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Beyond the Rim

Crater Lake National Park, located high within the Cascade Mountains, provides visitors with knowledge and beauty the way her volcanic eruption produced lava 7700 years ago—steadily flowing with periodic bursts of insight and wonder. Her indigenous allure aroused deeper exploration, so I detoured off the grid and slowly trudged into the forested abyss. Just beyond the icy caldera rim, America’s deepest lake mirrored the prodigy of the night and created a liquid snapshot of man versus nature. #starrynights

I don’t know how I get so lucky… The weather turned perfect here in the Pacific Northwest right before the peak time for the Lyrids meteor shower. I’ve had my eye on Crater Lake for some time and was waiting for the opportunity when all the elements would fall into place. It was an intense snowshoe/hike to get to this location and it took me over 3 hours to hike 3 miles; poor planning on my arrival at 1pm when the snow was heavy and wet. After finding a clearing and setting up the tent a few miles past Discovery point, the clouds gave way and it was all falling into place. After the sun went down I started the time-lapse, but I didn’t see any meteors. By 1:30am I changed batteries and started shooting this panorama made of 9 images. During the sequence I saw a massive, bright light fall from the sky and actually heard a sound like a small jet flying by. This was one of the craziest, brightest meteors I’ve ever seen. No clue how I got so lucky.

More images are on the way!
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Ooooh, Crater Lake. Must. Go. Soon. ;)
Looks like a really great place to check out all those pixels on my D800 (if they ever ship it...)
Was the one you saw the one that crashed to earth?
I heard there was one this weekend that did. I was wishing someone captured it. Yours is an amazing shot as always. I envy your dark skies
Brad this is stellar! But no really, this is absolutely an amazing image man. Cheers.
I really wish I could do that. Awesome job you make me jealous.
Beautiful night exposure! Amazing!
Great story and image. Fantastic!
Absolutely stunning as always +Brad Goldpaint Congratulations on this brilliant capture. Weather gods didn't play ball with me for the meteor shower.
so beautifulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. That's all I've got to say about this shot. Even without the meteor!
Beautiful...Crater Lake is well worth the journey it takes to get there! What an incredible piece of art you created! Thank you for sharing.
Wow, that's gorgeous. Exceptional work.
Stunning, Brad! The streaking meteor puts an already killer image way over the top! Would love to see this one large
Beautiful shot. Well done. Looks like you would have had a long cold night taking it. Well worth the effort!
Holy crap Brad, you may have just trumped me :) This is amazing man. I have to step up my game!
Wow that is just super awesome! The edge of the foreground makes a good "mirror" of the arch of the stars too.
wow!! Very beautiful.How did you find it.
or created yourself.
wow ..............
Absolutely beautiful! You've put a totally different slant on the way we see Crater Lake....
wow simply beautiful... wish to visit there someday
A truly amazing shot. I'd love to hear your tips on how to capture an image like this for the amateur google+'ers out there.
amazing man. I dont know whats better, the picture...or the thought of how you got to the place to take it.
That is aprophetic saying....statement.Something will be falling..
Is that Portland or Medford glowing in the distance?
Hi Brad, Not Only n great shot, But also impressed by your story, Challenge for me to do more! Thank you.
Very impressive with different shades of color and light I bet it was very cold when you took this +Brad Goldpaint at 2am?
Went to crater lake on my honey moon. Well, part of it. The water is amazing if you can make the 2 mile down and back hike. Absolutely amazing place.
bahoot sohni h...
its so Wonderfull!!!
That could have been the boom they heard in Tahoe...sick photo. What f stop to get the fg that sharp too? Nuts.
Very nice indeed. Please consider a noncommercial CC license next time. That way you can still make money off your work, but enthousiasts can share it.
mind if i share this photo in my page
that is an awesome picture - im glad that place is in my back yard
Are these photos for sale? My partner would love to have a couple on his office wall
This is amazing. Makes me miss stargazing with my father.
Makes you thank your lucky stars you live in the Northwest!
Thanks for sharing!
simply beautiful, nice work
Incredible picture! really great.
This is a very interesting picture, It can be seen both ways, right side up as is like a crater or up side down like a mountain on a clear sky. and I say almost.
a beautiful image which looks more beautiful because of the smoke !!!
Fantastic pic! Seeing pictures like that is a good reminder to us how beautiful our world actually is. 
great photo.i would love to be able to
Such an amazing shot.huge,big wow for it
Steph M
Wow. Just beautiful :)
Wow.. Just wow.. I just wish i could visit places like this.
Very nice work!
I'd love to know the set up you used.
Lens, f stop and such.
can you tell how can i do that and if you have a blog?
what a scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesomeee...........super cool
i dont know u but i wnt to tell you this is fabulous....
Such clear skies .. not possible where I live
What most impress me was sky full of starsand beautiful sunset.
Thanks for sharing!!!
You lucky guy... ;-))) I had assigned chores and then clouds here. One of your best and a favorite of yours for me!
The only bit of luck here was capturing the meteor while doing the pano! You got skillz, +Brad Goldpaint!
Wow. Now thats a nice display of how beautiful our world is! Talk about being at the right place at the right time.. thanks for staying up all night for this ... great job!
Beyond spectacular, Brad!!! This image is so deserving of the recognition and accolades...congrats my friend. 
Sobhan Creator really excellent with all my heart I want to visit
I wish that all over the world we can see stars like this
Man Brad you just killed this shot! This is incredible!
Shareque! do you have a girlfriend? 
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