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Heck Yeah!!!!!!!!! Go Cavs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anyone in the Pensacola, Florida area in need of toys for their kids, let me know!

My wife and I are cleaning up the kids' huge toy collection and bagging up things that they don't play with anymore. There's just too much stuff and with them wanting more stuff this year, we figured it was time to go through everything.

Toys range from baby toys to toddler toys!

We really don't want to throw anything away because a lot of it is in good condition. If nobody replies, we'll probably donate it to the Salvation Army or something like that in the next day or so.

Reshare if you know someone in the area in need. We can deliver it to you if you're in the Pensacola area.

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Dell XPS 9560 retails for $1900 asking $1450 obo. 4k screen 512gb NVME SSD, 16gb ram, i7 7700HQ processor, fingerprint scanner, gtx 1050 gfx card, warranty til 5/18, like new used about 5 times. Share please 😎
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The wait is almost over. 1 week till Season 8 premieres, on October 22. #TWD

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A Substratum giveaway again & again! 😁

Dope substratum themes! These are some of the very good looking themes available on PS, each theme unique in its kind!

Rules to enter the giveaway
🔸Join Android app promotion and +1 the orignal post
🔸Follow the dev accounts

Rules to win this giveaway
🔹Choose upto 3 themes in following manner : any 1 theme from first 2 & any 1 theme from last 2 themes and you can always choose battery mod. Mention them in comments according to your priorities. Also comment what do u find intresting about those themes!
🔹Reshare the post with the themes you have chosen where #dope #giveaway will be in common

Themes to grab here

🔽 Flux White by +John Xionidis
🔽 Sprite by +Bryan Owens
Note : Winners of sprite theme will also win this dope icon pack Blakons icon pack . Icons matching with the theme style.
🔽 Battery Icon mod by +Piere R
🔽 Fantasy by +DeadMan xXD
🔽 Spectrum by +Jeremy Beck

Go through the links, take your time to decide which theme you want. Remember to follow all the rules orelse your entry won't be counted.
Copied comments would not be counted & Fake profiles would be banned from the community !
Results on 29 July. Total 70 winners. Atb👍👊
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