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This laptop is more expensive than my motorcycle.
Curious how much it costs to max out the Next-Gen MacBook Pro with that retina display? For the time being, it's $3750 (or $3749, if you want to get technical about it).
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Meh!  That's not expensive!

The most expensive Alienware laptop I could get was an Alienware M18x.  I got that sucker up to $6754 ($200 instant rebate!)
Hold everything, Apple said 2.7Ghz is the fastest quad core processor you can buy, how is Alienware selling 3.7Ghz quad cores?  Are they illegal?  I can't get to your price either, but I didn't add a carrying case, keyboard/mouse, the 10 PC games, speakers, battery backup, external monitor, laser printer, wireless router so that might be why.
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