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Need a referral for a comment moderation plugin for Wordpress that allows VIP commenters a "green-light" without having their posts held for approval. Anyone?

Content development is probably my least favorite task... really need to find people for that!

Thanks for the invitation Aaron! 

Thanks for the invitation +Aaron Biebert! Looking forward to connecting with everyone.

Big Bang Theory is probably the one show I sacrifice time for on a regular basis. A perfect opportunity to unplug...

Virtual High Five to everyone who has their Christmas shopping done! Was in Sevierville today with the family and there were way too many people swarming around the shopping outlets... 

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This is awesome!
Yes, for the past 17 years.....

Anyone had trouble updating older versions of #Wordpress to the latest release? Had two failed updates today on older sites... Thoughts?

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Thanks for sharing +Karl Hughes! Kinda sums up my mood right now... ;)

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'Twas the Night Before Christopher Walken, as told by the hilarious Kevin Pollak! #TUBEATHON
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