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I just want to do a quick update on a pretty big change in my life. Tomorrow will be my last day with Engadget. The last 3.5 years have been some of the best of my life and I will always treasure the privilege and opportunity to work with such a great crew.
Starting next week, I begin a new adventure with a PR firm called Weber Shandwick. They're one of the most reputable firms in the business and I'm excited to have an opportunity to work more closely with media outlets and tech companies in an advisory position. There are rumors that I might be moving to San Diego this spring, but I can neither confirm nor deny such allegations. (Hey, I'm getting the hang of this PR thing rather quickly, yeah?)
Taking the mobile reins at Engadget is +Chris Velazco  who has been with us for several months after jumping over from TechCrunch. He's a talented writer who is going to do some great things there. (Don't make a liar out of me, Chris.) 

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#ICYMI: Five reasons to watch +Paul Eremenko  chat with +Brad Molen  at Engadget Expand: 

1. A full demo of Project Ara
2. Tips on how to switch out modules
3. A look at the first prototype module that can track your blood oxygen level
4. Details about the upcoming Ara Developers Conference in January 2015
5. Insights into the tech challenges the Ara team will tackle ahead of the market pilot in 2015
#ProjectAra #ExpandNY  

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While we wait for Nexus news, check out my review of the Galaxy Note 4, which is the best big-screen phone on the market right now (and yes, I know the Nexus 6 is coming out and it might be good too, so we'll just have to wait and see). And yes, accusers of bias, I liked it more than the iPhone 6 Plus. :)

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I know there are quite a few of you who miss the Engadget Mobile Podcast, but +Myriam Joire and I are getting the band back together for the next Tnkgrl podcast! Join us in just a few minutes as we discuss the crazy month of phones that is September. 

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I was on Tech News Today... erm, today, talking about LG's upcoming smartwatch with a circular display.  
Is the LG G Watch R a Moto 360 killer?

LG plans to release a round smartwatch next week. The company is currently one of only two Android Wear smartwatch makers with products actually shipping. (Samsung is the other one.)

A leaked -- but now public -- teaser video brags about being actually round (unlike the Moto 360). 

Engadget's +Brad Molen has some timely comments: 



Co-anchor: +Tim Stevens 
Co-host and technical director: +Jason Howell 

#LG #smartwatch #TechNewsToday #TNT #TWiT

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Here's my piece about phone leaks and the impact they have on companies and all of us. There's actually more good that can come out of it than I originally thought. 

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I spent some time with the folks who designed Project Tango's new tablet, and some ogling of prototypes may have taken place. 

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Fantastic video. (Of course, it's such a good idea that this also means we'll see about 100 more videos just like it next year!)
This video is staggeringly beautiful.

Happy 4th July guys. 

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Here's my review of Android Wear, with a healthy helping of LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live on the side. 

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Forgot to share this on G+ earlier, but here's my review of the OnePlus One, a $300 phone with all the trimmings and CyanogenMod built-in. It's a fantastic device so far, and the best value for phones in that price range. 
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