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The Caffeine Made Me Do It
The Caffeine Made Me Do It
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I accidentally run the a clean cloth in my wife's favorite AC/DC glass(s) and my hand slips too close and breaks one.  One would think I committed murder.  I bet if one of her work friends did that, it would be, "Bummer, that's ok."  But when I do it, I'm yelled at in front of my kids. Nice.

Every notice Ars-Technica and Gizmodo post some of the most liberal, conservative bashing stuff? Why is that? For a "tech" site, they sure do show a considerable amount of liberal left leaning bias. And let's not even go there when it comes to their Apple loving fanaticism. Just reading some of their pieces on Apple products (especially Gizmodo) is enough to make me throw up in my mouth a little. It's like a sickness with these people.

A technology site who offers product reviews should not show any amount of favoritism to one particular manufacturer.

And why do these two sites make it a point to push the climate change agenda almost every single day in one form or another?

I'd love a straight answer from both organizations regarding this.

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I remember those days

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I first heard this during the introductory credits to one of my favorite movies, “Heartbreak Ridge” starring Clint Eastwood. The name of the song is “Sea Of Heartbreak,” by Don Gibson. Quite the toe tapper.

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