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New Gmail = Bad. Suggested Alternates?
The new gmail interface is so bad; I'm thinking of switching all our gmail & apps, docs, etc to Office 365. Anyone have experience with the online office suite?

Zimbra is also in the running. Other possible options?
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After some initial tests. It appears email productivity is down 50% with the new +Gmail UI. What took 20 minutes now takes about 40.

As there is no pattern, or differentiating color within the UI; the eyes cannot focus on the text info so it takes much longer to pick out key pieces of information.
Is choosing a new "theme" not an option?

I do object to that about a lot of Google's more recent changes--they're going to very bland designs that make it harder to find the "active" area in each interface. I'm not sure what that's about--but maybe it's the plethora of icons and 'features' they want to cram into each page that made the designers counsel them to avoid an additional turmoil of color. :)

We just switched to +Gmail for my little company, mostly because my business partner has to be able to get her email on her phone. (Embarrassingly, even after two years, most of my clients still use my personal email to contact me. I know I should be using a company email address....) I haven't quite convinced myself to make the switch yet.
There are some themes; but they just change all the white to all grey or all blue. There's no gradient to the colors.

There are also a few background image themes; but they don't help you focus at all.

I'm looking at zimbra as well. Just can't spend double the amount of time really necessary in +Gmail because Google doesn't care about your productivity.
Interface changes drive me bonkers. :) I usually choose a specific product because it helps me work in the way I want or need to work.

Changes inevitably remove the features I personally like best.
Agreed. And I don't think Google gets how little things can make a big difference.

For instance, I share more than 20 calendars. I can see at a glance every item and know who it is and what's going on - for the old calendar as I had a color assigned to each user (for my view - they can use whatever they want). If they changed an event's color - it did not override the color on my end.

In the new one, you see the color dictated by the calendar user - not your own settings. So now I can never tell who's calendar is what at a glance.

While this might seem picky - it has a serious affect on productivity.
I can completely understand that. You need your view of things to reflect your usage of features.

There are times when I'd really like to ask that people were thinking around certain changes. (I have not yet forgiven Twitter for moving the text entry box over into the ghetto of the left-hand menu bar.)
#newgmailsucks get this trending, maybe they'll figure it out
+Jesse Ledbetter I hope so. We're seriously considering leaving Google apps and Gmail behind. Of course, that will also mean we don't see G+ as much either; so Google's social layer will also suffer.
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