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Brad Wood
Everyone is Guilty of the Good they didn't do."Voltaire"
Everyone is Guilty of the Good they didn't do."Voltaire"


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Brad Wood aka Woodhana - Finding my way even when the path ended ...
I was so close - happy to have caught an Elusive Moment before turning around in the Ave. Of The Giants ... Humboldt ...

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The Reason ....
Laguna Beach ...

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Woodhana and his favorite girl Kimmy.... #PitRescue that Rescued me ...

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#MMJ   #MMOT  delivery in Orange County - Mission Viejo, Ladera, Laguna Beach

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An elusive moment that lasted nearly 9 months
I'm taking this moment to simply say,
I don't need to know where you are, or why you left without a goodbye. In fact, I think it's a beautiful way to end things, if you think about it. We skipped right over all the ugly breakup scenarios that could have happened in the long run and instead, exchanged it for a weekend of love, passion and connection - also, I don't need to worry about what you may, or may not be doing because it'll just be a waste of time.
I don't blame you in any way for anything.
I know life was hard and complicated for both of us. The real beauty was finding the beauty Inside all the chaos, without all the preconceived ideas of what or how a life should be before sharing it with someone, and then creating one so beautiful out of nothing and with open honesty was truly amazing..
Thank you for all the laughter, passion, compassion, virtue, love, friendships, and experiences we shared along the way...
I would like to know your ok and safe ...
The social blocking and hiding is silly but, I'm sure you have good reasons for it ...
Whatever you do I wish you the best ...
Your beautiful smile will remain in my heart.
Aloha Valerie ...


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People do their best to not let passion begin
It's dead before it has a chance to start
And so then there I am, the caretaker of sin
To your abandoned and malignant heart

It's such a pleasure, to sing with you together
Making love when there is nobody home
But I can't kiss you 'til you lift up your chin
You have to want to stop being alone

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Hi Lover -
Valerie +Valerie Richards 
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