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Brad Fitzpatrick

Shared publicly  - 
Do NOT buy a +Nest smoke alarm. They false alarm and are unhushable. Please spread the word.

Watch this horror video of me trying to quiet mine.

You can stop or mute this video if it's annoying, but you cannot stop an actual Nest protect.

This went off in my house all day, annoying my neighbors.

When I got the Android notification that my house was burning down I immediately assumed it was false, since my Nests had already cried wolf before.  I also checked video cameras and saw my house wasn't actually burning down, so I stayed at work. My poor neighbors, though.

Disclaimer: I am a Google employee. I paid for these myself. So I speak as myself.
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+Nicholas Lechnowskyj, who says I'm not also doing that? But I feel that these Nest Protect units are damaging the Google brand & reputation. So I'm defending Google by steering users away from this product, before those users experience the same thing that I did. Maybe the Nest Protect product will get better later. Who knows. I don't work on it or know their plans. I file lots of bugs against Google products (usually alpha / dogfood stuff). But in this case I paid $500 for these bugs, for a finished product, which is lame.

I don't have to agree with everything the company does or makes. And Google doesn't want me to agree or pretend to agree either, which is one reason of many why I love working there.

Anyway, I'm closing comments here because I don't have time to keep up with them and reply to everything. I have the same thread going on inside Google and am participating there. Also G+ isn't a very good place to have big conversations with many forks, IMO.
Teaching Argentines "football".
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is that a ramen spice packet?
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Brad Fitzpatrick

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One of several highlights hiking in Patagonia near El Chaltén: Laguna Piedras Blancas. This was our first amazing find from a 12 hour, 26+ mile hike.

This was after 10 miles walking to the trailhead to save 200 pesos ($14) because we thought it was 3 miles, and 5 miles of navigating "south" (including use of a compass), since +Erin Earl and I only had a cartoon map (not to scale) and Google Maps with no details and digital compasses we didn't trust, and ended up hiking on the "wrong" side of the river. Turns out a trail was on the other side. But our side got us access to this.

After 17 miles we found a proper trail. And a sign apologizing for the poor condition of the trail. In comparison it felt like an airport people mover.

More photos to follow, once I have a computer and decent network.
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nice shoot
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I couldn't stop taking pictures.

#golang   #dotGo   #Paris  
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Great set, thank you:)
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In San Francisco? tl;dr: Winelandia's Wine Club delivers wine to your house:

Disclaimer: this is a friend's new (1 year?) wine company but I wasn't paying attention too much and didn't know the details until just now. (I guess we're not super tight friends and/or I suck.)

But I just realized that part of the company (in addition to selling wine, which requires thinking) is that they pick wines and deliver them to your house. That's two types of lazy in one. I approve of the business model and want it to succeed so I continue to get wine delivered.

I'm sure other people do this too, but I'd never heard of it before.
Natural wine, delivered to your doorstep
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Good sign: They carry by 2013 Winemaker of the Year and (disclaimer) family friend Steve Matthiasson.
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Brad Fitzpatrick

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Camlistore 0.8 ("Tokyo") is out!

Main highlight: importers for your other sites. But much more. See the release notes for more.

Thanks to everybody who's contributed during this release.
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+Magnús Örn Gylfason, a simple Dockerfile is simple. I'm working on making it run well on CoreOS, etc. In progress!
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Brad Fitzpatrick

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35 laps around the sun as of today.

(Thanks to +Katrina Sostek for finding this random video. And the FAQ:
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+Brad Fitzpatrick Hello Brad, Forgive me for reaching out you this way, I'm an editor at, and we are trying to get a hold of you to make an offer for your "Nest Protect is a terrible buggy product". If you are interested, send us an email at or call me on cell 626-622-5767 as soon as you can. - Mark
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Brad Fitzpatrick

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When I'm not on vacation I normally "file bugs" (i.e. whine on Google's internal G+) , but since I am still technically on vacation, here's a fun one that I'll share publicly.

I have no clue what Google Now was thinking.

And this is with me dogfooding nothing. (stock Android, stock Chrome, stock gmail, etc...)
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I told you!
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Brad Fitzpatrick

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In Buenos Aires for a couple weeks with +Nick O'Neill, +Rebecca Kaufman, and Placida. And +Erin Earl will be here at some point for a few days, coincidentally.
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+Marcelo Glezer, both.
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I'm in NYC for about two weeks. A coworker from SF is coincidentally also here. She also has her own plane. And flew here from SF. And offered to take me up for a quick loop around Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.

Hell yes.

It was amazing.
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This is awesome: they've turned cameras into microphones and are recovering sound from the minute vibrations seen in objects.

Short video... worth watching.
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+Chris & +Joseph, the laser microphone can detect the distortion from either pane of glass as long as it's not directly perpendicular to each surface. On a double-pane window, the vibration of the outside glass would change more from the outside noise. The inside pane would vibrate more to the inside sounds. The vacuum between (most double-pane windows are filled with gases, not vacuum) would not transfer the sound from inside to outside & outside to inside but the glass would still vibrate & that vibration is detectable with the right angle.
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Brad Fitzpatrick

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A touching, heartfelt auto-generated story.
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Funny, I have a similar garage door opener project also.  First version worked great, but then I thought, "I wonder if I can make it better" and haven't had a reliable system since.
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Excellent everything. Food, service, atmosphere, location, ...
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