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Sad but true...

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Brad Trnavsky

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I wonder how long it took someone to bend a paper clip like this and call it good? 
Airbnb's new brand resembles the logos of several other companies. Looks like someone forgot to do a Google Image Search.
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Lol at your words
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Brad Trnavsky

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Brad Trnavsky

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Where is Castle Black? Who can send aid?

Here's a quick map to orient yourself before tonights' finale. Castle Black sits at the center of the Wall. The Wall itself is around 300 miles long - which makes Castle Black around 150ish miles from the sea to the East. Craster's Keep is a good distance into the Haunted Forest. Mole's Town where the men of the Nights Watch go digging for buried treasure, is just to the south, with the King's Road running south to the rest of the Kingdom.

The ruins are the abandoned castles. Eastwatch-by-the-sea is still manned, as is the Shadow Tower to the West near the Bridge of Skulls. But Castle Black is a long way from anywhere, especially anywhere that has any reinforcements. Not a great place to be with 100,000 wildlings bearing down on you.

You can see the full map here ( - where you'll see just how far the Thenn's have come (Thenn is right up in the top left). They're not turning round and going home any time soon.

This comes from my Lands of Ice and Fire map folio:

#gameofthrones   #map   #thechildren   #winteriscoming  
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Check out this video on YouTube: what ate this 9 foot great white shark?

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Turns out it was a bigger shark. 
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Brad Trnavsky

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I'm a big fan of starting over. 
I've always loved the concept of the old adventurer, the veteran explorer who's been traveling the land for years, experiencing numerous different quests and refusing to retire. However, it's a concept that can be somewhat di...
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Brad Trnavsky

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I'm not sure how I feel about this app... Who uses it? Do I really want to see the anonymous inner thoughts of my friends? Sometimes I think I see enough here! 
Secret, the popular anonymous-sharing app, raised $25 million. Here's how it went from poorly designed messaging app to red-hot startup.
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Brad Trnavsky

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This may be the best thing on the internet! I can't believe it only has 411 views. 
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Loved it!
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Brad Trnavsky

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Check out this video on YouTube: what ate this 9 foot great white shark?

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I just Googled : What ate 9 ft shark, and got this - it's easy!
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Brad Trnavsky

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Pretty interesting!
The Army may still pursue an investigation that could lead to desertion or other charges against Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was freed from five years of Taliban captivity in a prisoner exchange last weekend, Gen.
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Have him in circles
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I am a doctoral researcher that is studying games as a tool for management. I am very interested in serious games, but am also really into RPG’s, board games, video games, and basically any other kind of game or sport! Outside of gaming, I have a background in sales management and marketing. I primarily blog about social media, blogging, sales, leadership, management, and gaming though you will see other geeky content from me. I have very eclectic taste and love to learn and share new ideas. I am always looking for new projects or ideas to support and am willing to lend an ear, help spread the word, or jump in whole hog if I find the project interesting!


In addition to that I am a husband, father, and Director of Admissions for a college in the Seattle area. I am a collector of comic books, lover of Sci-Fi, and runner. I am really into obstacle racing and mud runs and am documenting my training at I also blog sales leadership and management thoughts at and am planning to launch a serious games blog soon! Stay tuned!


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