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Just calculated up my weather forecast accuracy for 2010, yes I keep detailed stats on verification for my 24 hour forecast. (I'm a weather geek what can I say?)

What I forecast for 11pm for the next day I use to gauge how accurate I am. I consider a correct high or low temperature forecast when I am within 3° of my forecasted temperature. (This is pretty standard for temperature verification.) Rainfall forecast is a basic yes or no verification, did it rain and did I have and % of rain in my forecast? Resulting accuracy for 2010 was 94.5% on my 24 hr forecast temperature forecasts. Rainfall was 86.1% accurate for the next day.

So let the jokes start about me keeping my job when I'm wrong all the time. LOL For comparisons: the leading passer in the NFL had a 71.3% completion percentage, The leading batting average in MLB was 34.4% and the leading FG% in the NBA right now is 71.3%
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So, are you just that good, or do you have superpowers? If it's the latter, would you mind forecasting snow for the next three days? Thanks!
Congrats. Now... how's that stack up with your compatriots in CLT... and for the last 5-10 years? =) Seriously, well done.
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