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Some excellent tips on basic Google TV operation. I think a lot of GTV owners do not really understand how powerful this little box really is, it makes using your network provided guide pointless and helps find almost anything within 2 seconds.
10 Tips and Tricks If you own a Google TV, we’re a little hurt that you’re reading this instead of enjoying a movie, watching YouTube or enjoying music videos on TV (like you did in the 90s). Unless—of course—you are reading this on your Google TV. Don’t worry, though, we’ll get over it if you make us a promise: try all the tips & tricks and then pay it forward. (If you don’t know what we mean by pay it forward, your fabulous Search for Google TV...
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You can use Able Remote on your phone to send links from your phone to Google TV.
Hmm i tried getting ChromeToPhone to install before, I guess I will give it a shot, can you link or share the APK? +Mayank Patel
+Bradley Gogats You won't need APK. Follow all the simple steps I listed in the blog and you will be good to go. Once you download the extension using your Chrome app in Google TV, you have to go to Settings to check that it downloaded first before you can link your Gmail account. Unfortunately, you won't be seeing any pop-up notification that says it downloaded. Let me know if it works out for you. It is very useful feature and I have been using it daily.
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