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If you have some free time please check out this foundations Google + page and give them a follow as well as check them out on Facebook and Twitter.
To often we take things for granted and act rash off of our emotions. It's important that we think through our actions as it could save a life!

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This is an amazing organization that needs support from anyone who is willing to donate. Please take a look at their Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ page. You can also see them at

Given the events that have happened in Paris I am feeling extremely disappointed w our political leaders. 99% of their time is spent with lobbyist pushing competitive legislature for their clients while moral issues are rarely focused on unless there is a significant financial reasoning in their favor. They may be discussed but do not remain a true focus. Sadly I don't see it ever changing and only getting worse. As the world becomes more competitve, business/industry will have to lobby harder and throw more money at politicians to get a competitive edge. At what point do we as a Society, Voters, Americans, Veterans, Civilians take a stand and force our leaders to be what they were elected to be...LEADERS!
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