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Brad Lambeth (Bradley)
Brad Lambeth is a Chemical Engineer living in Houston
Brad Lambeth is a Chemical Engineer living in Houston

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On OSX Lion and wondering why your computer kicks in to overdrive with the mtmd process every other day? Well that's a new feature of Time Machine called "Local Snapshots", and is only controllable from Terminal. To disable it:

sudo tmutil disablelocal

This should free a bit of hard drive space as well. Apparently there used to be a PreferencePane option in the Betas, but it was removed for the final release.

Is anyone else having X connection issues with OS X Lion? Mine is dropping every 5 minutes or so, incredibly annoying. Not much is coming up on google for:

"X connection to localhost:22.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown)."

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About -1 minutes?

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iPhone, meet Google+

Share just the right stuff, with just the right circles :-)

This app should be rolling out over the next few hours. Try getting it here:

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I am now an Android citizen thanks to an open box special on an unlocked Nexus S. Goodbye iOS :)

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just about finished porting my facebook profile to google+... the download feature of facebook made this a bit easier, but it'd be nice to have an open "social network" format.
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