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Excellent! woohoo! Just added Facebook, Twitter and Google logins to my #meteorjs app - and it actually works! :)

can someone give me an excellent description of "Continuous Integration" ?

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Personalised number plates! :)

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Don't overthink it. Life is short. Reach out. Get noticed. Be your best.

Right, so filling up the pool with the hose, it could have gone left or right, but no. Spits out of the pool right smack bang in the middle of my forehead. Bastard hose. And not once, but twice. Bastard hose. I should have moved, obviously, but no - like a goose, just stood there watching it. And it reared its ugly head and got me again! Bastard hose. Next time, I'll hire a water truck.

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For my developer fiends, would you give me some feedback on this? fiends = friends :)

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A great introductory presentation of Meteor.
Thanks to Robert for this.
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