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Moon landing closer to WWII than to today, we're living in the future!
Sometimes I like to look at my childhood astronomy books to remind myself how much has changed, in this 2nd decade of the 21st century.

For children today astronauts have always been women and men from multiple countries and educational backgrounds. Our planets have always been in color, there's usually a robot or two on or around at least one, and we've sent missions to all of them. We watch supernova-lit ejecta clouds in other galaxies, protoplanets forming around stars, ice volcanoes on other moons, and track satellites on our phones. The stars have always had planets, and the floor-count of planets in our galaxy is close to the number of galaxies in the light-cone of our known universe, of which our baryonic selfs are just a tiny part.

On the other hand, the last moon landing is closer to WWII than to today, and the youngest moon-walkers are as old as great-grandparents. We're curious about methane on Mars, but we're stopping with Curiosity, not starting, and getting people to Mars may have to be Kickstarted and XPrized.
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