Just calculated up my weather forecast accuracy for 2010, yes I keep detailed stats on verification for my 24 hour forecast. (I'm a weather geek what can I say?)

What I forecast for 11pm for the next day I use to gauge how accurate I am. I consider a correct high or low temperature forecast when I am within 3° of my forecasted temperature. (This is pretty standard for temperature verification.) Rainfall forecast is a basic yes or no verification, did it rain and did I have and % of rain in my forecast? Resulting accuracy for 2010 was 94.5% on my 24 hr forecast temperature forecasts. Rainfall was 86.1% accurate for the next day.

So let the jokes start about me keeping my job when I'm wrong all the time. LOL For comparisons: the leading passer in the NFL had a 71.3% completion percentage, The leading batting average in MLB was 34.4% and the leading FG% in the NBA right now is 71.3%
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