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so what's going on out in Anaheim?  Not hearing much about it in regular news... but I don't watch a lot of regular news.  They talk about the cops being dressed like military soldiers... and they are, but they are seemingly carrying paintball guns, shooting pepper balls and rubber bullets... so really, what is going on...
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RT is a pathetic propaganda mill out of Moscow masquerading as a news  service. Take anything they "report" with a HUGE dose of salt. So you're still not hearing about anything that ACTUALLY happened in Anaheim.
That said, the "police" appear to be National Guard who were called up as backup in case the LA Riots decided to make a reappearance.
+J A Showalter RT has some good and some bad that come with their own agenda.  They will report on rumor and try to stir the pot with americans but they do talk about things you'll never hear in the MSM that are simply true.  So I still check them out a fair amount but keep in mind their agenda and double check their claims against other sources when it sounds a little crazy.  The cops in Anaheim apparently did kill someone just the other day... the increased militarization of the police force is still a real thing going as well whether this is a scary example or a good precaution against riots depends on how necessary you feel it is for them to be that well equipped.  
We have a new crop of "organizers," ACORN types, who have infiltrated Anaheim, Fullerton, Irvine and surrounding communities - whose goal is to basically flip what is left of the Conservative enclave of Orange County to bring it into alignment with the more Left-leaning cities that surround Orange County. It's been a dream of the Left that is finally going to see fruition - to finally drive the last of the die-hard Conservatives from California. For what? I don't know. We are all that is left that keeps the state functioning. What will they do when we're gone? 
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