Don’t let not having business cards hold you back from getting started because you don’t need them. For over a year now, LooseKeys hasn’t had any cards. I do give out stickers but those don’t have any contact information on them. I’m just now thinking about getting cards made but I’m still on the fence if they’re needed. There were a couple reasons I waited to get cards. The main reason was that it was just me building this company. If you knew me, you knew +LooseKeys. Also, it was an extra expense that wasn’t needed. Sure business cards don’t cost much but why waste the money as I’m building and branding the business because it might evolve. Plus many of the new clients I work with I never even meet. All new contact is done over the phone or email.

Before you think about getting cards made, see how it goes without them. I have a feeling you won’t need them as much as you think. Instead you should try collecting other people cards when you meet them and let them know you’ll send them an email with your details. By following up after a networking event or conference you’re able to interact with them a second time. So give it a try and skip the cards.
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