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Hi, I have an irregular iTunes location and have deleted all other library xml files and resetting the DT library but DT still says there is no music found on my machine - even when I have iTunes open when I open DT. Any suggestions?

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Hi, My iTunes library is in an irregular location [external F drive]. I have tried for days now to get DoubleTwist Sync to find it [including deleting all itunes itl and xml files on the C drive but no luck. Whenever I move to the Music tab in DoubleTwst it just says "No music was found on your system". Please can someone help me.

Hi Guys,

Why am I not able to sync long mixes in playlists from itunes?

I get the error "Error: Unable to copy complete file to device" 

I've had a look through the log file and haven't found anything weird. 

I get this error with all my long dance mixes.



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Magic! Be sure to push through to the end...

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VIRAL VIDEO: Divers’ close encounter with whales

Divers off the central coast of California had a close encounter with a pair of whales. The two men were floating around, waiting for their next dive when the humpback whales shot out of the water nearly underneath the divers.

WATCH --> 

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Brilliant use of 3D printing

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the James Brown segment is so great.

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