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Eating at 5 guys for the first time ever. This is a really good burger. Not sure it beats In N Out, but still really good.
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For those of us on the east coast, it's our In n Out alternative. But I don't think it beats In n Out.
Five Guys fries may be better than In n Out. Both probably aren't technically good for you. We also have a similar place out here in the DFW area called "Mooyahs"
Wasn't a big fan of the 5 guys fries. The burger was great. First time i've had fresh jalapeno (not pickled) on a burger. Loved that.
Steak and Shake is better than both.
I haven't had In N Out but Five Guys is my favorite. The burger with jalapeños is the bomb!
I really like Five Guys too. If you're ever in the upper Midwest, don't pass up the chance to try a Culver's ButterBurger Cheese!
Brian W
I didn't realize that they made it out that far west. Did you try their Cajun fries? If you get their fries again then I'd recommend the small size since they pour them heaping over significantly that they go all over the bag. Unfortunately this also leads to a soggy bag if you want it to go, but I always eat it there. Enjoy!
Five Guys is growing westward and In-n-Out is growing eastward. They just opened a few In-n-Outs in the Dallas area last year, as well as a few Five Guys. I haven't had an In-n-Out burger in 5-6 years, so I may need to stop in and refresh my memory.
Now that 5 Guys has made it out west we need In-N-Out to find its way to the East Coast.
IMHO it wouldn't be hard to beat in In N Out. On my one outing there I was distinctly underwhelmed after all the hype I had experienced.
+Laurence Chiu I can't disagree with you. During a business trip to California a group of co-workers felt the same after venturing out to the nearest In-N-Out burger. For me, I simply like the idea of choice. Heck, I also miss a good 'ole greasy Ruby's burger.
Limited menus are a hallmark of these places, especially In-n-Out. They are kind of like the Apple of greasy burgers :)