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Taking a peek at Windows 8 three months down the line. I can't help but feel that the OS would quell a lot of the hate out there if it released an update returning the Start button and adding an option to boot to the desktop.

That being said, I've been using Windows 8 for a long time now—sans Start button replacement app, even—and find that I almost never see the modern-style Start screen. The "hidden controls" are second nature now, too, though my wife still gets stuck on the desktop when she has to use Win8 with a mouse rather than a touchscreen.
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The very fact that MS isn't including Win 8 figures is telling me that it is failing. When 7 was released and the sales figures started coming in MS was telling the world how great it was by all the figures they were releasing about it.
I put Win8 on my new build. I don't hate it, but there are definitely times that I feel like an idiot because there is no obvious way to get out of something (like a full screen metro app). I use a Start button App and boot right to desktop and 90% of the time it feels the same or better than Win7. Boot times are insanely fast and that's enough to keep a smile on my face for now.
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