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Rekindled Flame

The sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of simply being. Therefore, Rekindled Flame remains within or beyond any handiwork - invisible and refined out of existence. #starrynights

Can you guess where this picture was taken from?
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18 comments do you capture this type of photo ?
Zodiacal light!
How sweet is that!
I don't know exactly where you took it but you are facing east!
Very creative night exposure image...this is outstanding!
Dang! The way it was arced, it really looked like it! :(
Man, you're astral work is fantastic as always but I gotta say your light painting here is awesome. So dramatic and I have never seen a back/side lit light painting. You shoot with a 5D MKii right? Most of my 5D friends are pretty underwhelmed by the new MK3 but I am assuming you gotta be pretty psyched by the high ISO samples that are starting to pop up!
+Brad Goldpaint I didn't see this one on your site, and with your permission I'd love to put it on my site with a link to more of your work! Could you drop me a line please? the bad astronomer @ gmail .com Thanks!
awesome shot, great light!
Killin' it as usual. Great shot, Brad. 
Not gonna lie, that's a sexy photo!
Rock on +Brad Goldpaint . Don't know where I got the impression you were shooting Canon from... I have been saving pennies for nearly two years and will be picking up the D800E and 14-24 asap. Let me know if you are interested in seeing any full size RAW images once I take it out for a spin under some dark skies.
Love the anthropomorphic feel of that foreground rock- Jaw droppingly beautiful work as always!
This is exquisite!
Stunning work Brad. The light on the horizon fits beautifully with your composition and is part of the story.
Wow...and I love hoodoos too!
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