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Brad Farris
Building Small Businesses in Chicago, Loving 5 Kids, Riding Bikes.
Building Small Businesses in Chicago, Loving 5 Kids, Riding Bikes.


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I’m a Freaking Genius, Why Don’t I Have More Money??

Had a great time with +Mike Campion on his "Freaking Genuis" Podcast. We talked about a bunch of stuff, but really dug in on the idea of raising your prices so you can deliver a better product and live a better life. Check it!

Do you listen to small business podcasts?

I'm curious how many folks in the community listen to small business podcasts. If you regularly listen to a business podcast could you share it in the comments? I'm always looking for new things to listen to.

Some new ones I'm listening to include Sales and Marketing Nation with +Christian Costa and the Freaking Genius podcast with +Mike Campion 

How many people listen to their own podcast?

We record a month's worth of episodes in one day -- and we are usually a few weeks ahead. So by the time an episode releases it might have been 6 weeks or so since we recorded it. I always listen again with the audience. Partly so that I can remember what we said so I can respond on social media, partly to hear the production again fresh and make notes on what to do better -- Still, it feels weird! Do other people listen to their own show?

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Find Your Ideal Customer: +Christian Costa invited me to be a guest on the  Sales & Marketing Nation podcast. Give it a listen! 

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So many people have helped me to build my business

Today I took a minute on the blog to thank some of the experts, friends, clients and peers who have taught me things I needed to know and helped me build my business. Among those are +Becka Bates +Susan Silver +Diane Yetter +Andy Crestodina Thanks to you all, and the many more that I couldn't add in!
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