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Its a shame the government cares more about revenue raising, and not the facts behind the ways to lower particulars like the road toll and alcohol related issues that ultimately cost tax-payers.

Well know the ONLY reason marijuana is NOT legalised, in most countries/states, is because they can't (or would have a LOT of trouble) taxing it.

Werribee, Victoria
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You don't think the fact that it's effects are unpredictable in people had anything to do with it being illegal?

It's not really going to enhance the quality of living here, weed kills motivation and cognitive thinking. Nation of people sitting around getting the munchies? Lol yeah, think about it
I dont know what weed you are talking about, but I cant see how or where you get the idea that being unpredictable is an effect of Marijuana.
I think what you mean by this is when a smoker cant smoke, they get irritable and have withdrawals, just like ANY form of habit. The same side effects can be observed when you take away any kind of everyday vice like eating, sleeping, drinking, sex, cigarettes, MUSIC, the list goes on.. I know if someone somehow stopped or banned me from listening to my music, id slowly go insane, grow into a bitter angry old man and be FAR more dangerous to society than the worst kind of drug addicts.

You're correct in that weed does lower (not kill) motivation, like any good depressant/relaxant should.
I think you are getting pot and heroin confused when you say that "weed kills motivation". I think you will find most regular smokers have no trouble at all motivating themselves and others, and their cognitive abilities do not change like the popular "pot is bad" studies try to indicate and/or highlight.

I for one would MUCH rather bump into a group of blazed stoners with peace pipes and joints, rather than into a group of intoxicated, rowdy and UNPREDICTABLE halfwits that are carrying bottles and puffing their chests out walking 10 foot tall and bulletproof.

I'm not saying this is the solution to all our problems here or that it would enhance the overall quality of life at all, but surely its a better move than plain packaging cigarettes, higher and more fines to throw at you, upping the tax on alcohol, installing more fixed speed cameras and dont get me started on the 5-0 that truly don't care for you, unless you can help fill their quota for the night, or help them get one step closer to that promotion they have been after.

I respect your opinion and appreciate the comment, its good to hear peoples thoughts on issues like this, be them for or against.

I know the lovers will love this, and the haters will hate this. But at the end of the day, we are all on the same team, so no harm in discussing new things to combat the real enemy, the one idiot that makes the wrong decision at the wrong time, and families suffer because of it in more ways than one.

Okay I think im just ranting now... :-\

"Great minds discuss ideas,
Average minds discuss events,
Small minds discuss people."
- Eleanor Roosevelt
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