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Brad Stone
I get excited about technology, research, design, improving the customer experience and anything fun that I can do with my family.
I get excited about technology, research, design, improving the customer experience and anything fun that I can do with my family.

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If your email address ends in .edu, you can get free space in Dropbox (up to 25 GB for 2 years) via the Campus Cup promotion. Available to both existing Dropbox users and new ones.

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I know +Vic Gundotra enjoys amazing photos.  Check this one out from the Coast Guard photo contest.  Join me in "Like"-ing the photo to help it win!

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Check out this amazing photo!

This photo is in the "Elite 8" of the Coast Guard photo competition bracket and was taken by my sister, LaNola Stone.

See it. Enjoy it. "Like it." Help her win!

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Now our neighbors in #SaltLakeCity will be able to enjoy @GoogleFiber like us in Provo!

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Just to be clear, are you asking if the HDHomerun Prime will record QAM (cable) TV channels provided by Fios?

I use the HDHomerun (not prime) to record ATSC (over the air) TV channels, so the only thing I need from my ISP is an Internet connection to receive Schedules Direct guide info. If I understand correctly, the HDHomerun Prime does not have ATSC support, only QAM.
I'd like to know if anyone in the NJ area currently has Fios and a mythtv setup with a HD home run prime. I have also ordered a HD pvr 1212. I'm mostly concerned with making sure the HD home run prime will work. There are other things I'd like to get worked out but I want to start with this. Thanks for the help. 

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Does Comcast offer this deal in your town?

#googlefiber #CompetitionRocks  

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The BYU Mars Rover team is competing this weekend against 30 teams from 6 countries on 4 continents.  My daughter, Christine, is the mechanical engineer on the team and will be the primary driver.

Good luck team BYU!

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This is the last week for the Sacred Gifts exhibit at the BYU Museum of Art. 

See the original versions of these famous art works with details that just can't be reproduced in a print.  The exhibit was 12 years in the making and it will likely never be done again.

Register now for free tickets.

And yes, Monday night is already sold out.

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"OK Glass, translate this."

Real time language translation app for Google Glass. The main photo is what I am looking at. The window in the upper right is what shows on the Glass heads-up display.

I especially like how the app adjusts for colors and font to make the translation look like the original sign.

Quite remarkable.
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Fandancy, a company that my daughter  Jennifer "Lynn" started, was selected last night by the Young Entrepreneurs Academy to represent Utah in their regional business competition in Texas!  Fandancy produces specialized earrings, based on video games, books and movies.

We are very proud of her hard work.
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