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Brad Leclerc

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Tonight's earworm is brought to you by +Noelle M.

You're welcome and/or I'm sorry, but it's in my head, so I needed to share the pain/joy.
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Really enjoyed the film, and the songs are a catchy selection, with this song just being perfectly crafted for the film
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Brad Leclerc

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Looks cheesy as hell, but the original was cheesy and made it mostly work, so really depends how everything fits together outside of the silly world of hyper-edited trailer-land... he's no Richard Dean Anderson... but who knows...

I want to believe it will be ok, but... dunno... not high hopes...
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I thought McGruber was his son? Can they just finish "McGruber Too" instead please?
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Brad Leclerc

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Slightly better than the first one I guess, but still just really not interested at all... everything just feels so... forced or something? I dunno... just off.

And the whole "race thing or lady thing" bit... like... maybe it was a "stupid person wearing a ton of heavy looking crap jumping at a crowd of people" thing? ffs don't try SO hard to shoehorn in shitty "omg it's a lady Ghostbusters movie isn't that progressive and great" jokes and just MAKE FUNNY JOKES instead...

Maybe this is just another shitty trailer that doesn't do the movie justice or whatever, but not holding my breath. :/

I mean, I'll still see it, because how could I not see a new Ghostbusters movie right? But won't be wasting money/time on seeing on the big screen unless the reviews are good once it's out.
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The point of the humour in the original was that they didn't try to be funy. They were just a groupd of pseudo-scientists who happened to hunt ghosts. Funy stuff just happened. Here, I see wisecracks and gags and snide remarks by the bucket. And, at least in the trailer, it doesn't work.
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Brad Leclerc

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Haven't played the Witcher games? Running out of excuses now...
Download the best classic and new games on Windows, Mac & Linux. A vast selection of titles, DRM-free, with free goodies and 30-day money-back guarantee.
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+Charles Weeden Nice! I did not know that! I will boot the game up tonight and check it out.
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Brad Leclerc

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Yes please.
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Woohoo! Been looking forward to S2.
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Brad Leclerc

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First Elusive target in Hitman showed up. Pretty damn fun/interesting. Took a while to find a way to take him out cleanly, but with only the one shot I took my sweet time and it was SO satisfying to get the job done and make a clean exit.

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Brad Leclerc

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Ok, so... can't add footnotes to google docs on android? Still? Bleh. Guess I'm on the hunt for a text editor to use on android that can. Anyone happen to have any thoughts/suggestions?
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+Samuel Penn​ that actually gives me an idea. If I can find a decent markdown extension for Google drive, that might work. Might look strange on Android OS is not interpreting the markdown there, but as long as it shows them properly when I export it later via a browser that might work. Maybe.
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Brad Leclerc

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Sooooooo Quantum Break.

Just finished playing through it, and I have to say... pretty good in most ways.

Graphically it's PUUUUUUUUUUUUURDY, and even the uncanny-valley style facial animations are so closely matched to the rest of the impressively shiny graphics that it mostly looks pretty amazing.

The story is pretty decent too, and the mix of in-engine story telling through the missions and TV episode sized live-action cut scenes between "acts" (with TV quality production value and some pretty decent actors/action) do a good job and pushing things along and telling a fun little time-bending sci-fi story.

Even the gameplay is pretty fun for the most part, though it is a bit weird that you have most of the powers pretty early on, so fighting waves of enemies in the later bits of the game gets a bit tedious at times.

The only real drag is the almost complete disconnection between the story and main character and the action of the gameplay sections.

One minute you're stumbling through an interesting time-travel plot as a semi-hapless dude just trying to figure out what's going on... then you mow down a few dozen highly trained mercenary types in high-tech gear... then you do more stumbling through the plot. Both bits are fun and interesting in their own way, but often don't REALLY seem to fit together all that well in the context of the story, imo...

It was a good time, maybe a bit short at 10ish hours, but honestly with a few less waves of pointless baddies it might have been even better slightly shorter and more focused. Still, I'll play through it again at some point to see the different branches of alternate story based on some choices you get to make along the way.

Fun, interesting story, great voice-over work and acting by just about everyone, unique take on cut scenes basically being a mini-series of a tv show, and DAMN shiny graphics.

All in all I'd give it a solid 3.5/5.
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Hmm, the fact that I played on PC might have helped the text a bit more then. No straining to read stuff, and scrolling is nice and quick. Definitely understandable though, the story is deep, but that means it's not super quick to get to the next actiony bit if you want to read everything to know the full story.
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Brad Leclerc

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Might take a bit more than 5 minutes... but... I wouldn't deny thinking about this if I had an RC car and place to do this...

(via +Jason Blalock)
That's not the proper way to potty train baby!
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(it's a bumbo, not a potty)

(it's also cool as hell and now the youngest is 2 and I can't try that out. damn.)
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Brad Leclerc

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Since the endgame of The Division is still pretty damn dull (and in some ways just plain broken, imo), I started a new character to fart around with and try some different builds.

The game is fun again. YAY. Hopefully by the time I get to the end game again the new patch will have sorted out the major issues and made that bit fun too.
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Got to 30, then 52 dark zone and just... walked away. Uninstalled and moved on. There was a lot more opportunity for open world engagement than that, but they gated the hell out of everything and made everything a bite-sized theme park. Meh.

Kudos to them for the gameplay, graphics, client performance, and preserving above average levels of immersion. That alone isn't enough to keep me for the long haul, though. Sandbox gameplay or far more involved random encounters might have done the trick, but alas.
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Brad Leclerc

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