

The science of it is pretty cool, too. So I described it in the article! 

Moving update:

I did not expect that to work as well as it did.


Welp. Lots of money has changed hands. Shit is happening.

I'm coming back to Fort Collins.

Quick FAQ, because obviously this hasn't been brought up anywhere else:

1) I'm keeping my existing job, but working remotely.
2) I'm living downtown.
3) I'm back for about a year. Likely not much longer. I've got a career to think about!
4) Yes, I probably missed you despite not talking to you. I don't talk to anyone.
5) No, I don't need your help. If I did, you already would have heard from me and not asked that question.
6) Bigger than you'd expect, but not flashy, you know? Something everyone is pretty in to, aside from "those" people.
7) Yeah, I guess, but it's not really high on my list of priorities.
8) Don't be stupid. What is wrong with you?!
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